Act 3 scene 1


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Act 3 scene 1

  1. 1. SiMania Admods: The Musical!Act Three, Scene One – Summer Nights Written by: ilovereecee
  2. 2. Hello and welcome back to SiMania Admods: The Musical! This is Act Three, Scene One – Summer Nights. It is the first chapterwritten by me, ilovereecee/Katie! Im so excited to have the familyand they have been a blast to play so far. So lets hop right in with a reminder of whos who before we start the actual chapter...
  3. 3. Here we have dear old Cleve Encore. He married Aria Encore, thefounder of this joint legacy, long ago and helped to bring the secondgeneration into the world. Cleve has recently retired and is planning on enjoying the rest of his days with his family.
  4. 4. “Oh baby, you are sooo hot!” “Mark, you devil, you! Come to Mama!”Um, guys, Im trying to re-introduce you to our readers... could you getoff each other for a second? … No? Well okay, anyway, this is Mark,the second generation heir, and his wife Kea. Theyre very attracted to each other...
  5. 5. Mark and Keas attraction for each other led to their firstborns being welcomed into the family. Twins Liesl and Friedrich were the first to be born into the main family for the third generation. Liesl, theoldest, is a Knowledge/Pleasure aspiration with the LTW to become the head of the SCIA. Friedrich, younger twin, is Popularity/Knowledge with the LTW to become General!
  6. 6. Brigitta was the next child born to Mark and Kea. She declaredKnowledge/Fortune with the LTW to become Head of the SCIA. Looks like she and Liesl are gunning for the same position!
  7. 7. Keas third pregnancy resulted in another batch of twins! Fraternal twin boys Kurt and Rolfe were born. Rolfe is the only child toinherit the McMania blue skin and was therefore named our heir!Kurt is a Popularity/Pleasure aspiration with the LTW to become a Media Magnate. Rolfe is a Pleasure/Fortune aspiration with the LTW to have 50 1st dates! Lucky me :)
  8. 8. Let me not forget to remind you aboutthe family pets! Cacaphony and Bernice are still with the family. They are currently expecting a puppy together, finally!!… Okay, Ive never had this happen inmy game. A few hours after Bernice conceived, she gave birth to a pup! Anyone else have this happen?Anyway, the puppy is a girl named ChaCha! I guess now is the time to tell you this generation is going to be namedafter Grease! Cha Cha is the male leadDannys ex-girlfriend. Danny takes hiscrush Sandy to the school dance, where it just so happens Cha Cha is as well. Together Cha Cha and Danny end up winning the dance contest, leavingSandy upset at being dance ditched for Dannys ex.
  9. 9. “Oh Mark, stop it! Stop, right now. Quit tickling me!”“Okay, Ill quit, babe. But Im going to trade the tickles for a dance.”Mark and Kea are still so in love, even after all these years. Theyvealways shown a lot of PDA, as you saw in hippielayla86s chapters. They continue to do so in my game. It is very cute!
  10. 10. Rolfe has officially startedworking toward his LTW to have 50 1st dates. He utilizes the matchmakers skills and socialconnections to set up first dates with girls from all over the city. The datesdont last long, once Rolfe introduces himself, hequickly says goodbye and asks the matchmaker for another date. Ive found this is the most effective way to achieve this particular LTW.
  11. 11. The family members are all very close with one another. Kea is currently working on her LTW to max 7 skills, so her children dont mindstudying along side her forcompany. Twins Liesl and Friedrich are best friendsforever and enjoy spending time together doing various things.
  12. 12. Rolfe is continuing on his quest for 50 1st dates. The matchmaker is starting to get a little careless though. She hooked our heir up with Penelope and Piper Cooke... they are sisters! Im all for Rolfes LTW, but he cant go around making all the girls in his city mad!That could end up horribly. The matchmaker seems to realize this as she watches Penny and Rolfe shake hands. Lol at her face!
