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Contracts, RFPs, & Working with Suppliers


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Have you ever had to write an RFP from scratch, work with vendors on a complex project, or even complain to a vendor about problems with their product? King shares the process his library goes through when choosing new technology and managing the project during installation. He also discusses effective ways to “get your voice heard” when something needs to change.

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Contracts, RFPs, & Working with Suppliers

  1. 1. david lee king | | Contracts, RFPs &
 Working with 
  2. 2. Before the RFP RFP Basics Choosing after the install
  3. 3. before the RFP
  4. 4. rfp
  5. 5. Scoring
  6. 6. Managing the project
  7. 7. After the
  8. 8. same team!
  9. 9. Thanks!