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OWBC Scrapbooks Chap1


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Katrina begins her new life as an adult and member of the OWBC club. What challenges will she face? Will she be ready to marry Destry the man she has chosen or will she get too scared?

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OWBC Scrapbooks Chap1

  1. 1. An Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge Chapter 1: Do I? By: EveningSky
  2. 2. It was a special day. The first full day of my adult life. The overnight trip in the taxi wasn’t too bad.The only problem I had when I arrived was I had to go to the bathroom a little. I know, too much infobut that’s what happened. So here was a new place. The place where I would spend the rest of my life. What would I do withit? Well, I thought, for starters I should make sure there are some nice birds around here for mychildren to look at. Then, I should see if a job in the Education career is in the paper. Next, I shouldstart cooking some grilled cheese sandwiches and then have a little house warming party. Yeah!Sounds like a good plan!
  3. 3. The paper took a little while to come and I thanked the nice paperboy, Alon, when it finally did.Unfortunately, the paper teased me with my dream career track. I knew I wanted a job in theEducational career track first though. I thought about taking it to pass the time but it was only my firstday and I didn’t really want to quit. I began making grilled cheese, lots and lots of it when the doorbell rang.
  4. 4. The people ringing the doorbell were some neighbors who had come to welcome me to theneighborhood. Funny thing because the neighborhood itself seemed to be empty. The only other houseI knew here was Evening’s and she lived quite far down the street. The shops were also far down thestreet but in a different direction. I was basically the founder of the neighborhood itself! I welcomed the friendly “neighbors” inside. They chatted as I ate my first grilled cheese. Then thephone rang.
  5. 5. “Oh hey Katrina!” rang out Evening’s voice on the receiver, “I was just calling to make sure yousettled in okay! How is everything?” “Hey Evening,” I responded, “it’s going alright. I’ve got everything I need and I’ve just been settingup things around here. No luck finding an Education career. I was a little sad to see my dream careerin the paper though.” “Oh, I’m sorry Katrina. Actually that happens to me all the time. Look, you’ll find a job soon, it’llbe easy. Just go ahead and take a high-paying one.” “Uh…okay. Well, I’ll be having a housewarming party later on if you want to come.” “Sure thing, I’ll see you then Katrina. Bye for now.” “Bye.”
  6. 6. The phone rang again shortly and this time it was Destry. “Oh Destry,” I cried, “It’s so good to hearfrom you. I just settled in and I think I’m going to have a housewarming party tonight so get everyonetogether and tell them to come please!” “I will,” he said, “you sound well. I’m glad. Are you all settled in?” “Well for the most part, but I don’t think I will be until you get here.” “You’re so sweet, Katrina. I love you. I can’t wait to see you. We still need to have that date.” “Of course. I love you too, sweetie, I’ll see you tonight.” “Okay, bye.”
  7. 7. The party began just after sundown. It was so good to finally see Destry again! I think that was thefirst time I actually saw him wear something casual. He looked hotter than ever! “Oh Destry,” I said to him, “it’s been such a long day! I’m sorry we don’t get to go on that date untiltomorrow. I need to get a job first.” “It’s okay, Katrina,” he said, “I don’t want to take this too fast. Just whenever you’re ready.” “I’m ready now,” I said as I pulled him close and kissed him. My heart leapt. I knew I was ready. Ihad a lot of wonderful friends and ambitions but there was nothing else I loved as much as Destry.
  8. 8. I was greeting guests when I spotted my friend Braidy from college wearing a toga. I laughed, “You know, Braidy, this isn’t a toga party, I’m an adult now.” “Oh I know Katrina,” he said, “I just came back from one at your old place.” I gave him a look. “Bu-but,” he stammered, “Darren doesn’t throw bangin parties like you do!” “Well thanks Braidy, I’m glad you think that, now would you like to see my new house? It isn’tmuch but it’s a start.” “Sure thing.”
  9. 9. The highlight of the party was poor, Rishell, the witch who was terrible at dancing. I feltkind of sorry for her even though my friends thought she was a bit of a nutcase.
  10. 10. Sleeping was a bit rough that night not because of the bed or anything but I had a terrible dream thatPong came to my new house to tell me he was sorry and he was truly sure that he loved me and itcould never have been anything else and that he wanted to be marry me, have children with me andgive me the world. I knew when I woke up that it couldn’t have been true but it seemed so realisticthat I thought somewhere inside that it was for a while. It’s hard to loose someone who you love and trust so much. It almost feels like the person you knewis dead and there’s another one in their place. Of course that’s not what happens. You make up theperson you want them to be in your mind and when they’re not that person, part of you dies. At leastthat’s what I think. Destry is the person I want though and I know it.
