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Social Media Strategies and Tactics for Fundraising


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Learn the key to raising money online using social media, the tools and techniques you need to successfully execute social fundraising campaigns, and how to focus on long term donor cultivation - Social CRM.

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Social Media Strategies and Tactics for Fundraising

  1. Thursday, June 09, 2011 - 1:00 - 4:00 PM (ET) - New York, NY<br />#socialgiving<br />Social Media Strategies & Tactics for Fundraising<br />
  2. Amy Sample Ward<br />NTEN<br />@amyrsward<br />Speakers/Facilitators<br />Stacey Monk<br />Epic Change<br />@staceymonk<br />David J. Neff<br />Lights.Camera.Help.<br />@daveiam<br />
<br /> Frank Barry<br /><br />@franswaa<br />
  3. If you’re tweeting:<br />#socialgiving<br />
  4. How to put storytelling at the core of your social fundraising efforts<br />How to integrate social media as a part of your multichannel fundraising efforts<br />How to build your database/CRM with information from the social web<br />What’s you’ll Learn Today<br />
  5. THE STATE OF SOCIAL MEDIA<br />Usage data for the big 3<br />
  6. 42<br />% of people in America use Facebook<br />Over 600 M users.<br />That’s 1 out of every 13 people on the planet<br /><br />
  7. 35<br />Hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute<br />
  8. 16<br />Million people around the world use Twitter<br />
  9. What about Nonprofits?<br />Data from over 11,000 respondents<br />
  10. 92%<br />Heading in to 2011 most nonprofits (92%), regardless of organization size are using at least one social network like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.<br />
  11. Nonprofit Usage …<br />
  12. 84% spend under $10K<br />Nonprofit Budgeting<br />
  13. 86% allocate less than a half of a staff resource<br />Nonprofit Staffing<br />
  14. Fundraising has yet to take off for most …<br />Less than 5% have raised more than $10K<br />
  15. But … There’s hope …<br />And a lot of great examples to learn from<br />
  16. LiveStrong: Fatcyclist135k in 7 days<br />
  17. EPIC CHANGE: TO MAMA WITH LOVE30k in 4 days<br />
  18. Mobile Loaves and Fishes: I am Here15k in 4 days<br />
  19. CHARITY WATER: Twestival250k in 7 days<br /><br />
  20. It CAN work if done right …<br />Storytelling<br />Movement Building<br />Connecting Cultivating<br />Social CRM<br />
  21. share your big idea.<br />
  22. Lesson Learned:   <br />You can't just walk up to someone, tell them what organization you work with & expect them to join your movement or donate - though often we do.  Essentially, if you use the phrase "donate to ______" or share your mission statement, you're doing it wrong.<br />
  23. bare your soul.<br />Flickr photo by Kirsty Andrews<br /><br />
  24. “in order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen, really seen.”<br />[Brene Brown]<br />
  25. Lesson Learned:   <br />We feel more connected to one another when we share from our hearts.<br />
  26. spark a movement.<br />Flickr photo by Derek Key<br /><br />
  27. How to spark a movement [Derek Sivers]<br /><br />
  28. Select-a-Quest<br />You work for an organization that provides assistance to parents who have been laid off in the current recession. They are building a new building to hold more classes. How would you use Social Media to fundraise in a capitol campaign?<br />Your organization provides kids the opportunity to learn to play music after school as an alternative to gangs. Design a social media campaign that reaches out to this audience with the express purpose of making them aware of your program.<br />You have been tasked with raising $3,000 so that your organization can purchase a new computer system. Create a campaign that does this through social media from an audience of adults.<br />You work for an organization that helps young women in rural India get an education by providing scholarships. Design a fundraising campaign that raises $2,000 from college students to fund one young woman's education.<br />A blogger has written a nasty article about your organization's executive director. The story begins to spread throughout social media. What do you do?<br />6. Your nonprofit organization is hosting a 5K run. Design a social media effort that gets the word out and produces a record number of registrations for the event.<br />
  29. Lesson Learned:   <br />There's a plethora of tools, online & off, we can use to spread stories.  We can't use all of them, but should know what's at our disposal so we can use the right tools for the job.<br />
  30. bare your soul.<br />cultivate connection.<br />Flickr photo by Nancy Lam<br /><br />
  31. Lesson Learned:   <br />You tell us …<br />What movements were effective?  Why?<br />Why did you invest your attention as you did?<br />What might have happened if 2 tables joined forces?<br />
  32. Social CRM<br />The long term way of social fundraising …<br />
  33. Are we measuring all of that? Heck No<br />
  34. Why do we care?<br />
  35. What do we care about?<br />
  36. What else do we care about? <br />But we can’t track all this just yet....<br />
  37. How do we measure?<br />
  38. What are your KPI’s? My best guesses:<br />Online Donations<br />Questions taken and answered<br />Followers/Fan Added<br />Engagement and Conversation Scores<br />Instead let’s measure KPI (Key Performance Indicators)<br />
  39. Can’t we all agree?<br />
  40. Gah. What’s the best?<br />
  41. What services does it measure?<br />Is the service innovative and upgrading?<br />How is the customer service?<br />Can mgmt understand our reports?<br />What is the pricing/npo discount?<br />How do we decide CRM Provider?<br />
  42. QUESTIONS ...<br /> I’M SURE YOU’VE GOT A FEW<br />Photo by DoBeRaGi<br />
  43. Thank YoU<br />Learn more about social media and online fundraising at … <br /><br />Follow Frank on Twitter: @franswaa<br />Follow Stacey on Twitter: @staceymonk<br />Follow David on Twitter: @daveiam<br />