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50 Essential Content Marketing Hacks (Content Marketing World)


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Preso deck from my talk @ the 2016 Content Marketing World, September 7, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio

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50 Essential Content Marketing Hacks (Content Marketing World)

  1. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld 50 Essential Content Marketing Hacks New tools, tricks, shortcuts, best practices and more to convert readers into customers Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc @HeinzMarketing @Heinz Marketing • #CMWorld
  2. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld AGENDA @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld Housekeeping Copy of this deck FREEBIES: • Full Funnel Marketing (my new book) • Last year’s Content Marketing Hacks preso • My award-winning* bacon recipe Just bring me a business card or note what you want via @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld
  3. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld AGENDA @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld I am serious about the bacon… @ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld
  4. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Everything the light touches…
  5. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld My content story…
  6. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld What is content?
  7. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld My most powerful content marketing of 2015
  8. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Rich stories with long shelf life…
  9. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld #farmlife
  10. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Great content is emotive
  11. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld One slide to rule them all
  12. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Is this the modern funnel?
  13. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Only two sales stages matter
  14. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Only two sales stages matter
  15. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld The buyer’s journey
  16. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld A widening gap between investment & ROI According to CEB: • 45% of B2B marketing budgets go to content • 84% of marketers expect to increase content spend • Only 45% of marketers think content marketing is working • 66% of marketers can’t connect content metrics & business metrics
  17. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Planning fundamentals ① Buying committee members ② Personas ③ Buyer’s journey ④ Format preferences ⑤ Internal “buying committee”
  18. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Expectation setting ① Resources ② Tools ③ Budget ④ Roadmap & ramp timeline
  19. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Measurement expectations ① The right metrics ② Can you buy a beer with it? ③ Operational vs Executive dashboards ④ External impact ⑤ Profit center vs cost center mentality
  20. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Great content is… ① Targeted ② Contextual ③ Evocative ④ Integrated ⑤ Measured
  21. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Execution ① Format types ② Sales integration/leverage ③ Shelf life strategy
  22. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Personalized video (easier than you think…)
  23. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Interactive content…
  24. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Response ① What’s next? ② Are three steps faster than one?
  25. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Format cheats 1. Quality content 2. Great stories 3. Less time!
  26. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld The Q&A
  27. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld The Link Blog
  28. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Serial Content
  29. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Guest Posts
  30. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Crowd Sourcing
  31. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld 10 sources of content inspiration 1. Customer questions 2. Stuff you read 3. People you disagree with 4. Your customer-facing teams 5. Trade press 6. Conferences, panels & Webinars 7. Twitter hashtags 8. LinkedIn Answers 9. The news 10. Things you see that are dumb
  32. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld 5 common content marketing mistakes 1. Not having a plan up front 2. Writing for the company instead of the customer 3. Not encouraging and participating in two-way communication 4. Not promoting, aggregating and curating great content from others 5. Only producing written content
  33. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Distribution best practices 1. 2. GaggleAMP 3. Triberr 4. Influencers 5. Hashtags 6. Link from old, popular posts
  34. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Influencer engagement best practices 1. Build good lists (Little Bird) 2. Give to get 3. Have a pipeline mentality 4. Build relationships 5. Be patient 6. Reciprocate & participate 7. Measure
  35. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Long tail best practices 1. Repurposing 2. Re-edit old posts with new keywords 3. Tools • TweetOldPost • LinkedIn Publishing • Search 4. Seasonal surfacing
  36. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Repurposing
  37. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Getting sales to use your content 1. How does it help them make money? 2. Get sales leadership to buy-in first 3. Show examples of how it works 4. Teach, train, launch, reinforce, measure & celebrate 5. Create systems that make it easy
  38. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld 1. Project Lists 2. Task Lists, Organization & Filtering 3. Email Management 4. Note Taking, Triage & Filing 5. Time Management 6. Idea Capture 7. Automation & Reminder Tools The Seven Productivity Habits
  39. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Project Lists
  40. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Task Management
  41. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Email Management
  42. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Note Taking, Triage & Filing
  43. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Time Management
  44. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Idea Capture
  45. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld@ HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Automation & Reminder Tools
  46. @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld AGENDA @TwitterHandle • #CMWorld Housekeeping Copy of this deck FREEBIES: • Full Funnel Marketing (my new book) • Last year’s Content Marketing Hacks preso • My award-winning* bacon recipe Just bring me a business card (or send email to noting what you want @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld
  47. @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld Matt Heinz President Heinz Marketing Inc @heinzmarketing @HeinzMarketing • #CMWorld