Hues legacy chapter 2


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Hues legacy chapter 2

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Hues Legacy, a joint legacy betweenHaleigh/meadowthayer and me (Roxanne)/Taube. In chapter1, we saw the founder, Neon, go through college and settledown with her husband, Sinjin (pictured above). Together theyhad two single sons, Cerulean and Cobalt, and then a set oftriplets – two boys and a girlnamed, respectively, Sky, Indigo, and Azure. Between the lastchapter and this one, their ugly house had a new additionadded on purely for the nursery for the triplets, which you cansee part of above right. Now let’s see where everyone is.
  2. 2. Ceru has been bringingsome friends home fromschool recently, but they’reboth girls with braids.Hmm, looks like someonealready has a type. He’spretty good at makingfriends, so he gets hugsfrom his lovely ladies withbraids before too long.
  3. 3. Neon continues to work as the Minister of Education, and itisn’t long before she hits some major financial milestones.She’s done fairly well for herself money-wise, both in collegeand out, and except for a day or two of that first week, she andher family have always been well provided for.
  4. 4. I should have taken a better, bigger screenshot of it, but I had to share thisbecause it cracked me up. The memory for having 50 dream dates just says“Dates, Yay” without even an exclamation mark. My sentiments exactly!
  5. 5. It’s soon little Cobalt’s birthday, and while Sinjin is off workingand the babies are sleeping or doing whatever it is babies doall day, his mom and big brother are there to celebrateCobalt’s big day.
  6. 6. This picture is actually much later, in the new house, but Icompletely forgot to take a picture of Cobalt until just beforehe turned teen. Anyway, here he is as a child. He still hasthat big, wide nose.
  7. 7. Now Cobalt can study with his big brother! I decided to dressthe kids in similar colors and I considered blue but thatseemed too obvious, so I settled for orange/yellow. I don’tknow why I chose that, especially since they’re all blonds, sothere’s plenty of yellow on them already, but I did.
  8. 8. The boys don’t have to study all thetime, though. They are great friendsand spend a fair amount of theirfree time playing together. Ceruprefers toys when he’s on hisown, while Cobalt’s preferred hobbyis games, and he gravitates towardthe game system anyway.
  9. 9. Neon unlocked the ability to write restaurant guides. She got a goodpayment for each of them – usually over $3000 – and they didn’t take ahuge amount of time. In the interest of building a bigger, non-uglyhouse, she wrote quite a few to bring up the family’s net worth.
  10. 10. The triplets’ birthday comes andSinjin is once again at work. Heusually works nights since he’sworking his way up the Slacker track.The rest of the family gathers aroundfor each of the triplets inturn, though.
  11. 11. And here they are. I had high hopes thatmaybe Azure would turn out pretty likeher mother, but she’s actually the worst ofthe bunch. They all got a lot ofcharacteristics from their father, and onceagain the genes mix weirdly on their faces.Azure is our only nice sim of thegeneration, with a personality of4/10/8/3/10. Sky, top right, is 10/5/10/0/3and Indigo is 7/8/10/0/3.
  12. 12. With one kid newly turned child andthree of them in their toddleryears, there’s a lot of learning thatneeds to go on in Neon and Sinjin’shouse. Amazingly, the tripletseventually learned all their skills, andNeon still has time to teach Cobalt to dohis homework.
  13. 13. This frees the triplets up to get to know each other and build a fewskill points at the play table. They’re so cute in their matchingonesies even if they do have weird faces.
  14. 14. There’s only one free spot at the table, so Cobalt and Ceruhave to take turns getting to know their younger siblings.Before long, everyone is best friends, though.
  15. 15. After many nights away from home, Sinjin finally reaches ProfessionalParty Guest and fulfills his lifetime want. He didn’t find the career for solong that I had started to get worried about whether he would find it intime for me to pass them off to Haleigh, but it turned out that he did sowith plenty of time left and there was nothing to worry about after all.His next lifetime want is to be the Mayor.
