Industrial vocabulary keynote


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  • Industrial vocabulary keynote

    1. 1. Industrial Vocabulary Keynote By: Conly Biglione
    2. 2. Industrial Revolution A industrial Revolution is a major change in the economy. The industrial Revolution occurred in the 18th century. The industrial Revolution took place in Britain. the countries that participated in the industrial revolution Britain west europe and america.
    3. 3. Urbanization Urbanization is a condition of being urbanized. Make or become Urban in character. A Cottage Industry is the creation of products and services that are home based. There was a migration of people from rural to urban during the industrial revolution. The farmers had to move to the cities during the french revolution because they didn’t have the security they needed where they previously were farming. Also to get accommodation and a job.
    4. 4. Agriculture RevolutionThe Agriculture Revolution lead to the industrial revolution becausethey didn’t need as many farmers as they had because of the inclosureand there was new technology in the agriculture industry.Crop rotation means growing different things in your fields each year.Crop soil prevents soil depletion, maintains soil fertility, reduces soilerosions , and many other minor things.
    5. 5. Steam EngineThomas Comen invented the first steam Engine.James watched improved it by making the steam engine more powerful.It was important because it enabled factories to move from remote.areas with water power to large towns.
    6. 6. TextilesA textile is a type of cloth or woven fabric.Textiles where the first commodity to boom in the industrial revolution.The Cotton Gin helped with the textiles. The cotton gin was made byeli whitney.
    7. 7. Bessemer ProcessBessemer Process is when air is poured through liquified metal thenthe purified metal can be poured into molds.Henry Bessemer invented the Bessemer Process.It was important because it made pure and strong metal.
    8. 8. pasteurization Luis Pasteur was a french chemist. Luis pasteur invented the Pasteurization. Its something that prevents milk and wine from causing illnesses. It was important because beverages became very safe
    9. 9. Thomas EdisonThomas Edison invented the Lightbulb and the Kinetoscope.Thomas Edison had 1093 patients.“Anything that wont sell, I dont want to invent. Its sale is proof ofutility, and utility is success.” - Thomas Edison
    10. 10. RomanticismA movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18thcentury, emphasizing inspiration.People wanted to start thinking about bigger things such as theindustrial revolution, but in different categories.