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Hues Legacy Chapter 7


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Published in: Self Improvement
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Hues Legacy Chapter 7

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Hues Legacy, a color-themed joint legacy betweenHaleigh/meadowthayer and me, Roxanne/Taube. When we left off, thespares had gotten married and started their life, and Rose had returnedhome from college. She arrived, still fuming about the burglary, to find herparents excitedly studying parenting and stuff in preparation for her kids.Just the kind of thing a romance sim loves to see, lol.
  2. 2. As a welcome home present, the Hues buy a new pool table fortheir living room, and it immediately sees use as Lilly, Sky, and Rosejump into a game. Jim is needed for moving in and marriagepurposes, but, like last chapter, he has to come over on a three-dayvisit and Rose has to wait until the next morning for him to arrive,leaving her time to play with her parents.
  3. 3. A gray morning arrives, as does Jim, and Rose goes to greet him inwhat might be the least private reunion ever. So much for a littlealone time – not with townies and NPCs swarming the lawn.
  4. 4. And here’s Jim after his move-in and makeover. He’s quite cute, Ihave to say. Jim is a romance/fortune sim with a personality of2/7/2/6/7. He’s a slob, just like I noticed from his eating habits, buthe’s also quite lazy which is a problem since his LTW is to be a Hall ofFamer. You’re going to have to be at least a little active to get there,Jim. Luckily, he seems to be over his furiousness with Rose althoughhe’s still furious at the cow.
  5. 5. Speaking of makeovers, here’s a minor one for Rose’s big day. Just anupdo and a veil. Rose is romance/family but she never rolls any familywants, so the wedding is timed based on neither Rose nor Jim fearingit. So romantic. Rose, you may or may not remember, is extremelyneat, with a personality of 10/4/10/1/9. Hopefully the kids will get herneat gene. She wants to be Captain Hero.
  6. 6. The guests of course include Rose’sthree siblings, Red, Olive, andCarmine. Also invited are Molly,Carmine’s wife, and Julie, a collegestudent, who are the only two friendsRose has that she hasn’t slept with.The cow also shows up to crash theparty but is swiftly turned away by Skybefore anything annoying can happen.
  7. 7. Rose works out her pre-wedding jitters by jamming in the playroom. I’veused pics of her rocking out to her mp3 player on the covers, but Ihaven’t mentioned until now how much she loves it. She loves it a lot,you guys. I’m glad I bought it for her because it’s really amusing to seeher rocking out, especially in a wedding dress, and it makes for nice coverpictures when she’s outside. Rose will start her walk to the altar from uphere to give the guests more time to get seated.
  8. 8. Despite the extra time, Carmine is still busily vying for Olive’s seat, butRose walks down the aisle nonetheless. Her parents are in the frontrow, overjoyed to see their daughter settling down. Family sim Sky isespecially pleased with the day’s proceedings.
  9. 9. It’s a small, quiet wedding, but thecouple looks beautiful and they saytheir vows with glee. With a finalkiss, I present to you: Mr. and Mrs.Hues.
  10. 10. The party centers around the stereo and the pool table, but Skyand Lilly only have eyes for each other. They’re really a sweetcouple.
  11. 11. Missing from the party are Jim and Rose, who decided to spendsome private time alone upstairs. I decided not to send them on avacation this time, so they’ll have to find their post-wedding funsome other way. ;)
  12. 12. Later, after the party is over, Jimmakes the egregious mistake ofbragging loudly about woohoo toRose’s father, of all people. Todistract himself from Jim’s crudecomments, Sky heads outside tocuddle with Lilly, as is traditionfor the Hues couples.
  13. 13. The cow showed up again long after the party is over. She’s furiouswith Jim for slapping her, and she shows up at the house to kick overthe garbage or whatever but ends up inviting herself in instead. It’squite annoying. Lilly looks thrilled to be telling the cow off, doesn’tshe?
