Associations and social media


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Associations and social media

  1. 1. Associations and Social Media: Getting Started Sarah Stewart Australian College of Midwives 2013
  2. 2. Questions to think about• Why associations should have a social media presence?• What should go into a social media policy?• How can social media be used effectively, yet professionally?• What tools best suit associations?
  3. 3. Why associations should have a social media presence?
  4. 4. Social media Revolution 2013• w1w
  5. 5. • Australians spend 26 minutes, 27 seconds on Facebook each day • 53% of active adult social networkers follow a brand • Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors • 35% of consumer comments on Facebook Pages are compliments • 9/10 mobile searches lead to action – over half lead to purchase • 40 % of accounts and 8% of messages on social media sites are spam
  6. 6. • Social media users who receive excellent customer service from brands spend on average 21% more than non-social customers• 55% of consumers share their purchases socially on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites• 94% of corporates use social media and 85% say it’s given their business more exposure• 74% of brand marketers saw an increase in website traffic after investing just 6 hours per week on social media• 83% of people who complained on Twitter loved the response from those companies that did make the effort
  7. 7. People do things differently these days
  8. 8. People engage with what intereststhem, rather than what they are told to do
  9. 9. In other words, associations have to go to where the people are, rather than the other way around
  10. 10. People do not commit to a cause for a lifetime these days
  11. 11. Huge competition for people’stime, commitment, and money
  12. 12. People want value for their time, commitment and money
  13. 13. People want to be part of the conversation
  14. 14. Connect at a personal level
  15. 15. Value honesty
  16. 16. Social media allows associations to betransparent in thoughts and processes
  17. 17. Show the human side of their organisation,
  18. 18. Provide immediate connection
  19. 19. Facilitate communication and collaboration
  20. 20. Share information and resources
  21. 21. Keep people up to date
  22. 22. Call to action
  23. 23. Gain feedback
  24. 24. What should go into a social media policy?• First of all, do a SWOT analysis…• How do members communicate and engage with you at the moment? What do your members want?• How do you engage with the greater community?• What works well now?..What needs to change? Where are the gaps?
  25. 25. What needs to change in yourassociation for social media to be able to work?
  26. 26. • How are you going to resource your social media presence?• Who is going to be responsible?• How are you going to manage passwords?• Copyright license for the information you share• How do you deal with negative feedback?• Who is going to moderate? How will you moderate?• What professional standards do you need to follow?• How will you encourage staff to use social media, both at work and at home?
  27. 27. How can social media be usedeffectively, yet professionally?
  28. 28. Be consistent about your brand
  29. 29. Very timely responses
  30. 30. Respond to negative as well as positive feedback
  31. 31. Leverage what is already happening in the community
  32. 32. Takes time to develop an onlinenetwork and/or community around your organisation
  33. 33. You get out what you put in
  34. 34. What tools best suit associations?• Where are your members? What technologies are they using?• What is their internet connections like?• How mobile are they?• What are their digital literacy skills?
  35. 35. Facebook
  36. 36. Blog http://sarah- student-midwives-on-how-to-use.html
  37. 37. Youtube
  38. 38. Twitter
  39. 39. Wiki/Google Docs
  40. 40. Slideshare sarahs/presentations
  41. 41. Remember: it’s not about the technology but how you use it!
  42. 42. Resources• Associations and social media: social-media• Sarah Stewart:•• Beth Kanter:• Nancy White:• The Thank You Economy: Gary Vaynerchuk• Effective Uses Of Social Media In Associations: social-media-in-associations