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Cell analogy project


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Analogy Project for Cell Parts and their function

Published in: Education
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Cell analogy project

  1. 1. Cell Analogy Project Biology Mrs. Neistadt
  2. 2. A Cell as a City
  3. 3. City- Cell Analogy ChartCity Organizatio n Cell Part How it worksCity Hall Nucleus Controls the activities of the cellConstruction site Ribosomes Creates new materials (proteins)Transport Company Endoplasmic Reticulum Moves materials throughout the cellWaste Disposal Breaks down material to move it out of Co Lysosome the cellPower Plant Mitochondria Creates energy for the cellStorage Tanks Vacuoles Holds water for the cell (plant cells)Food Processing Makes food for the cell through Plant Chloroplasts photosynthesisCity Wall/ Cell membrane and/or cell Fencing wall Protects the cell and controls what comes in and out of the cell
  4. 4. Create your own Cell Analogy1. On paper draw your idea for a cell analogy2. Complete the chart that lists your idea with the appropriate cell parts and how they work3. You may work with a group of 2-34. NO two groups can have the same analogy*You cannot use the city idea!• Group Responsibilities:• Art Director: Responsible for the poster: neatness, design, use of pictures, color.• Data Technician: Responsible for making sure the chart is filled in completely and accurately• Cell Consultant: Responsible for making sure the idea works, that all the cell parts are accurately used in the analogy, everything makes sense.