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Integrating Social Media in your business model


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An inspirational presentaties, given at an innovation event for professionals. It shows 5 scenario's to use Social Media in your business. Participants used these scenario's in the startup canvas.

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Integrating Social Media in your business model

  1. pieter baert gerrie smits INTEGRATING SOCIALMEDIAIN YOUR BUSINESS MODEL Network Event, 15 December 2015 KBC TowerAntwerp
  2. We help professionals understand the impact of digital & technology on their business, by focusing on people and their needs. We help companies define a digital marketing strategy, innovate online services and adopt a customer centric organisation culture. Pieter Baert Gerrie Smits
  3. Social? #Digital #Social #People #interactive #Channel #Platform #Media #Culture #Conversation
  4. 1. Marketing 2. Customer service 3. Sales 4. Payments 5. Product Five ways to integrate social in your business model
  5. Storytelling & advertising 1
  6. A digital channel to market & promote your business via storytelling & advertising. “ ” A more traditional use
  7. Rapha tells stories & offers experience
  8. Ellen Kegels builds her entire brand via social
  9. BMW engages luxury blogger Bart as ambassador
  10. Customer service & satisfaction 2
  11. A mean to serve your customers, create satisfaction or delight and create loyalty. “ ” Retaining customers via satisfaction
  12. Custom service via twitter @replies
  13. Direct messaging to solve customer problems
  14. Coolblue is the king of customer satisfaction
  15. Coolblue engages customers for reviews
  16. Lead generation & conversion 3
  17. Atool to drive visits to your platform and convert customers foryour business. “ ” A sales approach to funnel people
  18. News media: from social sharing to paywall
  19. Dropbox rewards social referral
  20. Leading to more storage for each lead
  21. Currency & transaction 4
  22. Social as a currency for people to pay or a platform to facilitate payments. “ ” Creating value and facilitating financial transactions
  23. Social as a currency: reward social sharing
  24. Shopping services integrated in social media apps
  25. Revolut credit card rewards referral with cash
  26. Social platforms enable payments
  27. Product & subscription 5
  28. Social as core product feature for people to use and payfor a product. “ ” Retaining customers via satisfaction
  29. Strava, a freemium social platform for cyclists
  30. Peerby, a free social lending platform
  31. Tinder, a freemium model driven by relations
  32. Waze, a ad based community drive mobility app
  33. pieter baert gerrie smits QUESTIONS? SHOOT! Pieter Baert Vision <> Strategy <> Concept +32 473 667 861