Assignment 3.1


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Assignment 3.1

  1. 1. The Industrial Revolution By: Keenan Reardon
  2. 2. Industrial Revolution• The Industrial Revolution was a time period during the late 1700s in England when people replaced hand- tools with machines that were much more efficient.• It started in england but quickly spread to other countries like the U.S.
  3. 3. Urbanization• Urbanization is when a majority of the people in an area live close to a city because they want a job, or want to commute less.• Cottage Industry is the making of home goods at a small buisiness.• There was a migration of people from rural to urban during the Industrial Revolution.
  4. 4. Agricultural Revolution• The Agricultural Revolution had a huge impact on the Industrial Revolution because it inspired people to make better things and create faster machines.• Crop Rotation is when you plant something different on the same land the next year.
  5. 5. Textiles• The first invention in the industrial revolution was the Steam Engine.• Textiles are any woven material made of plants.• the steam engine, the Loom, and the Cotton Gin.• Eli Whitney crated the Cotton Gin
  6. 6. Steam Engine• Thomas Savary crated the steam engine on 1698, but James Watt was credited for making improvements.• It was important because it ran the factories and did jobs that were too hard for humans.
  7. 7. Bessemer Process • The Bessemer Process is a method used to take out the impurities by blowing oxygen through the iron. • It was crated by Henry Bessemer. • It was important because it made the process of making iron easier and low profit leading to more inventions because of its price.
  8. 8. Pasteurization• Louis Pasteur was a biochemist that worked with germs and microorganisms.• He sterilized the fields and crated vaccines for diseases such as rabies, cholera, and yellow fever.
  9. 9. Thomas Edison• Thomas Edison created the lightbulb, kinescope, and the electric pen.• He had 1093 testing patients.
  10. 10. Romanticism• Romanticism is a complex artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that began in the 1800s in Western Europe.• They didn’t like the Industrial Revolution because they thought it took people away from nature.• William Blake and John Keats were two one the many poets.