The Last Hope: A Legacy - Chapter 1.2


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The Last Hope: A Legacy - Chapter 1.2

  1. 1. Hello, and welcome to chapter 1.2 of my legacy. It’s been… a very long time. If any of my old readers are still around, I’m sooo sorry about that super long hiatus. It was everything from computer problems to personal problems… but the point is, I’m back now, and I plan on continuing this legacy until the very end. So anyways… Please make sure you read both the prologue and the first chapter before this, or I can guarantee you will be very confused. Otherwise, please enjoy. >>>
  2. 2. Despite being dressed in a sweat suit and still living on a completely bare lot, the first thing Poppy did upon moving to the little town of Spring Valley was invite Chase over. He moved in with $12,000. Not that money was important to Poppy, but it would make things easier.
  3. 3. The couple wasted barely any time before getting married. Only after a quick shopping trip and a few phone calls, Poppy was walking down the aisle with a huge smile on her face.
  4. 4. The vows were sweet, and the love between the bride and groom was undeniable. A few short moments later, Chase Wilsonoff became Chase Estela.
  5. 5. ~~~ Chase Estela: Generation 1 Spouse 6/5/8/3/3 Fortune LTW: Earn $100,000 ~~~
  6. 6. “ Congratulations, Poppy,” Marie said as she hugged her friend. “And just so you know, I still hold myself responsible for you two.” Poppy laughed. “Thank you, Marie. For everything.”
  7. 7. Poppy had insisted on a small wedding, with maybe just Marie invited, and no dresses or wedding arcs or anything fancy. Chase wouldn’t have it, though. He got food and a bar and bought Poppy a beautiful wedding dress, saying that he wanted everything to be perfect on their day. But when it came down to it, it wasn’t any object that made this day absolutely perfect in Poppy’s eyes.
  8. 8. Although they both had to admit, the rented karaoke machine was a nice touch.
  9. 9. After the party was over and everyone went home, the newlyweds went inside their newly-built home for some… alone time. They needed a second generation, after all.
  10. 10. Poppy and Chase both had to find jobs to support themselves. Chase went into the Paranormal track, and he was already starting to do very well in it, earning promotions and building his way to that $100,000 he wanted to make.
  11. 11. Poppy, on the other hand, took a job in the natural science track, although it looked like she would soon be taking some time off of work.
  12. 12. And that was because Poppy was expecting their first child! Both of them couldn’t have been more excited as they looked into each other’s eyes and thought the same, wonderful thought. We’re going to be parents!
  13. 13. The pregnancy was hard on Poppy. She spent most of her time sleeping as she waited for the baby to come. Luckily, Chase was a very good husband, and he took care of everything around the house until the day came for the baby to arrive.
  14. 14. Poppy went into labor one night while Chase was at work. Poppy was terrified at the thought of going through this all alone, but she knew she had no choice. The baby was coming now.
  15. 15. When it was over, Poppy was looking into the big, blue eyes of a little red-headed baby girl. “ Hello,” Poppy cooed as she held her brand new daughter. “I’m your mommy. Welcome to the world, little Alexia.” Alexia was the name Poppy and Chase had agreed on if the baby was a girl, after the light witch who raised Poppy. It was a name that meant a lot to Poppy, and she was proud to give it to her daughter.
  16. 16. A few hours later, Chase came home from work. “Welcome home, Chase,” Poppy said. “Would you like to meet your daughter?”
  17. 17. ~~~
  18. 18. There were others who would’ve been less than pleased with the arrival of little Alexia. Irene had been in the human realm for a while now, but so far, she could find no trace of the elf. And to make things worse, the more time she spent here, the weaker her powers got. But she couldn’t go home yet. No, she couldn’t go home unless she bought some good news to Queen Theresa. So far, things were looking hopeless for Irene.
  19. 19. Suddenly she looked up and narrowed her eyes. She could sense something near… something strange. It felt like magic, but strangely… human. But that was impossible. Humans couldn’t have magic. Irene pulled out her wand. She didn’t like this.
  20. 20. It all happened in a blink of an eye. Something pounced at Irene, but she stood up and flicked her wand, throwing it back before it could get her. She blinked in surprise as she got a good look at her would-be attacker.
