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Harness the power of Location Based Marketing and Geosocialand mobile apps


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What does it mean if people “check into” your business online? It means they love you! Location-Based Marketing (LBM) with Geosocial apps is the term for marketing your business using mobile location apps such as Foursquare, SVNGR, Yelp, and Foodspotting. In this workshop, we’ll review the major geosocial mobile applications, smartphone purchase decisions, usage and trends, and and how businesses are harnessing the power of users that love you enough to share it to their social networks.

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Harness the power of Location Based Marketing and Geosocialand mobile apps

  1. CWE and Harvard iLab April 24, 2012 Harness the Potential of Mobile Applications for Location-Based Marketing Presented by Debra Askanase
  2. Today’s workshop Today’s mobile phone users The new sales funnel Geosocial marketing (LBM) Introducing FourSquare…and a few others In-class exercise: geosocial for your business Regroup and “check in”
  3. 2. The mobile phone industry Today’s mobile phone users
  4. Almost 110m US users by 2015
  5. By 2014, Android and Apple will rule the market 51943c21c5ed4
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  9. Understanding the new sales funnel
  10. Traditional marketing/sales funnel
  11. The online decision-making moment ource=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false
  12. The (new) Customer Hourglass looks at the entire purchasing experience Via Altimeter Group Pre- purchase = loyalty
  13. Mobile shopping + customer hourglass
  14. Environment shifting to “bricks and clicks” in-store experience Coupons Product reviews Store information In-store app payment
  15. Online reviews heavily affect purchase decisions online-reviews-companies-must-adjust-2234/deloitte-consumer-review-purchase- influencejpg/
  16. Approx 70% are interested in payment through an app or at the register via smartphone shopping-companion/
  17. Starbucks has processed 42m payments as of April 2012 m/
  18. You + the customer hourglass What can you support with mobile tech and geosocial? How do your customers use technology ? Who do you need to include in your team? Think about sales, marketing, customer support, purchasing staff when developing your own approach to the hourglass
  19. Considerations Brick and clicks experience Customer hourglass ZMOT capture Mobile payments Search
  20. Geosocial Marketing the integration of people, places, and media
  21. Location + media + people
  22. Geosocial marketing elements Friends and family influence Comparison shopping online Read online reviews or articles Tips and social tips Encourages social advocacy The right information to nudge someone through the purchase decision hourglass Mobility and decision-making at the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)
  24. Geosocial in 2012 • Up to 20 million known smartphone users in the U.S. have downloaded geosocial apps • FourSquare is the leader with 20 mil users worldwide, 50% in US (Predicted 50m by end of 2012) • Scvngr claims 2 million worldwide • MyTown has 4.5 million ….and many, many more niche geosocial apps
  25. Check-ins are not widely adopted
  26. Who uses geosocial and location-based services?
  27. But highly desirable Millennials and Females are using geolocation apps used-by-many-yet.html
  28. Local search drives geosocial marketing 97 percent of consumers search for local businesses online 73 percent of all online activity is related to local content, according to data released by Google – Feb 2012 23 percent of all adults have used a location- based service to get directions and recommendations Last stat: over-consumers/
  29. Geosocial is where opportunity meets location Time of day Geo-location Proximity to store or place Context-aware = convergence of mobile and online search, the “bridge” from mobile to sale /
  30. Location-based mobile trends 2012 • Total user base of consumer location-based services to reach 1.4 billion users by 2014. • Context-aware services are a key trend for mobile apps, and location is a key enabler of that. • Location-based services strive to deliver features and functionalities in tune with the user's context, taking into account the user's location, personal preference, gender, age, profession, intention and so on, thus offering a more- intelligent user experience than basic location services can.