  11. 11. The next day, I got a job as a nurse and maxed my cleaning skill. The job wasn’t quite what Iwanted, but it paid a lot. The best thing was that I only had to maximize my body skill before Ifulfilled my goal of maximizing all my skills. Although, I was unable to go to work that day and make money, I decided I might as well inviteDestry over for a date.
  12. 12. When Destry arrived that night and I went to greet him, a familiar feeling overcame me. That rushof energy sent me to greet him the same way I always had. ~I was glad to finally see her kiss him on relationship terms rather than ‘Oh! He’s attractive!’terms~
  13. 13. Feeling guilty about the dream and dragging Destry into my future crazy life, I decided I shouldexplain the OWBC club and the requirements to him. “Destry,” I began, “I would like you to move in with me soon. That way we can plan the weddingand have more of a relationship before marriage. Before you agree I have you tell you about this crazyclub I joined…” I proceeded to explain all the details and what we would have to explain to our kids. When I wasdone I braced for his answer. I was so sure that he was going to be at least a bit unhappy with thedecision I had made to join the club. However, he seemed okay with it, “Alright I’ll be ready to move in tomorrow.” I was so surprised my jaw dropped. “Katrina,” Destry said reassuringly, “I’m not going to go anywhere just because things might be abit difficult for us. I’m staying right here to protect you.”
  14. 14. Destry pulled me close and we began to sway. My heart swelled with love for him. It was soromantic to be with only Destry under the stars like this. I pulled him closer to me feeling the energyof our love meeting at our lips when we kissed. He leaned forward kissing me more and thenwhispered in my ear, “I think we should go inside.”
  15. 15. Woohooing someone who you know loves you and who you love back wholeheartedly and who youfeel is perfect for you is the most magical thing in the world. Part of you wonders why you werewaiting for this your whole life and why you accepted any less.
  16. 16. Waking up next to the sim of your dreams is also a very magical moment. It’s even better when thatsim kisses you goodbye before you head off to work. “Have a wonderful day my love,” Destry said as he got dressed and left to pack his things. “You too,” I said right before he kissed me goodbye.
  17. 17. What a wonderful morning, I thought to myself as I got in my carpool at 5 a.m. I just had a lovelynight and was excited to start my first job even if it wasn’t the job I wanted. I couldn’t stop smiling all day. It was a lovely day! ~Awwww!~
  18. 18. Upon arriving home, I had not only received a promotion but I also found a vase of roses by mydoor that Destry had left for me. As butterflies danced around them I read the lovely poem he leftalong with them “Dear Katrina, I never knew two Sims like us Could share such happy hours Each lovely second’s memory Smells sweeter than these flowers -Destry”
  19. 19. After eating some grilled cheese for dinner, I decided it was okay if Destry and I went out andbought some clothes for me since I had just made a nice bonus from my promotion. Destry was asexcited as I was to finally get out of the house on a date. We arrived at the town shops which werepretty cute.
  20. 20. Our date out was wonderful! I found my favorite clothes in my new size! Destry and Ifooled around a bit and I was ready to face the world as a young, fashionable womanagain.
  21. 21. When we got home, I welcomed Destry into the house and he grew up into adulthood.“It tingles,” he said.I laughed and watched. He had found some nice clothes that fit him, better than mine at least.“Welcome to adulthood, Destry,” I said and kissed him.
  22. 22. As soon as he moved in, Destry cut his hair a bit and combed it. It was so shiny! Then, he found ajob as a Gumshoe in the Intelligence track. I was happy for him because it sounded nice but I was toobusy working out to congratulate him at the time. ~I actually like the outfit Destry grew into… and he looks even better in his new hair whichhopefully won’t be as glitchy.~
  23. 23. I heard him outside while I was trying to fulfill my goal to max all my skills. “Ah my love! I am so happy we are now living together and we had another dream date! I can’t waitto marry you! You look so beautiful even when you’re all sweaty.”
  24. 24. ~Destry, as you may already know is a Knowledge Virgo. His lifetime want is to max all skillsand his predestined hobby is science. YAY! Conveniently for him and my story, he rolled GrilledCheese as a secondary aspiration (although I kind of wish he rolled family). His personality is: • 9 Neat • 2 Shy • 6 Active • 3 Serious • 4 Nice~
  25. 25. ~And for some reason this is what happened next. No summoning or any other logic skill. Justplain stargazing. I sent Katrina out to react but she didn’t seem to care. I guess she was expecting itafter all… ;) Oh, and yeah, his hair was glitching here. ~
  26. 26. Destry was gone all night that night. I had a bit of an idea of where he had gone but I wasn’t sure. Iheard him cleaning the toilet quietly behind me. He’s usually not so quiet while cleaning the toilet.Something was up… “Destry?” I paused. I wasn’t sure of what to say. I suspected it was an abduction and Evening toldme that aliens do freaky things to men but that Destry should enjoy it (at least after the fact) since he’sa knowledge sim. Destry scrubbed louder as if he was trying to block out the sound of my voice. I got out of the tuband put some clothes on.