  16. 16. Even though they’re no longer dating (sooooo sick ofdates), Sinjin and Neon still spend a lot of time loving up on eachother, no matter who’s there to witness. They’re a very sweetcouple.
  17. 17. Ceru’s teen birthday comes around and we are that much closer to theend of the generation. His parents attended his birthday too, but I justloved this pic of Cobalt absolutely screaming in support of his bigbrother.
  18. 18. Immediately after Ceru’s birthday (so soon he’s still in his uglygrow up clothes) it’s also the triplets’ birthday. Now that we havea teen in the house, all three can grow up at the same time.
  19. 19. First, here’s Cerulean as a teen, all cleaned up. He rolledpopularity/knowledge. This seems a good time to point outthat we decided to choose our own heirs, so there’s not goingto be an heir poll, but you still get to admire them as teens, Iguess. You’re welcome, lol. I know he’s so pleasant to look at.
  20. 20. And here’s the triplets, dressed inthe mandatory yellow/orange colorscheme. Obviously Azure is topright, but that’s Indigo above andSky below. They’re the two best ofthe generation, I think, thoughIndigo is my favorite. Still not thekind of faces I was hopingfor, though.
  21. 21. Neon and Sinjin are such a goodinfluence on their children. They’realways running about in their undiesand making out with eachother, whether the children are thereor not. They celebrate the triplets’first day of school by cuddling intheir underwear in full view of alltheir children’s classmates. I’m surethe kids appreciated that, lol.
  22. 22. With everyone but Sinjin out of the house(he’s out front catching butterflies in hisundies as seen on the cover), it’s time to buildthe new house. Here’s the tour. Topfloor, clockwise from bottom right: adultbedroom, bathroom, hallway, older boys’bedroom, triplets’ bedroom, playroom.Bottom floor, same orientation: livingroom, hallway, kitchen/dining, secondbathroom and study. It’s just big enough forthe family, but still pretty good for the firstgen. And I didn’t even mess around with
  23. 23. Once again having Ceru be a teenager really comes in handywhen it’s time to teach the triplets how to do homework. Nowthat they have their nice new house, there’s even roomenough for them to all three do it in the same room.
  24. 24. Now that all the children are school-aged, it’s time for a visitfrom the headmaster. Turns out Sinjin is an excellentschmoozer. I didn’t take more pictures of the visit because itwent pretty much how you’d expect, and all five of the kidsare in private school afterwards.
  25. 25. Ceru’s all done with his skilling and it isn’t long before Cobaltfollows him. While their three younger siblings take time tocontinue learning, that leaves Ceru free to play video gamesand Cobalt to take a nap while Samantha Ottomas playsobnoxious beginner music in the background. Kind of amazingthat Cobalt can sleep through that.
  26. 26. The kids are all great friends, and, likemost of my sims, they spend allmorning before school goofing aroundwith each other.
  27. 27. In what I suppose is their middle age, now that they’re no longer datingconstantly, Neon and Sinjin have picked up the habit of constantlyheading outside to cuddle and talk about bathtubs and grills or whatever.
  28. 28. The older boys are definitely lady magnets. They both consistently bringgirls home from school, and even ones that didn’t come home with themwill forsake their supposed friend to play/watch video games with Cobalt.
  29. 29. Cobalt’s birthday has come around again! Time for the second teen.Please grow into your nose, please grow into your nose, please growinto your nose!
  30. 30. He’s better than Ceru, in my opinion, but that’s still one big nose. Irealized at this point that I don’t really have that much yellow ororange teen stuff, so I decided to stop color-coding the kids whenthey become teens, so Cobalt gets a green and white tee.Cobalt’s aspiration is knowledge/grilled cheese.
  31. 31. Both Ceru and Cobalt really showtheir secondary aspirations morestrongly. Ceru’s is knowledge andhe constantly wants to skill, whileCobalt is all about the grilledcheese.