  14. 14. Meanwhile, trouble of a different kind is brewing inside. Sinjin ison a rampage. When I was doing a little redecorating of thehouse, I stupidly sold Sky and Lilly’s bed, which turned out to bethe one Neon and Sinjin claim as their own, so the ghosts aremad now. I don’t really have a good excuse for that. You’d thinkI’d know better by now, but apparently not.
  15. 15. Really? Really?! After 3 ½ years of Jim doing this in college, we’regoing to be treated to the cow continuing the furiousness? I mean, Idon’t care about the newspaper because no one ever uses it, but shebetter stay away from the trash can is what I’m saying.
  16. 16. A few days after the wedding, Jim heads off to his first day atthe bottom of the athletic career ladder and Rose waltzesaround with a little bump. Looks like the next generation isdue soon!
  17. 17. Rose learned to hula from Jim, and like Olive andsmustling, she wakes up every morning wanting to hula.Especially now that’s she pregnant, it seems to be her favoriteactivity. Jim works on a different kind of dance as he has veryfew skills and needs lots of body points and good fitness toget to be a Hall of Famer.
  18. 18. Another pop! The first kid of generation four is on his or her way!
  19. 19. This calls for more pregnant hula dancing. This time Jim joins intoo, first thing in the morning. Rose is hilarious dancing aroundwith her big belly.
  20. 20. Rose goes into labor one nightwhile the whole family isgathered around. And yes, thatsecond pic is a hand-off. Rose isthe third of her generation tohave natural twins. It’s funnybecause Rose is one of triplets,as is her father. I guess multiplesreally run in this family.
  21. 21. Rose and Jim welcome a little girland a little boy into the family. Inhonor of her sister, Rose is namingall her kids something green. Thelittle girl with Rose’s eyes and Jim’sskin is Emerald. Baby boy Forest hasJim’s eyes and S3 skin. Both twinshave Rose’s brown hair. I’m reallyexcited that we got the eyes rightaway.
  22. 22. Right after giving birth and putting her new daughter in her crib, Rosewanders outside to the telescope and is almost immediately abducted.This is bitterly amusing to me because I am trying to get a male simabducted in a different family as I write this, and I just cannot get him tobe abducted, but the one night someone uses the usually-abandonedtelescope, she instantly gets abducted. Whatever, game. Whatever.
  23. 23. “You poor little babies. Brandnew to the world and where isyour mommy? No one knows.You’d think she’d show a littlemore commitment to her newchildren. Geez.”“Huh, I wonder where Rose is.I’ve been wandering around thehouse for like an hour wanting tomake out with her but I can’t findher anywhere. Where did that girlget off to?”
  24. 24. The mystery is solved when Rose is unceremoniouslyreturned home later that night. Her family isappropriately shocked and upset, but Rose takes it instride. She never even cried about her abduction once.
  25. 25. Once Rose actually has a chanceto meet her children properly,she gets on fine with them. Shenever rolled wants forengagement or marriage, butshe rolls all kinds of wants forher babies. I guess being amother really brought out hersecondary aspiration after all.She even made best friends withForest while he was still a baby!
  26. 26. It’s a good thing Rose seems to enjoy being a mother, because itlooks like she has another one on the way.
  27. 27. “Oh hey, Olive. How’re the kids? Yeah, mine are good. Emerald andForest. Named them after your color just like I said I would. By the way,you really should apologize to Dad sometime for the circumstancessurrounding your birth. I suddenly have a new appreciation for whatgoes on in the skies at night and it is not pretty.”
  28. 28. I tried to line up a nice birthday picfor the twins, but Rose had to goand drop Forest so that she couldannounce her pregnancy.With that out of the way, thebirthday can proceed, but now thetiming’s off. Oh well.
  29. 29. Before she can get a makeover, Emerald crawls off to dance to thestereo. I love this. It is so cute.
