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Social Media Best Practices, Part 1


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First part of a two-part workshop on social media best practices for libraries. The first part covers social media in general.

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Social Media Best Practices, Part 1

  1. Best
 Practices david lee king | topeka & shawnee county public library | Social Media
  2. problem: we haven’t embraced the social web
  3. we have the tools
  4. not quite
 sure how 
 to use them!
  5. So, what do you think
 about our library?
  6. What's missing? face2face interaction
  7. how online engagement
  9. ways to 
 transform into a face2face library 3
  10. 1. listening
  11. why listen?
  12. what to listen for
  13. responding
  14. listening in Topeka
  15. 2. basic communication
  16. conversational writing
  17. add pictures & video
  18. add pictures & video [like this]
  19. be “you” online [“you”]
  20. pics of staff new stuff customers!
  21. where are the people?
  22. 3.“doing” community
  23. we get this
  24. less control here
  25. start
  26. ask
  27. What my
 library does
  29. respond to critics
  30. listen first
  31. admit & apologize
  32. be nice
  33. be quiet (i.e., don’t respond)
  34. develop a thick skin
  35. where to start!
  36. Twitter eNews Website Library
 NewsFacebook Instagram who does the work?
  37. set goals
 & strategy
  38. measure success
  39. creating great customer connections starts with you!
  40. thank you!