  13. 13. Aria Encore is quite the active ghost! She goes around throughout the night turning on radios, playing in the microwave and scaringvarious family members. Luckily, Brigitta is a knowledge aspiration and doesnt mind the encounter too much.
  14. 14. Liesl and Brigitta both want to become the Head of the SCIA.Theyve both accepted positions in their desired area and are nowclimbing the career ladder! Theyve both been promoted as far as they can go as teenagers and have to wait it out for another promotion.
  15. 15. Once Rolfe got to his 12th 1st date, things startedgetting a bit repetitive. The matchmaker kept introducing him to the same girls over and over. So Rolfe has switched sides and is now dating boys from the neighborhood. One of which was Phillip Cooke,Penny and Pipers brother. I think the matchmaker wants Rolfe to date every member of the Cooke family.
  16. 16. Cacaphony had just gotten home from a long days work when theGrim Reaper showed up to collect him. He will definitely be missed by all in the family. I missed Cleve leaving the family due to all the commotion from Cacaphonys death and Rolfes dates coming and going, but Cleve has left this family as well. Today was a sad day in the Encore home.
  17. 17. Everyone in the house is sad to say goodbye to Cleve andCacaphony. The kids walked around the house sobbing and wiping their runny noses until I sent them all to bed for the evening.
  18. 18. Lets break up all this sadness with a tad bit of good news: Kea has achieved her lifetime want to max all 7 skills! Yay Kea :)
  19. 19. Oh my goodness! I forgot you have to bathe the dogs! Poor, poorBernice. Shes been walking around for days needing a bath and Ive totally forgotten to give her one. Oops. Thank goodness I keptgetting distracted by the green stink cloud or who knows how long the poor girl would have been smelling.
  20. 20. “Mmm, mmm, mmm! You sure are hot stuff, Mark Encore!”“Mom, were trying to do our homework here. Please take that nastiness to another room...”
  21. 21. Its time for Liesl and Friedrich to age into adults! The familygathered around the kitchen to celebrate with the twins as they leave their teenage years in the past and get ready to move into the real world.
  22. 22. The duo grew up into quite attractive adults. I am just now realizing how far away I took the pictures and am not sure why I didnt getany close ups of their faces. Oh well, here they are! Adult Liesl and Friedrich ready to take on the world!
  23. 23. The twins arent the only ones growing up. Cha Cha aged into anadult dog the next morning. She looks very much like Cacaphony, but you can see the dark dalmatian spots she got from Bernice aswell. I also forgot to put in a picture of her namesake when she was born, so here it is above!
  24. 24. Rolfe continues to use the matchmaker as a source for dates.When she was over one afternoon,Friedrich decided to ask for a datehimself. He got Marisa Benedett, ablonde fortune aspiration gal. Theyduo hit it off right away. And then Friedrich decided to morph into Marissa while giving her a massage.
  25. 25. Liesl also took advantage of the matchmaker that day and gotherself a date as well! College student Matthew Hart was offered as Liesls first blind date. They had a great time together and Liesl isreally attracted to Matt (she should be, since he cost five thousand!). All in all it was a good day for everyone.
  26. 26. “So, sis, I was thinking,” Friedrich said, “since were adults now,shouldnt we look into getting our own place? We could invite Marisa andMatthew over to hang out without so much of our family running around.Plus, were a bit too old to be living with Mom and Dad, dont you think?”“I guess youre right. We could definitely afford an apartment together...”
  27. 27. So, Friedrich and Liesl got their own townhouse together. It took a fewweeks to get settled in, buttheyre doing nicely. They both have jobs leading to the completion of their LTW and their relationships are blooming!Liesl even asked Matthew to marry her once he graduated college! He of course said he would.
  28. 28. Friedrich has been working a lot lately and is getting closer and closer to his lifetime want. Hes been bringing home a nice fat paycheck and decided it was time to ask Marisa to be his forever! She said yes to his proposal and moved in immediatelyafter. Doesnt she look cute with her new hair and clothes!?
