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14 Tips to Entrepreneurs to start the Right Stuff

  1. Doing the Right Thing is the essence of entrepreneurship Universität St. Gallen, START 2016 Patrick Stähler, fluidminds – the business innovator
  2. However, what is the Right Thing?
  3. Have you found the Right Thing? Why should your business exist?
  4. What do the colors mean? Beyond optimization of the past We have to unlearn the past and rethink our business from the customer perspective. 3 Is Kodak innovative? What were the tacit assumptions behind Kodak’s innovations? Take 5 min and discuss it with your neighbors. Take-aways are in red Exercises and questions for you
  5. §  Dr. Patrick Stähler, Mr. Business Model Innovation §  Founder & Partner von fluidminds GmbH, the business innovator, Zürich & Sydney §  fluidminds invents and designs businesses §  Example: (career portal) was founded with the help of fluidminds §  »Inventor by chance« of the business model innovation concept during my Ph.D. at the University of St. Gallen. §  Blogger on model-innovation, keynote speaker worldwide.
  6. Startups in the past There was a need for new products since we lived in a world of scarcity.
  7. The times they are a-changin’ Today, we live in a world of too- much of everything. We have everything 100 times.
  8. A recipe for successful entrepreneurs Follow the recipe and you will be successful!