  30. 30. Here’s Emerald and Forest. Emeraldhas really small lips, but is otherwisepretty cute. Forest is handsome. I’mhappy with both of them.Emerald and Forest are both slobslike their father. In fact, Emerald’spersonality differs from Jim’s by onepoint. She is 2/8/2/6/7. Forest ismuch meaner but also more active– his personality is 2/7/9/6/1.
  31. 31. Sky is delighted to be getting another grandchild. As a family sim, hejust keeps rolling those wants over and over and over.
  32. 32. Ugh! Jim is needing to study several different skills to keep up withpromotions in the athletic field, and every time he switches, he just laysthe book on the floor instead of taking it to the bookcase. If it’s a nightwhere he’s doing a lot of studying, the room ends up looking like this.
  33. 33. There’s plenty of friend-making going on in the house.Emerald and Forest are best friends quickly, and Rose issoon best friends with both her children. Jim followed suitas well.
  34. 34. Teaching the toddlers their skills isa family effort, except for Jim, whohas to work. Rose, despite beingpregnant, works tirelessly to makesure her kids have a goodupbringing. Sky and Lilly are happyto help too.
  35. 35. Because it’s just the two of them while we’re waiting for babynumber 3, Emerald and Forest even have time to learn anursery rhyme. They love singing it with their dad when he’shome from work.
  36. 36. Jim doesn’t have a secondary familyaspiration like Rose, and it shows.However, he’ll happily interact withthem when directed to. He just won’tdo it on his own.“Why are you so unhappy, Emerald?We’re best friends.”“I don’t care, Daddy! Put me to bedlike five minutes ago!”“Thank God you’re a quiet one,Forest. Girls, am I right?”Oh, Jim. What you lack inparenting and insight you makeup for in cute genes.
  37. 37. Rose goes into labor while she and Jim are making out in back of thehouse. They make out all over the house, but for some reasondecided to go out back for it this time.
  38. 38. Rose gives birth to another little boy, and immediately dumps him onthe ground. Hand-off? Nope. Just tired of holding him, I guess.
  39. 39. “Grandpa Sky to the rescue!”Thanks, Sky. Good to see someone’s looking out for thenewborn. The newest member of the family is namedShamrock, has Rose’s S1 skin and Jim’s light blue eyes. Plus,he’s blond! Yay for recessive genes! Boo for no rainbow eyes!
  40. 40. Both Emerald and Forest kept rolling wants for mechanicalskills, so I let them keep playing at the table and they bothmaximized their skill the night before their birthday, Emeralda little later than Forest.
  41. 41. Birthday time has arrived. It’stime for Emerald and Forest tobecome children. Jim is soexcited that Emerald has time togrow up, change, get a piece ofcake, and Jim is still blowing hishorn, lol.
  42. 42. Here’s Emerald and Forest as children. Emerald is still cutebut Forest is a real looker. I think he’s got the best parts ofboth his parents, except for having the eyes, of course.
  43. 43. Rose pops right after the birthday,announcing her third and finalpregnancy. We decided to give itone more try for the eyes so wemight have a choice. The news thatshe is pregnant again is greeted bySky with joy and by Rose with huladancing.
  44. 44. Soooo . . . nothing interesting happened between the birthdayand Shamrock growing up a day or two later, so here we are atanother birthday. Lilly is getting quite old so she gets to bringher youngest grandson to the cake.
  45. 45. How freaking cute is this kid? Shamrock is on my list of all-time favoritetoddlers. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I am just in love with hislittle face. I wish so hard that he had the eyes. Like his older siblings,Shamrock is also messy but has fairly high points in everything else. Hispersonality is 3/7/10/6/7.
  46. 46. Now that Emerald and Forest are children and Jim’s still working onpromotions, there’s three slobs studying in the house. The maidspends half her time putting books away.
  47. 47. Rose, Sky, and Lilly once again rallyto teach the little one his skills.Shamrock’s first word was‘Grandma.’ Adorable.
  48. 48. Sky and Lilly are very engaged grandparents. Besides helping toteach skills, they also spend time socializing with Shamrockover the bunny head and take turns cooing over Rose’s belly.
