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JJ Lassberg
JJ LassbergModern Marketing Guide at
Fundraising through the Power of Story,[object Object],Leveraging Social Media to Connect and Prosper,[object Object],,[object Object]
What we’ll talk about...,[object Object],Tying traditional strategy and new tools together,[object Object],The Future is Social,[object Object],Tapping into Human Motivation,[object Object],Social Media Success,[object Object],Social Media Tools,[object Object],Online Fundraising Tools,[object Object],http://,[object Object]
Humans Want to Meaningfully Connect,[object Object],Traditional to Social,[object Object],,[object Object]
Advantages of Social Media	,[object Object],[object Object]
Talk is Cheap
Serendipity is Enhanced
Reciprocity is Easy,[object Object]
It’s More Important Than Ever,[object Object],Use all the Help You Can Get,[object Object],Working alone cuts creativity & ingenuity,[object Object],Involvement  = Improvement,[object Object],,[object Object]
Enormous generation of young people that expect a culture of openness and connectedness AND pose an incredible opportunity,[object Object],,[object Object],[object Object],Giving What They Have to Give,[object Object]
Networked Nonprofits: Free Agents,[object Object],[object Object]
The tools allow them to be powerful forces of change
Networked Nonprofits don’t bristle at their involvement or power… they harness them and leave the welcome light on. ,[object Object]
It’s Not the Social Media Gadgets,[object Object]
It’s the Social Engagement,[object Object],,[object Object]
Storytelling… Makes the Emotional Connection,[object Object]
It’s a Conversation with real Human Beings.,[object Object]
Social Funding - Nonprofit Social Media Fundraising
How Do You Want to Make the World a Better Place?,[object Object],Tell Your Story Online,[object Object]
Tap into the 3 Motivations of Humans ,[object Object],,[object Object]
A rubber raft…in the middle of the ocean?,[object Object],http://,[object Object]
A rubber raft…in the middle of the ocean!,[object Object],,[object Object]
Speak to Your Donor’s Motivations,[object Object], Material,[object Object], Social,[object Object], Ideological ,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object]
3 Motivations: Material ,[object Object],Cash,[object Object],Discounts,[object Object],Volunteers get free admission,[object Object],Backstage Access,[object Object],Linkbacksto their site,[object Object],Promotion,[object Object],,[object Object]
3 Motivations: Social ,[object Object],Networking,[object Object],Socialization, Relationships,[object Object],Identity, Status,[object Object],Sex,[object Object],Organized Religion,[object Object],Some politics,[object Object],Achievement,[object Object],Self-esteem,[object Object],Promotion,[object Object],,[object Object]
3 Motivations: Ideological,[object Object],Belief in a cause,[object Object],Long-term political goal,[object Object],Religious / spiritual,[object Object],Self-actualization,[object Object],Art,[object Object],Julia Butterfly Hill: Lived in a roughly 1500-year-old California Redwood tree for 738 days.,[object Object],,[object Object],[object Object],[object Object]
Hand-Up Not Hand-Out
Gifts of Livestock & Training
“Living Loans”Heifer International,[object Object]
I’m Giving You aLlama for Christmas,[object Object],Honor a WiLD Woman in Your Life,[object Object],Wedding Registry,[object Object],Material Motivation: Gift for Good,[object Object]
Strong outreach to large social networks,[object Object],Give all the collateral away ,[object Object],Team Heifer,[object Object],Easy Tell A FriendFunctionality,[object Object],Social Motivation: Friend Your Cause,[object Object]
Real People – Real Stories,[object Object],Social Media focused on the Story,[object Object],Appeal to globally minded - long-term development, rather than short-term relief. ,[object Object],Ideological Motivation: The Story Behind the Cause,[object Object]
Social Media Success: What Works Best,[object Object],,[object Object]
Where Social Media Works,[object Object],Support Multichannel Giving Campaign,[object Object],Communicate Directly to the Recipient,[object Object],[object Object],Saying Thanks ,[object Object],Currency of Karma,[object Object]
Where We See the Stats Spike,[object Object],Contests,[object Object],Events,[object Object],Campaigns,[object Object]
Photos, Photos, Photos & More Photos,[object Object],,[object Object]
Social MediaTools,[object Object]
Strategy: More Social Than Media,[object Object],Focus on the Conversation,[object Object],Success is Telling the Story,[object Object],Build strong, long term relationships,[object Object],What’s the Hashtag? #CampForAllCon,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object]
Example: To Write Love on Her Arms,[object Object]
Blog: Storybook, Interact, Lead the Conversation,[object Object]
Facebook: Grow Your Base, 600+ Million, Engage Fans ,[object Object]
Twitter: Share Knowledge, Promote Others, Say Thanx!,[object Object]
Flickr: Share Triumphs & Challenges, Visualize the Story ,[object Object]
YouTube: Humanize, Validate, MotivateNPOs can participate in special YouTube programs:,[object Object]
Online FundraisingTools,[object Object],,[object Object]
Chipin: Fast & easy, track-able online giving,[object Object],,[object Object],,[object Object]
Facebook Causes: Central Point for your NPO,[object Object]
Firstgiving: Free Online Fundraising Pages,[object Object]
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Social Funding - Nonprofit Social Media Fundraising