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The toughest, geekiest quiz night in Manchester. Took place 19 February 2014 at TwentyTwentyTwo. 

Download answers here:

Host: Ampersand Commerce 

Sponsor: UKFast 

Apply for Ampersand Commerce's graduate programme for software engineers: 

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Welcome to #thequizmcr! 4-5 people per team Write team name on every sheet #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  2. 2. First prize: A Raspberry Pi for each member of the winning team, thanks to @UKFast #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  3. 3. UKFast  specialises  in  dedicated  server  hos6ng,  cloud  hos6ng  and   coloca6on  services.     All  of  our  bespoke  hos6ng  solu6ons  are  designed  to  help  businesses   grow  and  we're  excep6onally  proud  of  the  standard  of  service  we   give  our  clients.  We  believe  it's  what  really  sets  us  apart  from  other   providers.     Whether  we  can  offer  you  a  solu6on  to  help  your  business  or  you're   looking  for  a  career  with  one  of  the  UK’s  leading  IT  companies,  find   out  what  makes  UKFast  special  and  get  in  touch  today! 0800 458 4545 Managed Hosting Cloud @UKFast Colocation
  4. 4. <DIV>CAN I HAS JOB PLEEEZ?</SPAN> Like us on Facebook
  5. 5. Retail
  6. 6. Question 1 As of this week, how many of the top 100 (IMRG) online retailers did not have a transactional mobile website? A - 19 B - 26 C - 33 #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  7. 7. Question 2 Of the 40 leading retail outlets in London’s Oxford and Regent Street, how many offer in-store Wi-Fi? A - less than 10 B - 10-20 C - 21-30 #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  8. 8. Question 3 Which of these retailers does not have a mobile presence (website or app)? A - Apple B - Superdrug C - Zara #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  9. 9. Question 4 House of Fraser recently deployed a new website. Is it responsive, in that there is only 1 theme for all screen sizes? Yes or No #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  10. 10. Question 5 Of the retailers that had apps, what percentage of the top 100 online retailers (IMRG) only have an Android app? A - 0% B - 10% C - 24% #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  11. 11. Question 6 What is the only pet shop is listed in the top 100 retailers (IMRG)? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  12. 12. Question 7 Name two of the 13 retailers rumoured to go public this year. #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  13. 13. Question 8 Which 1 of these three online retailers offer 90 minute home delivery? A - John Lewis B - Oasis C - Monsoon #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  14. 14. Goooooooooooooooooogle
  15. 15. Question 1 What was the first screen credit of the actor that played Edie Falco’s character’s son in ‘The Sopranos’? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  16. 16. Question 2 What Grammy award was won in 1990 by the band whose front man is the father of a former Playboy Playmate of the Month, who also played Girl in Bus Station in ‘U Turn’? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  17. 17. Question 3 What was the cause of death of the only person who could not be corrupted by fame? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  18. 18. Question 4 Who designed That Dress? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  19. 19. Question 5 Name the HBO character of the brother whose singing sister’s father played parts in ‘Train Spotting’ and ‘Twin Town’. #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  20. 20. Question 6 Which decade noticed a Muppet’s apparition of a face and fruit bowl and warm camembert cheese? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  21. 21. Question 7 What vital piece of equipment would Eric Stotlz have needed if he’d driven the car he was originally meant to? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  22. 22. Question 8 Whose former assistant didn’t really mind what happened, according to the model’s Chip and Pepper t-shirt? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  23. 23. JavaScript
  24. 24. Question 1 Node.js is a platform built on what JavaScript engine? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  25. 25. Question 2 Acronym: NPM #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  26. 26. Question 3 Acronym: Ajaj #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  27. 27. Question 4 The following JavaScript snippet can be found in extensions of what library? tagName: "li", className: "document-row", events: { "click .icon": "open", "click .button.edit": "openEditDialog", "click .button.delete": "destroy" }, initialize: function() { this.listenTo(this.model, "change", this.render); }, render: function() { ... } #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  28. 28. Question 5 What number appears in the alert after this code runs? function foo(x) { var tmp = 3; return function (y) { alert(x + y + (++tmp)); } }; var bar = foo(2); bar(10); #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  29. 29. Question 6 What does the following code snippet return? function() { var foo; return foo === null; } #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  30. 30. Question 7 JavaScript 1.0 was released in what year? Hint: It came out with Netscape Navigator 2.0 #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  31. 31. Question 8 Using jQuery, how do you get a checked checkbox in a form with the class email-form ? #thequizmcr    thanks  @AmpersandHQ  and  @UKFast  for  hos6ng!  
  32. 32. And the winner is... Turinators!