  29. 29. Liesl and Matthew got thrown for a loop when they found out Liesl was pregnant! She and her fiance planned on him graduating college before they got married and had kids, but looks like other plans were in store for them. So Matthew decided to drop out ofschool and get a house together with Liesl so they can get married and get ready for their baby.
  30. 30. Liesl and Matthew had a very private wedding.Only Mark and Kea were there to witness the ceremony. Liesl made a beautiful, glowing brideand Matthew was thrilledto be marrying the love of his life.
  31. 31. It wasnt too long after the wedding that Matt and Liesl becameparents! They welcomed a baby boy with green eyes and brown hair into their small family. He is named Calhoun. He is named afterCoach Calhoun in Grease. In the movie Calhoun is the gym teacherand sports coach who faces a challenge when Danny Zuko, member of T-Birds, wants to turn jock in order to impress crush Sandy Olsen.
  32. 32. Baby Cal is a happy little guy. He hardly ever fusses. Thatsprobably because hes got two parents who hardly let him stay in his crib past nap time. Matt and Liesl are fantastic parents so far. You can tell they really love their baby boy.
  33. 33. Liesl has been working hard at home and at the office! She hasfinally gotten that big promotion to Head of the SCIA. Our little girl is all grown up:)
  34. 34. Cals baby days flew by andsoon he was a toddler. Liesl and Matt both have their hands full now with their little boy. Weregoing to leave them here and see how Friedrich and Marisa are doing back at the condo.
  35. 35. Friedrich has been feeling the pressure lately to step things up with his fiancee Marissa Benedett. His twin sister is married, already reached her LTW and is busy raising a toddler. Even thoughFriedrich had none of the above, he does have Marisa and she is all he needs.
  36. 36. Friedrich and Marisa decided they didnt need a big fancy wedding with lots of guests and flowers. They decided to stop worrying about wedding planning and they tied the knot in their kitchen instead.
  37. 37. Friedrich of course couldnt wait to share the good news with his family! He threw a party and invited everyone he knew, including his neighbors. The party boosted his aspiration score, him being apopularity aspiration and all. Plus the family got to congratulate the newlyweds and practice their slap jack dance!
  38. 38. Its Brigittas adult birthday back in the main legacy home. She agedbeautifully and got a promotion in her Intelligence career field since she has aged. Shes on her way toward becoming the Head of the SCIA, once her sister vacates the post that is.
  39. 39. Rolfe is still quite theCasanova. Date after date after date keeps him in agreat mood, and just a few days before his adultbirthday, hes managed to achieve thirty seven first dates!
  40. 40. Brigitta is a knowledge aspiration to the core! She currently has the wants to play with Balin (the wolf), meet a wolf and become awerewolf herself. I have never achieved this in my game before, so I think Ill try it with Bri.
  41. 41. “Oh Kea, youre never as sexy as you are now... when youve just finished using the restroom.”As usual, its a continual love fest with Mark and Kea in the home.
  42. 42. “Rolfe, youve been meeting all these hot dates and I havent evenbeen on one and were the same age.” Kurt complained over chess, “Think you can hook me up?” “Yeah, I mean Ive got thirty seven dates under by belt. Guess it cant hurt to throw you my left overs.” Rolfe joked.
  43. 43. All joking aside, Rolfe sets up his twin brother with one of his old dates Ashlee Thomason. Rolfe makes a great matchmaker (heshould since he spends enough time with the real one) and Kurt andAshlee automatically hit it off with two chemistry bolts of attraction for each other.
  44. 44. Rolfe doesnt stop at just introducing the couple, he even makes agreat sidekick and plays the mood music for Kurt and Ashlees first slow dance together. What a great brother, right!?