  32. 32. Indigo managed to get aroundmy carefully-planned structureand get older sims to read tohim often enough to developenthusiasm in literature. I can’tbe mad when he walks aroundwith a book, though. It’s justtoo cute!
  33. 33. Ugh, teenagers. Leave these two alone for a minute andit’s an instant battle of noogies.
  34. 34. So, Sky is an interesting little fellow. While his siblings play, talk, andgive each other noogies (as has just finished happening in the top leftpicture), he likes to go around and make all the beds. Doesn’t matterwhat else is going on – every bed must be made before Sky is happy.
  35. 35. Sinjin and Neon continue to bewildly in love, and they continueto cuddle on the porch, talkingabout barbequing teddy bears orwhatever. They’re really prettysweet when they’re not beingweird.
  36. 36. Like so. Lying on the cold ground in the middle of winter, while yourchildren stand back and wonder what’s wrong with you: it may be timeto reconsider your priorities.
  37. 37. Sinjin gets an eensy-weensy 15,000 points for making ten bestfriends. Oh yeah, I forget that his secondary is popularity.Most of the time he just wants to woohoo with Neon, havepublic woohoo with three different sims, make out with threedifferent sims, those kinds of wants.
  38. 38. Oh, look whose birthday it is now! Time for Neon to become anelder. Make a wish, Neon!
  39. 39. Haleigh pointed out to me that Neon’s nose got a good bit bigger whenshe aged and now I can’t unsee it. I never thought it was out ofproportion with her face, but maybe Sinjin isn’t the only one to blame. :/I could still have let her keep her pink hair, but it didn’t seem right for theaging mother of five, so I gave her a pink dress instead.
  40. 40. Old age has not reduced the urge to cuddle out in the cold.
  41. 41. Mornings are so crazy with these five!Because there’s an odd number ofthem, someone is always left out andends up standing around, waiting tointeract. There’s lots ofplaying, showing off, and yes, noogies.
  42. 42. Sinjin became Mayor! Besides it being his current LTW, he alsowanted to top the career which is why he’s only showing 15,000instead of 25,000 points. His next lifetime want is 20 simultaneouslovers. Ha ha, NO.
  43. 43. Sinjin spends some quality guy time with his oldest sons whenhe gets home from being the Mayor. You can see that Cobalthas reached the zone in gaming from playing so often. It’s aweekend day so the boys never even managed to change outof PJs.
  44. 44. The three youngest are still working on getting their skills towhere they need to be for scholarships. Sky seems to be havingsome trouble with basic book holding techniques, though.
  45. 45. It’s the day of the triplets’birthday! I just had to take somecute pictures of them before theyaged up. They’re not the kind offaces I was hoping for, but they’restill cute in their own way.
  46. 46. Oh good job, Neon. She had a bad chance card and gotdemoted, and since it’s the triplets’ birthday I’ll be handingthem off to Haleigh soon, so there’s nothing I can do about it.At least she didn’t get fired, I guess. Sigh. This happened withKatherine McMania too, but she got busted all the way back tolevel one. Neon just lost one level, thankfully.
  47. 47. Once she gets over the shame of being demoted, Neon joins the restof the family in celebrating the triplets’ birthday. Nice to have thelarger kitchen in the new house. There never would have been roomenough in the old house.
  48. 48. And, yup, they got older. That’s allI’ll say about that. They definitelyhave faces that are older than childfaces. Yeah.Anyway, Sky up top there isfamily/popularity, Indigo ispopularity/romance (the inverse ofhis dad), and Azure isromance/fortune.
  49. 49. And that’s the end of the first generation of the Hues Legacy.Neon, Sinjin, Cerulean, Cobalt, Azure, Indigo, and Sky join me in thankingyou for reading. Next we’ll see where Haleigh takes the family, andhopefully she can breed out the noses. Good luck, Haleigh!Please stop by SiMania to read future chapters of this legacy and to chatwith us. See you there!