  27. 27. “Destry,” I began, “please tell me, where you were last night. Where you abducted?” “I…I…I think so. I just…it’s been…” A rush of excitement came over me. “Whoo!” I yelled, “We’re going to have an alienbaby! I’m so excited!! I wanna know what happened, Destry please tell me whathappened?” “Uh…well…I don’t really remember details about the spaceship but I do remember thatlast night I was stargazing…
  28. 28. “…and suddenly this ray of bright light was shinning around me. I looked up but it was so brightthat I couldn’t see what was above me. Then I felt this strange feeling. It was like gravity was inreverse. Was it the light pulling me? That was when I realized it must be a tractor beam. Although Iknew getting abducted would be cool and that you had promised Evening that I would get abductedfor some reason I was scared, especially because of the force of the pull. I grabbed a hold of thetelescope and held on for dear life, it think it was more of an innate survival reaction than anythingelse. However, the telescope is not the best thing to grab when you need a good grip. My hands soonwere slipping from the plastic surface and eventually I was sucked up into the ship. I’m not really surewhat happened next. I have these flashes of memories…of…of…lying in an examining room of sorts.The next thing I remember is….
  29. 29. “…suddenly falling. I fell only briefly but flat on the pavement. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t hurt.I pulled myself up and slowly looked back and there right in front of my eyes was the mostspectacular thing I had ever seen…an alien spaceship! My eyes widened and I was so amazed andscared of what had just happened. That just happened Katrina!”
  30. 30. “Oh Destry!” I cried pulling him close to me, “I’m so proud of you! I love you so much!” “I love you too, Katrina,” he said leaning back a little and kissing me tenderly. Soon afterward I had to go to work and he crawled into bed. Not before he clogged up the toilet.Being unable to fix the toilet until exactly noon, Destry told me not to worry, he would skip workbecause he knew how much money I was making and how I was just promoted.
  31. 31. It was so sweet of Destry to stay behind just to repair the toilet. He walked to work right afterthough, we really needed the money especially with a baby on the way. It was so nice to get off at the same time and be able to take the carpool home together. I also gotpromoted again!
  32. 32. We had another romantic night. Yet Destry seemed a little worried, knowing that we had forgottenthe birth control method. “I don’t want to have children out of wedlock is all I’m saying, Katrina.” I laughed, “Well we better get married fast because there’s a bun in your oven!” He just looked distressed at that thought, “I’m serious, Katrina.” “I still feel like we need a little more time though, Destry.” For some reason I want to love Pongagain. He looked sad but didn’t argue with me, instead he rolled over and fell asleep.
  33. 33. ~I’m not making up that Pong part. Every date she’s gone on with Destry, she’s had the want tofall in love with Pong. What the hell, Katrina?! I’m sorry but I’ve made up my mind for you,you’re with Destry now, YOU WANTED IT! So too bad, I don’t care about your want for Pong. Imade him a great big jerk anyway. AND you are more attracted to Destry!~
  34. 34. I woke up feeling strange. I can’t be pregnant! I can’t, that’s not how things go! I’m too young, wehaven’t even gotten married yet! And then I realized something…I wanted to get married. I had sinceDestry and I had gotten engaged I guess I just freaked out a bit. We have the rest of our lives to betogether and we’re about to raise an alien child together, we should get married. Today.
  35. 35. I walked outside into the rain and Destry was standing at the edge of the house watching the rainfall. “Destry,” I confidently said, my heart beating faster, “I want to get married. Today.” Destry didn’t say a word, he just kissed me. It was a long, beautiful kiss in the rain. I felt socomforted and safe in his arms.
  36. 36. “What the –” Destry said as if his tummy had just grown all of a sudden.“Destry,” I touched his tummy, “oh wow! That’s our alien baby in there!”He smiled.“Oh my tummy feels a bit funny.”“Probably not as much as mine,” Destry responded, “I mean…I have an alien inside me!”“Yeah…you might be right.”
  37. 37. So we prepared for the wedding and the guests arrived...
  38. 38. I was just going to change into my wedding dress when I saw him. My heart sank. Pong Cox was atmy wedding to another man! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, don’t freak out Katrina! What am I going todo? ~I promise I didn’t make them invite him. He came of his own accord!~
  39. 39. I rushed over to speak with Evening. She would know what to do. “Oh my gosh, Evening! Pong’s here! He-he’s going to crash my wedding what do I do?” “Hey Katrina! Wow you look beautiful! So did you explain the rules to Destry so he doesn’t breakany?” “Yes I did. Oh Evening, please tell me…what do I do.” “Katrina,” she said calmly, “you’ve already made up your mind, haven’t you? Destry is the man foryou. You shouldn’t worry about Pong. He has issues.” I felt a strange since of resolve. “You’re right, Evening,” I laughed, “this is my wedding to Destryand there’s no way some other man is going to interfere with that!”
