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Agile enterprise - Reinventing organizations


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We present an alternative view to fitting Agile into larger organizations. Inspired by Fred Laloux' book "Reinventing Organizations", we offer a coherent and comprehensive model for organizational development which encompasses the past and guides us into the future. Agile finds its place in these concepts, and becomes a means to move between the model's stages.

As a leader in an organization on its agile journey, you'll notice that increasing agility struggles with existing organizational structures, governance systems and management expectations. We've understood for a while that the prevalent ways of how we run organizations are not compatible with Agile. We've tried to package Agile in a way that makes sense to people in organizations working the classical way.

Learn what's new and essential about this model: the idea of organizational models developing with the evolution of human consciousness, progressing in clear stages. Now being a time where a new organizational model is emerging, and what that looks like. Learn how self-management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose shape organizations where agile will flourish and which agile can help bring about.

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Agile enterprise - Reinventing organizations

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