  21. 21. He had pale skin and eyes as red as blood. His mouth hung open in shock, and Irene could see two sharp fangs in his mouth. Although there was some human in him, there was also magic, a type of magic Irene had never seen before. “ What the hell are you?!” the man shouted at Irene with wide eyes. “ I might ask you the same question,” she replied.
  22. 22. The man stood up, moving much quicker than any human could. “I would think the fangs would give it away,” he said, smiling at her to reveal the said fangs. “ I’ve seen a lot of things with fangs,” Irene replied dryly. The man looked at her with a puzzled expression, and then he laughed. “Oh, come on, guess! Pale skin. Red eyes. Creature of the night. There’s a romance novel coming out about us every three seconds.” Irene raised an eyebrow at him. “ Blood-sucker,” he hinted, flashing his fangs again.
  23. 23. Suddenly understanding dawned on Irene. “You’re a vampire,” she said. “ That I am.” He gave a small bow. “William Davis, at your service.” Irene knew of the vampires. Centuries ago, they had lived in the magical world. Blood suckers, the ones who shunned the light and hunted in the night. They fought for power against the dark witches and warlocks, but they had lost, and most of them were killed. The remaining ones were banished to the human realm, were they were drank human blood and turned humans into their own kind. The vampire Irene was looking at was once a human, one of the rare humans to gain actual magical abilities.
  24. 24. Irene suddenly smiled as an idea popped into mind. Maybe not all hope was lost after all. “ William,” she said. “I have a little proposition for you.” ~~~
  25. 25. Back at the Estela household, it was already time for little Alexia to become a toddler. Poppy and Chase held a little celebration for their first child’s first birthday, a day they weren’t likely to forget.
  26. 26. Alexia grew up into a very adorable little toddler. Although she resembled her father very much, there were a few traces of her mom in her, including her eye shape. She did not have the elf ears. ~~~ Personality- 10/10/9/3/1 ~~~
  27. 27. Soon after Alexia’s birthday, Poppy starting feeling the nausea that could mean one of two things: either that salad they had for dinner last night was bad, or Alexia wasn’t going to be an only child for long.
  28. 28. The later turned out to be correct. Poppy was pregnant again. Although it was unexpected, she was pleased with the idea of another little one in the family.
  29. 29. Poppy bent down as Alexia wobbled over to her. “Hey, Alexia, how would you like a little brother or sister?” “ Sister!” Alexia repeated excitedly. Poppy laughed. “Maybe, Alexia. Maybe you’ll get a sister.”
  30. 30. Poppy and Chase were good parents, but with Poppy’s pregnancy and Chase’s work, they sometimes couldn’t give Alexia the attention they wanted to give her. That was perfectly alright with Alexia, though. She was already a very independent little girl, able to get her toys all by herself. Sometimes she just needed help getting back out of the toy box when she fell in.
  31. 31. They did try to spend as much time as they could with their eldest child, though. Never having known her own parents, Poppy felt it was the most important thing to have a good relationship with her children, and Chase agreed. In fact, they tended to spoiled her a bit, but hey, what can you do?
  32. 32. But Alexia would soon have to share her parents’ attention, because she wasn’t going to be an only child for much longer. Poppy couldn’t believe her luck when she went into labor once again while Chase was at work. And the second time wasn’t much easier than the first, either.
  33. 33. But she did just fine, and soon she was holding a little baby boy with the same coloring as his sister. She had just deemed him with the name Nathan when suddenly she felt the pains that told her this wasn’t over yet.
  34. 34. She quickly put Nathan down and in another moment, she was holding another baby, this time a blue eyed, blonde baby girl. “ Well, you were unexpected, but that’s okay with me,” Poppy said lovingly. “I’ll call you Abigail.”
  35. 35. Alexia couldn’t have been more excited by this turn of events. As far as she was concerned, her mommy had promised her a brother or sister, and she got both, so this was a good deal. Of course, they didn’t really do much, but she decided she liked them.
  36. 36. With two babies and a toddler in the house, Poppy and Chase were sort of relieved when it came time for Alexia to grow into a kid; one who could hopefully take care of herself just a little bit more.
  37. 37. Unsurprisingly, Alexia grew into a beautiful little girl. She had a nice combination of features from both her mom and dad.
