Social Media ROI


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A quick summary on how to judge social media ROI and get the most out of your investments.

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Social Media ROI

  1. 1. Social Media ROI Holy crap, We’re Internet Famous! By Nick Armstrong - @ImNickArmstrong
  2. 2. Social Media ROI ROI = Return on Investment What are you investing? Time Money Reputation
  3. 3. What about Reputation? Do well and you will profit. Do poorly and... well, you remember how Gandalf’s quest ended in Lord of the Rings?
  4. 4. Why are you Investing? Why are you on social media? Why did you pick the tools you’re using? Do you have a plan? Are you getting a sinking feeling?
  5. 5. The most important question in social media: Why do you want to use social media?
  6. 6. Seth Godin’s Hierarchy of Success Attitude Approach Goals Strategy Tactics Execution Most of us START here.
  7. 7. Attitude and Approach Attitude = Why Approach = How Kittens don’t half-ass anything. All kittens have a different style.
  8. 8. Goals Increased Traffic Increased Awareness Increased Conversation Increased Participation Increased Purchasing ...achieving them relies heavily on the tool you’re using.
  9. 9. Strategy The Three C’s Content Context Consistency *Cookie Monster didn’t make the list
  10. 10. Tactics and Execution The Right Message The Right Time The Right Consumer
  11. 11. What are you Measuring? Me Tweets/Day Blogs/Week KPI Them Comments Key Performance RTs Clicks Indicators Us Purchases/Awareness
  12. 12. Without a Plan You Will Gandalf.
  13. 13. Tools of the Trade and Alexa Page Ranks Google Analytics Grader GetSatisfaction Integrated Stats
  14. 14. Add + to any shortened url to see stats (even if you didn’t create the link) See RTs in real time See clicks in real time See location of clicks
  15. 15. Allows click-tracking Suggests times to post Integrates with StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Facebook
  16. 16. Alexa Page Ranks Shows keywords Shows related pages Shows demographics Shows traffic stats
  17. 17. Google Analytics Shows traffic stats Shows demographics Shows keywords Shows referring sites Integrates with AdWords
  18. 18. Grader Provides local competitive analysis Helps correct errors Shows your trends Also grades Facebook and Blogs
  19. 19. GetSatisfaction Customers can: Ask Questions Share Ideas Report Problems Give Praise “Soft” metrics
  20. 20. Integrated Stats - Facebook “Insights” Demographics Visits
  21. 21. The Final Word Plan or Gandalf. Define your attitude and approach. Work on execution last.
  22. 22. Credits Bill Clock: Why So Serious: jshappell/3255317463/ photos/strangetikigod/2754971660/ Titanic: Cookie Monster: balakov/3668591548/ photos/esti/147733640/ Failure: Risk: lintmachine/2983771744/ dietpoison/94326793/ The Hunter: Chocolate Tools: martinlong/504718829/ photos/jannem/3312115991/ Angry Mob: Fly, You Fools: 29233640@N07/3645211083/ photos/benshepherd/211598323/ This presentation licensed under Creative Commons. Feel free to use and share for non-commercial purposes. All you need to do is give credit and link back to