  49. 49. More friendship building. Jimtakes a bit longer to makefriends with the kids becausehe’s usually working, studying,or working out, but he doesget there. Emerald and Foresttake turns at the table gettingto know their little brother aswell.
  50. 50. So . . . disturbing glitch or super disturbing glitch? For some reason, ifsomeone does something in this bathroom and then has getting in to bedas the next action, they’ll climb into an invisible bed before teleporting totheir real bed, which is fine, not a big deal, until Sky had to come andcomplicate the picture by er, leaving his mark, so to speak.
  51. 51. “Oh my god, I’m going into laboragain and it hurts! But even worse,my parents are here and I’m innaught but my undies!”Should have thought of that beforeyou woohooed last night, Rose.Baby number four is a little boynamed Lime, with brown hair, S1,and the rainbow eyes! Hurray! I waskind of hoping he would be S2 sowe’d have one kid of each color, butI’m quite happy to take just therainbow eyes instead. Now Haleighand I have a choice for heir.
  52. 52. Can you believe Rose has never been to work before? She got her jobsometime during her first pregnancy and has been pregnant or onmaternity leave ever since. Now that she’s done having children she canfinally go in and get that promotion that will make her permaplatinum.
  53. 53. “What’s that you say? Why are these completely extraneouspictures with no relevant story attached in here? Why justsome random pictures of moi? Because I’m adorable, duh.”
  54. 54. Rose gets her promotion to CaptainHero and the sweet, sweet rewardpoints and permaplat status that gowith it. It’s about time.Meanwhile, Jim too is gettingclose to fulfilling his LTW bybecoming a Hall of Famer. He’shad to do a lot of studying sincehe came with hardly any skills.On the plus side, it means hecan spend some time with hisoldest kids while they study too.
  55. 55. Rose celebrates her promotion by heading up to the playroomand rocking out. This girl loves her mp3 player.
  56. 56. Double birthday! Both Shamrock and Lime are growing up today.
  57. 57. Shamrock is still adorable and stillmy favorite, although not eligiblefor heirship. But he’s so cute!Lime is pretty darn cute himself. Hetakes after Rose a lot, including beingthe first and only kid to be neat, andvery neat at that. Lime’s personalityis 10/7/10/1/7. Great personality.
  58. 58. Lime is like Rose’s little gender-swapped mini-me. Like Emerald andJim, Rose and Lime have extremely similar personalities. I put thesame freckles on his nose that Rose has so they would be even morealike.
  59. 59. Now that he’s a big boy, Shamrock can join in with his sister andbrother. That means studying on the couch with dad and playingin the morning before school starts. Forest isn’t allowed to playPunch You Punch Me though because he always slugs everyone.It’s the mean sim in him. Shamrock and Emerald behavethemselves, though.
  60. 60. Lilly’s bar has the barest little sliverof life left, and she rolls wants toteach Lime all of his skills, so shedoes so over the course of the nextday and a half. Lime becomes bestfriends with Lilly over all this bondingtime.
  61. 61. Jim has finally become a Hall of Famer! It took him a lot of work to reachthe top, so it’s even sweeter than Rose’s permaplat. Now all the adults inthe house are permaplat and they can focus purely on raising the kidsinstead of raising their mood.
  62. 62. Shamrock gets initiated in some of the other rites ofchildhood, including learning to study and get along with hisyounger brother.
  63. 63. Lilly’s time has finally come. She liveda full life and left five children (plusone alien step-child) and manygrandchildren.The loss is devastating to thefamily. Everyone was close withLilly, but it’s especially tough onSky, who feared her death. Hetakes a heavy hit of aspirationpoints.
  64. 64. As does poor little Lime, who lost his best friend. It’s the night beforehis birthday and he’s now in aspiration failure. What a sad state, butthat’s where we’ll leave it this time. To find out how the family willcontinue on after this loss, and see how the two potential heirs growup, check back next time and check in with us at SiMania!