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Leveraging the Learning Ecosystem

People are choosing to learn in different ways from a much more diverse range of sources. Meanwhile, most L&D infrastructure is still geared for the same old thing – managing formal training. This webinar deck covers:
- What the wisdom of the crowd can teach L&D professionals about learning
- 3 ways to reconnect L&D’s requirements to learners’ expectations
- How to leverage the new learning ecosystem to make L&D more efficient, effective and agile

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Leveraging the Learning Ecosystem

  1. Leverage the New Learning Ecosystem Todd Tauber | VP Product Marketing @toddtauber @degreed 23 June 2015
  2. Agenda 30 mins: Leverage the New Learning Ecosystem 1 What learners can teach L&D about learning 2 Connecting L&D requirements to learners 3 How to leverage the entire learning ecosystem
  3. What learners can teach L&D about learning 1
  4. Learners make their own choices now Workers spend 14+ hours each month learning on their own… …but just 2 to 3 hours per month learning at the direction of L&D or HR Source: Degreed, Bring Your Own Learning, 3/2015 Question: How many hours per month do you spend learning at your own direction / at the direction of your L&D or HR department? 1 14.4 2.7
  5. Learners need faster, easier answers 12% 42% 69% Google it and read or watch what I find Seek out a course on my own Ask L&D or HR for resources 1 Source: Degreed, Bring Your Own Learning, 3/2015 Question: When you need to learn something to be successful at your job, which of the following are you most likely to do?
  6. Learners want more diverse options Courses ResourcesInteractionsExperiences Only 23%of workers say they have completed a course – of any kind – in the last two years… …but 70%+have learned something for their job from an article, a video or a book in the last 24 hours. + + + 1 Source: Degreed, The Importance of Informal Learning, 7/2014
  7. Learners expect to leverage the entire learning ecosystem 5% 12% 34% 18% 32% Formal Training Informal Learning 1 Source: Degreed, The Importance of Informal Learning, 7/2014 Question: How much of what you learn for work comes from formal training vs informal learning?
  8. L&D professionals have a choice: Try to change everyone else’s preferences and habits or change how enterprise learning works. Takeaway #1
  9. Connecting L&D requirements to learners 2
  10. Put learners’ priorities first2 Learners want to… so does L&D need to… orSolve Find Access Value Create Manage Control Track Assemble Empower Enable Guide or or or ? ? ? ? Source: Degreed, 2015
  11. Investments follow priorities 83% 71% 68% 23% 40% 5% 36% 16% LMS Virtual classroom Knowledge mgmt Talent mgmt Social network Social learning Media libraries Video mgmt 2 Training Experiential Social On-demand> > > Source: Bersin by Deloitte, Rethinking L&D: Enterprise Learning Trends 2015, 12/2014 Question: Which of the following learning technologies is your organization investing in?
  12. Say “Hello” to the whole learning ecosystem 2 Source: Degreed, 2015
  13. There are three ways to connect L&D requirements with learner expectations: Priorities, investments, and methods. Takeaway #2
  14. How to Leverage the Entire Learning Ecosystem 3
  15. Embrace ALL content sources and formats Internally created Custom developed Off-the- shelf User- generated Open source + + + + 3 Source: Degreed, 2015
  16. Build, buy…and crowdsource, curate, and assemble 3 hangouts Word Top 25 Tools for Learning LMS Enterprise learning solutionSource: C4LPT, 2014 Top 100 Tools for Learning, 9/2014
  17. Track, recognize and value all kinds of learning 3 150+ ~1 million 4 million 10 million 3 billion 5 million Adopters Profiles OpenBadges Projects Repositories Endorsements Source:, Who’s using the Tin Can API?, 6/2015; Degreed internal data, 6/2015; SkilledUp, Do Open Badges Matter To Employers Or Admissions Officers?, 7/2014; Behance, 6/2015; GitHub, 6/2016; Forbes, Memo To LinkedIn: Please Fix Endorsements, 2/2014
  18. New ways of learning demand different kinds of infrastructure. Content, tools and systems that empower as well as manage. Takeaway #3
  19. About Degreed Degreed is the world’s first continuous learning platform. We make it easy for organizations and their people to discover, curate and track all learning.
  20. Go to and start tracking ALL your learning. Get credit for this webinar.
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