  38. 38. The next day, she was ecstatic as she boarded the bus for her first day of school. She couldn’t wait to make some new friends…
  39. 39. However, when she got home, there was a noticeable difference in her attitude. Without a word to anyone, she got her homework done and began to play by herself. Poppy noticed this sudden change, and she decided to talk to her eldest daughter about it.
  40. 40. “ How was school today, Alexia?” Poppy asked at the dinner table. “ Fine,” Alexia muttered. Poppy opened her mouth to question her daughter, but just then the sound of a car outside told that Chase was home from work. Alexia took the chance to leave the table to greet him, leaving Poppy to wonder about the truth of her daughter’s words.
  41. 41. Poppy made a mental note to try and talk to Alexia again soon, but for now, it was time for the twin’s first birthday. Poppy and Chase both looked at each other across the table, mentally agreeing that their babies were growing up far too fast.
  42. 42. When Nathan grew up, there was no denying who he resembled. Although he had his dad’s hair and eyes, everything else seemed to come from his mom. He was the only out of his siblings to get the elf ear, which Poppy knew they’d have to cover. ~~~ Personality- 6/5/8/6/3 ~~~
  43. 43. Abigail seemed to be the complete opposite of her twin. She had her mother’s blonde hair, but nearly everything else came from Chase. ~~~ Personality- 3/6/7/3/7 ~~~
  44. 44. But regardless of which parent they resembled, the twins were both completely adorable and as close as could be, even for twins.
  45. 45. Meanwhile, school for Alexia just seemed to be getting worse and worse… She definitely had her mother’s brains, so grades wasn’t the problem. What she didn’t have is what she wanted most of all… a friend. Alexia just couldn’t understand it. She was extremely sociable and talked to nearly everyone, but she couldn’t seem to get along with anyone. She didn’t know why. She wasn’t the nicest kid at school, sure, but she wasn’t that horrible… Am I? she thought miserably.
  46. 46. And just then, just as she felt like she was going to cry, she was surprised to feel a drop of moisture on her nose that definitely wasn’t a tear. Up in the sky, she saw rain starting to pour down from dark clouds in what had just been a clear sky a moment ago. It was definitely odd, but she didn’t take much time to question it before running inside.
  47. 48. “ Hit the blue one. No, Abigail, the blue one. What, are you stupid or something?” “ Alexia, can I talk to you for a minute?” Gulping, Alexia looked over to see Poppy standing by the doorway, unable to tell how long she had been standing there. “Yes, mommy,” she said nervously.
  48. 49. “ I’m sorry for being mean to Abigail,” Alexia said quickly as soon as they sat down. “ Thank you for apologizing, but there’s actually something else I wanted to talk to you about.” “ Oh,” Alexia said, feeling slightly relieved. “What is it, Mommy?” “ You’ve seemed really upset lately. Is something going on at school?”
  49. 50. “ Um… not really,” Alexia said hesitantly. “ Alexia, please don’t lie to me,” Poppy said, speaking in that knowing tone that only moms could use. Alexia frowned. “ Okay, yes,” Alexia said sadly. “It’s just… I don’t have any friends. At all. I talk to everyone and try really, really hard… but nobody likes me…”
  50. 51. “ Oh, come here,” Poppy said softly, putting her arm around Alexia’s shoulder. “I find it very hard to believe that no one likes you. I happen to know that you are a very special little girl. Just give it some time and remember to always be yourself. You’ll make friends before you know it.” “ Really?” Alexia asked. “ Of course. And you always have Nathan and Abigail, and me and your dad, and we will always love you no matter what.” Alexia smiled, immediately feeling better at her mother’s words.
  51. 52. And just then, unnoticeable to anyone in the Estela household, the rain stopped. The dark sky cleared in an instant, leaving not even a single cloud in the sky…
  52. 53. Although she still wasn’t having much luck making friends at school, Alexia spent a remarkable amount of time playing with Nathan and Abigail, both of whom worshiped the ground their big sister walked on. “ Peek-a-boo!” Alexia shouted, resulting in a burst of giggles from Abigail. “ Again, ‘Lexia!” cried Abigail. “Again, again, again!” “ You know, it really isn’t that exciting of a game,” Alexia said matter-of-factly, but then she smiled and covered her eyes again. Sometimes she had an odd way of showing it, but she adored her little siblings… even if sometimes she wished they would just get bigger so they’d be more fun to play with.