  45. 45. By the end of the evening, thanks to Rolfes great matchmaking skills and Kurts smooth moves, Ashlee and Kurt share their firstkiss together. Before Ashlee left, Kurt even asked her to go steady! She said yes and they ended the night with a dream date.
  46. 46. While her baby brothers are romancing the teens in the city, Brigittais focusing on advancing in her career. She is just a few promotionsaway from becoming the Head of the SCIA (once her sister vacates the post). In her spare time, Bri reads, paints and blogs about arts and crafts. Such a knowledge aspiration girl ;)
  47. 47. Over at Matthew and Liesl Harts house, little Calhoun is growingup quickly! Liesl has also just found out that she is expecting again.She decided she didnt want to spend all of her time in the office andso she vacated her post as Head of the SCIA and put in a good word for baby sis Brigitta before she left. Now she has all the time in the world to spend with Cal and baby number two when he or she gets here.
  48. 48. Since Liesl quit her job, Matthew had to get a higher paying job inthe law enforcement field. This means he has to miss a lot of time at home, including Cals birthday. Thankfully Grandpa Mark and Uncle Rolfe are more than willing to come over and fill in for the night!
  49. 49. “Uncle Rolfe,” Calhoun questioned, “why are you blue? Is it make up? Why do you wear make up?” I seriously laughed out loud when I saw Cal and Rolfe talking. Rolfe had a mean look on his face the whole time as if being insulted, but Cal seemed to enjoy the conversation!
  50. 50. Not long after Calhoun grew into a child, Liesl gave birth to twins! Two boys, in fact. This generation is full of boys so far. They are named Kenickie and Sonny.
  51. 51. Kenickie is named after Greasecharacter Kenickie. He is a member of the T-Birds and is best friend toDanny Zuko, the main character. Hehas a fiery temper and a tough guyattitude, which shows in his on and off again relationship with Betty Rizzo. Sonny is named after Grease character Sonny! He is also amember of the T-Birds and thinks he is a major ladies man and charmer,but humorously is in fact far from it.
  52. 52. Liesls brother Friedrich and his wife Marisa have opted out ofhaving their own children (neither is a family aspiration and neitherhave desires for kids), but they really enjoy spending time with their nephews! Now that Cal is a little more grown up, he enjoys talking with his Aunt and Uncle at dinner a few nights a week. And of course Friedrich and Marisa show up to Nickie and Sonnys birthday party!
  53. 53. Sonny and Kenickie are now toddlers! They aged into interesting little buggers. They definitely got an odd mix of Matthew andLiesls genetics. Maybe theyll grow into it as they get older. Until then, lets head back to the main home and see whats going on there.
  54. 54. Its time that Cha Cha start building a relationship with another dog so that she can bring in the next generation of puppies! So Brigittawent to the pet store and adopted Leo, a blue spotted dalmatian with a blue mask marking over his eyes. Leo is named after the leader of The Scorpions, the T-Birds rival gang and boyfriend of Cha Cha – fitting right?
  55. 55. While Bri was playing fetch with Leo,she met a cute guy named Chuck Sims! And what does she do? After greeting him, she awkwardly does the chest pound lol. It must not have freaked him out too much, because he called asking for a date the next morning!
  56. 56. I just want to point out the fact that the familys ghosts are veryactive! Usually its the family members turning on the radio andplaying in the microwave, but tonight Simon and Mania make an appearance.
  57. 57. Mark is such a family man. He is very loving toward Kea, I alwaysfind them holding hands or kissing somewhere. He also likes to talk to Calhoun a few nights a week. They are best friends!“No, Cal,” Mark sighed, “Uncle Rolfe and I do not wear blue make up. It is a trait that shows we are part of the Encore family!” … “Okay, you can still think its weird buddy.”