  31. Geosocial expansion beyond traditional check-ins to include commerce By 2014, expect uniquely mobile functions, such as the ability to "check in" to a store to alert a retailer that you are there, or the ability to add items to a shopping cart simply by taking a photo of an item or bar code in the physical store.
  32. Primary and Rising Geosocial Players 2012 tostream/
  33. services-firms
  34. Practical applications Events • Create a location to check into • Offer prizes for check-ins • Leave your tips at other events • Create a scavenger hunt, list or follow guide Workplace • Check-in tips • Mayoral prizes • Place on lists • Earn prizes • Create lists • Appreciate online reviews
  35. Foursquare: now 20 mil members, 600K brands! waste-of-time-plus-infographic
  36. Checkins, tips, mayoralty, photos, to-do
  37. FourSquare: back end analytics
  38. Lists
  39. Create community: Brooklyn Museum
  40. FourSquare: after check-in m/ Thank them (Twitter, other) Create FourSquare loyalty events Reward different levels of loyalty
  41. Yelp Features • Deals • Tips and Reviews • Find locations and places you want • Great for services as well • Respond to reviews • Check-in • Photos • Search • Local events
  42. ipo-infographic/
  43. ipo-infographic/
  44. of-mouth-the-internet-and-online-consumer-reviews-influence-purchase- decisions/
  45. Yelp Be part of the community: join and write reviews Manage reviews by responding, offering other business suggestions to reviewers Offer appreciations and discounts Ask clients for reviews Link Yelp to your Twitter and Facebook
  46. SCVNGR
  47. SCVNGR • Locations have options for checking in, points associated, challenges • Business owners and location owners can create their own challenges and points • Integrates with FB and Twitter with postings
  48. SCVNGR: Boston Globe’s Trek
  49. SCVNGR – at a location Challenges and treks created by others
  50. SCVNGR Create treks and challenges Offer specials Create join treks Great for institutions and awareness
  51. Google Places – important for SEO
  52. Google Places • Set up an account: submit info, wait for Google verification • Google crawls web to fill out info about your biz from 3rd party sources (Yelp, Amazon reviews, etc.) • Complete the other info (hours of operation, phone number, etc.) • Google will display locations in the “local results” search returns. But fill out your Place 100%!
  53. Niche geosocial: Foodspotting
  54. Foodspotting
  55. Foodspotting guides
  56. Let’s not forget the biggest social network in the world
  57. …and Facebook Offers is the latest,2817,2403043,00.asp
  58. Peering into the Magic Eight Ball for 2012- 2013…
  59. • Mobile check-ins and deals integrate more fully with multi-channel online marketing, part of a bigger set of features • Geosocial features emerge to deepen brand customer engagement • Context-aware apps will proactively anticipate user needs based on interests, intentions, history, environment, activities, schedule, priorities, connections and preferences • Increased camera reliability and integration with geosocial apps for commerce and search
  60. • Geosocial moves beyond a specific location e.g. Angry Birds’ “magic places” at Barnes and Noble unlocks new characters December 2011 • Geosocial moves beyond products and into creative gaming • Gamification concepts continue to iterate creatively • Geosocial driving sales and local search grows • As with online communities, geosocial niche apps emerge, then industry moves toward convergence (2013+)
  61. 5. Exercises Discussion and Exercises
  62. 1. Choosing the right Location + social + media combination for you • What goal do you want any geosocial app to meet? • Which geosocial app is most relevant for your business, and why? • Do you know of niche mobile apps for your industry?
  63. 2. How will you use geosocial to support the new purchase funnel?
  64. 3. Will you use geosocial apps to support customer service? • If so, how? • Using which apps? • How will you respond to negative critique?
  65. 4. Challenges, deals, and prizes • Brainstorm 3 prizes or “deals” you could offer loyal check-in or app users • Brainstorm two other locations or businesses with whom you could jointly offer a deal or prize • Brainstorm one trek or challenge that meets your goal
  66. 5. Reviews • Who can you ask to review? • Do you have a policy to respond to negative reviews? • What types of reviews do you want? • What businesses could you review that compliment yours?
  67. 6. Metrics • How will you track your success with geosocial? • How will this integrate into your total social media metrics tracking system?
  68. I’m always available to answer follow-up questions! Email: Blog: Linkedin: Twitter: @askDebra Other slides: Telephone: (617) 682-2977