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3.1 - The Industrial Revolution


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Information in the Industrial Revolution

-Industrial Revolution
-Agricultural Revolution
-Steam Engine
-Bessemer Process
-Thomas Edison

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3.1 - The Industrial Revolution

  1. 1. the industrial revolution By: Caitlin Brewer Period 4
  2. 2. the industrial revolutionWhat was the Industrial Revolution? Steam power was one ofThe Industrial Revolution was a time that started in the the main, and mostearly 18th century that changed the way the world works important technological advancements.forever. The Industrial Revolution was an economicrevolution that mainly had technological advancements. Itchanged the way we produced goods.What Countries where involved?• Great Britain• United States• Germany• France
  3. 3. urbanizationWhat was the Urbanization?Urbanization was when peoplemoved from rural areas to urbanareas to get jobs in factory’s. Thishad its downfalls, like harm to theenvironment and low standard ofliving.What was the Cottage Industry?The cottage industry wasmainly when farmers tookadvantage of the time they hadto harvest and live off of theirland, and in the winter lived offof what they had saved up.
  4. 4. agricultural revolutionHow did the Agricultural Revolution lead the theIndustrial Revolution?The Agricultural Revolution:- Increased migration to the cities- Freed people from agricultural labor- Gave people more money to spend on manufactured goods. Crop rotation is when farmers change the type of crop that is growing in a field after the original crop has been harvested this keeps the soil from losing its nutrients
  5. 5. textiles• Textiles, which is cloth or wovenfabric, was the first commodity toboom during the industrialrevolution• What helped the Textile Industryboom? - Steam engines - The loom - The cotton gin• Eli Whitney invented the cottongin.
  6. 6. steam engineAbout the steam engine...The steam engine was inventedin 1775 by Thomas Newcomen.It was the first engine evercreated, went faster thathumans, and could producealmost anything. James Watt inknown for improving it.
  7. 7. bessemer process• The Bessemer Process wasan industrial process for themanufacture of steel. Henry Bessemer• The Bessemer Process wascreated by Henry Bessemer.• It revolutionized themanufacture of steel bylowering the price, andincreasing productivity.
  8. 8. pasteurizationAbout Pasteurization. . .Louis Pasteur invented the process of Pasteurization.Pasteurization is the process of heating food, mostly Lois Pasteurliquids, and then cooling it immediately so that it killsthe pathogens which are most likely to cause disease.
  9. 9. thomas edison• Thomas Edison invented: - The Light Bulb - The Phonograph - The Microphone• He had thousands of patents.“I never perfected an invention that I didnot think about in terms of the service itmight give others. . . I find out what theworld needs, then I proceed toinvent. . .” (Thomas Edison)
  10. 10. romanticism• Romanticism is an artistic, Emily Dickinsonintellectual, and literal movement.•Romanticism affected theIndustrial revolution by gainingstrength the the reactions to theIndustrial Revolution Two Famous Romantic authors during the Industrial Revolution Washington Irving