  40. 40. Nervously, I stood under the arch with my one true love, Destry. It wasn’t much but we splurged justso our children could marry under the same arch. As we waited for the crowd to gather, I felt Destry’seyes upon me. I didn’t want to look up at him. I was nervous and I did not particularly like to be thecenter of attention in a large crowd that wasn’t dancing or eating (for the most part) but instead staringstraight at me. “You look gorgeous!” Destry whispered. I smiled. It was time for my wedding, an event I had beendreaming about for my entire life, to start.
  41. 41. As soon as the crowd was gathered, Destry started off with the vows. “Oh Katrina, love of my life. I knew when I first laid eyes on you that you were special. Someone Icould trust with every little secret. I knew there was something more though. I knew that I was goingto get to know you really well and that we were going to know each other for the rest of our lives. Notonly have we gotten to know each other but we’re now about to spend the rest of our lives together!Katrina, you are so beautiful inside and out and you truly care about the people who in your life andthat’s why I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you…together.” My heart soared. I don’t think Destry could have picked better words to pledge his eternal love forme.
  42. 42. “Oh Destry,” I was overcome with joy and love from his vows but I had to go on with my own, “Ifelt the same way when I met you, like I could tell you anything and you’d always be there to listen tome and care for me. You’ve been so supportive throughout all that we’ve been through and I couldn’tthank you more for being there for me. You truly sing to my heart. I love you, Destry and I can’t waitto spend the rest of our lives together!”
  43. 43. As flower petals fell and music played in the background I couldn’t think of anything else butDestry. This was it. The beginning of our lives together. Babies were ahead. A concept I was nervousabout. Yet that didn’t phase me then, all I thought about was the good things, Destry and I starting ourown little legacy. We were founding a lot. The pressure was really on but having him by my sidemeant a lot. He was a man who could support me emotionally in everything and I was always willingto do the same for him. We could make it through this. I know I could because I married someonewho cared so much for my feelings.
  44. 44. As we sealed the wedding with a kiss, my anxious thoughts vanished completely. A quiet sense ofbliss filled my being. It was a moment that time slowed for. Although it may have seemed that itlasted only a couple of seconds, to me it seemed to last some minutes and I was okay with that.Although life wasn’t terrible from there on out, it was stressful and I was thankful to have thatmoment last like it did. When we released our kiss, I looked into the eyes of my new husband.Excitement filled me. If this is what lies ahead, I’m ready. As we turned to face the crowd, I felt like Iwas floating. Nothing could bring me down today! All my friends were clapping for me. Even themailman stopped to see one of the best moments of my life.
  45. 45. Our lovely moment wasn’t necessarily ruined but my heart skipped a beat. Pong was approachingus. “Hey Katrina,” Pong said in his usual overly-friendly tone, “Ach, ach, ach!” Ach, Ach, Ach! was aninside joke between us. Basically a vampire impression from the one time we saw that vampire inDowntown Legacyland. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t let this guy turn you into a vampire,Katrina! He might not be so pale right now but if the Count gets a hold of him…I’m not sure youwould stand a chance!” I chuckled, “You’re right, Pong, I wouldn’t.” Destry grabbed my hands, “Yeah, I don’t think I could resist sinking my fangs into this neck!”
  46. 46. “Well watch out then!” Pong said as he punched Destry in the shoulder. Destry jumped back, “Wha-” “I’m the vampire hunter, and I’ll hunt you down.” “I-” “I’ll put a spell on you and stake you into the ground.” “Wh-” “I’m joking of course!” Destry laughed, “You’re crazy man.” “Yeah, a bit. Anyway, congratulations! You’re the right kind of guy for Katrina.” Pong smiled andwalked off.
  47. 47. All of my best friends congratulated me. It was great to see them again and I was veryhappy to have them at my wedding.
  48. 48. - had a different idea of congratulating me but that’s -.
  49. 49. Even Evening told wanted to tell me that our wedding was beautiful.
  50. 50. After I saw everyone, Destry and I danced until the party was over. “Katrina…I can’t believe that…you’re now my wife!” “I almost feel like I’m floating…like it’s all a dream. It can’t be, can it? Destry, are you really myhusband now?” “Of course I am. I’m not going anywhere! I’ll never leave your side, Katrina! As long as I live I willalways be here for you!” I felt a gush of joy in my heart. I couldn’t help but smile. “I’ll always be here for you too, Destry.”
  51. 51. Just leave me like that and then get married right away will she? She will pay forthis… ~But Pong, I thought you didn’t have any emotions…? I know you all are excited to see the kids but I just had to leave it here. Awesome cliffhangerFTW!~