  58. 58. I added on Downtown and all the vacation hot spots, so now Rolfe has gotten to go on dates with more teens. He is now up to 47 first dates! Im going to save the last three for when he turns intoan adult. And from those three, he will choose a wife! :)
  59. 59. Kurt has topped out his teen career in the journalism field! Yay Kurt, he is now an overachiever.Too bad the weather decided to rain on his parade – pun intended ;)
  60. 60. Chuck took Brigitta to a very nice restaurant for their first date together. They couldnt take their eyes off each other the entirenight. Chuck was giddy as a school girl and Brigitta developed a major crush on him. Its going well so far!
  61. 61. By the end of the date,they were slow dancing in each others arms and making out for all to see.Sandy Bruty looked on and wondered why shouldcouldnt find love like this. …. Pssst, Sandy! Its because your face is way less than acceptable for a legacy ;)
  62. 62. Chuck and Brigitta had such a wonderful first date and became best friends and loves all in one night! Bri invited him to move in with the family, but not for long. Theyre already planning to move outinto their own home. First things first, however, its Kurt and Rolfes birthday! So Chuck and Bri are waiting until the celebration is over to move into their new place together.
  63. 63. All the siblings and their spouses were invited over to celebrateKurt and Rolfe aging into adults! It was too late for Calhoun to stay up – as he has school tomorrow. So he stopped by the house and then let everyone know he had to leave, lol.
  64. 64. The twins are officially adults! And I think Lydia, Roxy and I madea great choice for heir! Rolfe is such a cutie. He will do a great job carrying on this legacy.
  65. 65. Once the boys aged, the party really started. Mark turned on theradio and everyone danced for hours! Even the dogs got into the party mood. Cha Cha and Leo played together all night.
  66. 66. Chuck even found some time to get Brigitta alone and he proposed to her!“Now that your brothers have had their time in the spotlight, its ourturn. I want to be with you the rest of our lives. Will you marry me, Brigitta?”Of course she said yes and right after they hugged, they packed their things and headed over to their new home.
  67. 67. Kurt and Rolfes birthday party was so roaring and fun that OfficerDorian had to come over to break it up. I find that funny since the Encore family lives in a pretty empty neighborhood. Mark and Keas only neighbors are their children and grandchildren. All of their kids are at the party, so one of Liesls darn boys must have called in a noise complaint ;)
  68. 68. Its time for Brigitta and Chuck to get hitched! The only one who actuallygot to the ceremony on time was a townie passing by the lot. Kea stood in front of him chatting as her daughter said her vows.“You know, my daughter is getting married today. I cant wait to see it!” Turn around Kea!!!!
  69. 69. About half of the guests made it to the ceremony by the time it was over. Brigitta is now Mrs. Chuck Sims!
  70. 70. Brigitta and Chuck didnt wait too long before starting a family. A few days after the wedding, Bri was waddling around the house with a big old belly. She continued to work throughout herpregnancy and in her final days of carrying her first born, she waspromoted to Head of the SCIA... which also completes her lifetime want :)
  71. 71. Bri had twins! Two more boys are nowjoining the family. Eugenes namesake is the nerdy kid with thick glasses and a bow tie from Grease. Our Rizzo is a boy named after a girl named Betty Rizzo in Grease.She is the pretty and fiery leader of the Pink Ladies who dates Kenickie (member of T- Birds).
  72. 72. Eugene and Rizzo are very well taken care of. Brigitta is using up the rest of her maternity leave to stay home with them both duringthe day. Chuck works nights in the law enforcement field, but helps out as much as he can without passing out from exhaustion. They both love holding their boys and feeding them.
  73. 73. And in the blink of an eye the boys are toddlers! Rizzo, on the leftwith curly hair, got some odd mix of genes from all of his relatives and looks nothing much like either parent. Eugene on the otherhand, looks just like his dear dad, but with his Brigittas black hair.
  74. 74. Back in the main home, things are going well. Leo and Cha Cha aregetting along better than Id ever hoped. Theyre already very close. Its as if theyre made for each other. They follow one anotheraround the house and always interact. Leo even chooses to sleep in front of Cha Cha as if to guard her (even though there are many more pet beds vacant he could have slept in).
