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Be a social CEO. Share your stories on Linkedin.

Be a social CEO. Share your stories online. Your customers spend more time online. They want to connect with a company that has a human face.

Go online, do like Branson. Share your stories on Linkedin. Connect with your fans. Attract more business.

Be a social CEO. Share your stories on Linkedin.

  1. 1. Be a Social CEO! Share your stories. Just like Branson.
  2. 2. How does your company connect with your customers online?
  3. 3. Social media is the most direct and authentic voice executives can own, and yet they hand it off as an after-thought. Carmine Gallo
  4. 4. Do you know this guy?
  5. 5. What does Richard Branson do?
  6. 6. On Linkedin, he shares stories about: Virgin, Leadership, Communication, Customer Service, Branding, Technology, and Innovation.
  7. 7. Branson has 12,000,000 followers on Linkedin. (Yes, 12 million people follow Branson)
  8. 8. Branson puts a face on Virgin. He makes Virgin human.
  9. 9. So what?
  10. 10. Virgin has more fans. They are not only buying Virgin. They are buying Branson.
  11. 11. But you will say…
  12. 12. I am not Branson.
  13. 13. I will never be.
  14. 14. That is true.
  15. 15. But how about this guy?
  16. 16. Andy Barratt Chairman & MD of Ford UK
  17. 17. Barratt is also active on LinkedIn.
  18. 18. Number of followers is not 12,000,000
  19. 19. Number of followers is 12,000
  20. 20. That is still a lot.
  21. 21. If you have a few hundred or a few thousand followers on any of your social media platforms, there's no excuse not to have frequent conversations. Carmine Gallo
  22. 22. Barratt also shares stories.
  23. 23. He talks about…
  24. 24. Ford cars
  25. 25. Ford colleagues
  26. 26. Ford customers
  27. 27. And he helps upset customers…
  28. 28. So what?
  29. 29. Barratt makes Ford look great. He makes his people look great. He makes his customers look great.
  30. 30. Barratt puts a face on Ford UK. He makes Ford UK human.
  31. 31. I don't live in the UK, but if I did I would go to the local Ford dealer to buy a car. Just because of Andy Barratt.
  32. 32. So what?
  33. 33. Today, your customers spent a lot more time online!
  34. 34. This is where professionals connect.
  35. 35. Most CEOs still resist being active online. They resist telling stories.
  36. 36. But your customers want to connect with humans, not companies.
  37. 37. If you spend more time sharing stories, you will win more hearts. Tomas Bay @coachbay
  38. 38. You will attract more people.
  39. 39. You will make more money.
  40. 40. 77 percent of consumers said they would buy more from their favorite brands if the company’s CEO was tweeting. Sprout Social
  41. 41. So what about YOU?
  42. 42. You can be Barratt...
  43. 43. Get started!
  44. 44. Commit to three stories.
  45. 45. Colleagues Customers Company Topics
  46. 46. Write and post.
  47. 47. Be a Social CEO! Share your stories. Just like Branson. Just like Barratt.
  48. 48. Tomas Bay @coachbay Created by Tomas Bay @coachbay