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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. The Industrial RevolutionBy William Eric DroscheNovember The Tenth Two Thousand And Ten
  2. 2. Industrial Revolution✤ it was a period from the 18th century to the 19th century✤ North America,Japan and Europe✤ the world
  3. 3. urbanization✤ a state where a small town goes big✤ many workers where engaged in a task such as sewing and lace- making✤ there was a migration of people from rural to urban during the industrial revolution✤ in intro to the steam power fueled primary on fuel which was made in the city and which made people move to the city
  4. 4. Agricultural Revolution✤ crop rotation is the practice of growing a series of dissimilar types of crops in the same area.
  5. 5. Textiles✤ textiles were the first commodity to boom in the industrial revolution✤ A textile is a cloth and a woven fabric✤ the gin and improvement in factories✤ the creator of the cotton gin is eli Whitney✤
  6. 6. Steam Engine✤ thomas savery made the steam engine✤ 1551✤ it demonstrate the properties of steam✤ steam power replaced the water power and muscle power as the power in use in the industry revolution
  7. 7. Bessemer Process✤ the bessemer process was the first inexpensive industrial process for the mass-production of steel from molten pig iron.✤ it was invented my henry bessemer in england in 1856✤ it revolutionized the steel manufacture
  8. 8. thomas edison✤ printing press,telegraphy,vote recorder✤ thomas Edison was a well respected scientist with over 1000 patent✤ a good idea is never lost even though its originator or possessor may die without publicizing it.
  9. 9. romanticism✤ a movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century✤ the impact really took hold, some artists were shocked my this✤ notable female poets major romantic poets,minor poets