  53. 54. Alexia wish was soon to come true, though, because it was time yet again for a birthday in the Estela household.
  54. 55. As soon the twins grew up, they all went outside to play. Of course, it was nighttime in the middle of fall and far too cold for them to be throwing water balloons around, so Poppy quickly called them back inside. Still, when you’re a child, it doesn’t take that long to make memories.
  55. 56. It was plain to see that Nathan and Abigail, despite being extremely close, were as different as could be. Their tastes differed so much, in fact, that eventually they had to split their room so they could each decorate it the way they wanted.
  56. 57. Their children were growing up fast, and Chase and Poppy were finding that they always seemed to be busy with being parents and working to support their family. They wouldn’t have had it any other way, though. They loved their children, and they loved each other, probably even more than they had back in their college days. For them, life just seemed to be perfect right now. But there still was, of course, that one big problem that Poppy knew would never go away, and she realized now that the children were old enough to know.
  57. 58. So the next morning, Poppy and Chase sat their children down and told them everything. Poppy told them about Alexia and the witches that were after them, mainly Irene and Queen Theresa. She tried her hardest to tell it in a way that wouldn’t scare them, but at the same time, they deserved to know everything about who they were and the dangers they could face because of it.
  58. 59. “ So is that why you and me have pointy ears, Mommy?” Nathan asked. “ Yes, and we have to be extremely careful to cover them, for the sake of our lives and many others.”
  59. 60. The three siblings looked across the table at each other, eyes wide as they absorbed the truth of who they were and what that meant. Suddenly, everything they ever knew had changed…
  60. 61. “ No, Nathan!” Abigail said one day as the twins were playing a clapping game outside. “It’s left hand, right hand, and then clap. Ugh…” She sighed and looked over at Alexia. “You wanna play?” she asked. “ Not right now,” Alexia murmured.
  61. 62. Alexia looked don’t at the ground, eyebrows furrowed. How could the twins could just sit there and play? The fate of a whole world relied on them. She felt like they should be doing… something. She just didn’t know what.
  62. 63. “ Chase, I’m worried about Alexia.” Chase looked over at his wife with a frown. “Why is that?” “ Ever since we told them she’s been acting so different. So serious all the time… Nathan and Abigail have been acting a little different too, of course, but Alexia’s taken it the hardest… I don’t know. Maybe we should have waited longer to tell them.”
  63. 64. “ Give the kids some credit, Poppy,” Chase said, squeezing her shoulder lightly. “They’re old enough to know, and I think you told them at the right time. And don’t worry too much about Alexia. She’s a serious girl; it’s just who she is. Give her some time to adjust. Don’t you remember how you felt when you found out about who you are?” Poppy gave a soft sigh. “Yeah. That’s why I’m worried…”
  64. 65. “ Don’t be,” Chase said, pulling Poppy up onto his lap. “You are a great mother and our children are wonderful. Alexia will be okay, Nathan and Abigail will be okay, everything will be fine.” Poppy smiled at him. “You’re right,” she said softly. “Everything will be fine…” ~~~
  65. 66. The women’s red eyes were dark and cold as she stared down at the floor in front of her. The basement she sat in was black as night, and the walls and floor around her were cold as ice. But it didn’t matter. It’d been a long time since she’d been able to feel the cold… Suddenly, she heard the sound of a door opening and looked up.
  66. 67. “ You’re back early, William,” she said, her voice soft and airy. “How was your hunt?” “ I didn’t actually get to much hunting,” William replied. “But I did meet someone… quite interesting.”
  67. 68. “ What do you mean?” William knelt down beside her, a wicked grin spread upon his face. “Emily, you are not going to believe this…” >>>
  68. 69. And here I leave you with a completely adorable picture of Alexia! (Who is totally not my favorite of the generation 2 kids. I don’t pick favorites. What would give you an idea like that?) But anyways, thanks so much for reading (if there’s anyone reading), and I hope you enjoyed. And I super pinky promise that the next chapter won’t take anywhere near as long as this one did. (Considering this one took, like… more than 6 months… yeah…) See you next time! -Kaylyn