  75. 75. Now that Kurt and his teenage girlfriend Ashlee are now adults, he decided to take her on a nice date to Bernards Botanical Dining.There werent a lot of other people in the room, so the atmosphere was just right for . . .
  76. 76. A surprise proposal!! Kurt popped the question toward the end oftheir meal and Ashlee said yes, after much oohing and ahhing over the ring.
  77. 77. The newly engaged couple decided to capture their bliss on cameraby hopping into the photo booth together. They took some romantic pictures and did other activities in the booth before leaving ;)
  78. 78. Well Rolfes LTW to have 50 1st dates is now complete! He only neededthree more and from these last three, one is an obvious no lol. The othertwo a brunette named Brandi and a red head named Marsha are who Ive narrowed down as potential spouses for Rolfe.
  79. 79. In order to pick the best fit for Rolfe, I think he should ultimatelydecide. So he is going to go on a date with Marsha and Brandi. Firstup is Marsha Trimble. She is pretty and has a Meadow Thayer lookabout her, but with red hair (which makes her a winner in my book, but well have to see if Rolfe likes her too).
  80. 80. For their date, Rolfe took Marsha to the Lucky Card Shack. Theydidnt play much cards, but they tore it up on the karaoke machine! Both of them had a blast singing duets together.
  81. 81. At the end of the night, after much singing and dancing, Marsha andRolfe had enough chemistry bolts and relationship points to share afirst kiss together! I think they make a cute couple, but weve got to let Rolfe have a go with Brandi and see how things to with her before a spouse is chosen.
  82. 82. Later that evening Rolfe went on a date with Brandi Byall. She hasa pretty face with big grey eyes. Rolfe took her to FM for their date. He cant go to the card shack where he just left his date withMarsha. Im not trying to get him caught cheating – especially when one of these ladies is going to be his wife!
  83. 83. Im trying to keep things as fair as possible on these dates, so Rolfe and Brandi did the same thing as Rolfe and Marsha did on their date. They sang duets on the karaoke machine together and had a great time!
  84. 84. At the end of their date, Rolfe even got a kiss. Just like he did withMarsha. I think things have been kept pretty much the same on both dates, now its just time to wait on Rolfe to decide which he likes more!
  85. 85. In the mean time, Rolfe has a new lifetime want to work toward.Now he wants to become an education minister. Since his dear dadMark currently holds this post, he was able to get Rolfe a high up position as a University Guest Lecturer! Usually only college graduates go right into this spot, lucky for Rolfe hes got connections!
  86. 86. And speaking of Mark, here he is doing what he does best – lovingon his wife! Mark and Kea are definitely still so much in love after all these years. So sweet!
  87. 87. Its time for Kurt and his fiancee Ashlee Thomason to tie the knot! Mark, Kea, Rolfe, Liesl, Brigitta and Chuck were in attendance. Plus some odd looking guy that was walking by the lot that stole Liesls seat.
  88. 88. Kurt and Ashlee had a sweet ceremony. They said their vows andsealed the deal with a kiss. Ashlee took the Encore name and right after their wedding, the celebrated their big day by moving into their own home together!
  89. 89. Im sad to say that later that evening, the Grim Reaper came to collect Mark. He and Kea were romancing each other in the gameroom when the Hula Girls and Grimmy showed up to ruin the fun.
  90. 90. While Mark was saying goodbye to Kea upstairs, Rolfe wasdownstairs booking a vacation for himself and his chosen bride. He has two chemistry bolts for one date, and only one with the other. So Ive decided that this will be the deciding factor for his spouse.Its sad that Mark wont get to see his baby boys life play out as the heir.
  91. 91. Well Ill leave you on that note. Thank you so much for coming toread and I hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Come back next time to see who Rolfe has chosen for his spouse and to see how their lives play out together! Until then, Ilovereecee/Katie