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How to Submit Your Content to Reddit



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When it comes to submitting content on Reddit, it is not like any other social media site you have submitted to. It requires a lot of consideration, from the topic, title, to which subreddit you submit to. This presentation will explain those considerations and improve your chances for success.

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How to Submit Your Content to Reddit

  1. What is Spam? • Submitting your own content, be careful (10%) • If you don’t reply and comment • Submitting off-topic links to a community • Submitting too much to a community • If your submissions keep getting downvoted, but you keep submitting • • List of suspected spammer accounts
  2. Comment Before Submitting
  3. Comment Upcoming Stories
  4. The Right Subreddit
  5. Front Page • 50 popular Subreddits •
  6. • Domain search for what is already working Research
  7. Subreddit Rules
  8. Subreddit Rules • Links vs. Text • Title Requirements • Account or Content Age
  9. • Large vs Active
  10. Impress the Mods
  11. • Review Moderators for their interests • Submit what they submit
  12. • Review TOP and Controversial Research
  13. • Domain Search • 3 Months Research
  14. The Right Title • Useful, provide context, and be descriptive • Title and description combined • Avoid Title Case • Avoid aggressive calls to action • Spread the word! • Unbelievable • Avoid being discredited
  15. The Right Title
  16. • 10am EST or when right mods are active ;) Submit at the Right Time
  17. Is it Moderated? • Log out on /new • Page by page outside of /new • Look for upvoted • If yes, contact the mods • Be smart on phrasing • Learn from feedback
  18. Logarithmic Voting Algorithm
  19. Logarithmic Voting Algorithm
  20. Stay Engaged • Vote on comments • Respond where appropriate • Don’t be defensive • Don’t overdo it
  21. Things to Remember  Don’t focus on Spamming or Gaming Reddit  Comment first and regularly  Pick the right Subreddits  Identify the best content to submit  Proper titles are essential  Stay engage and present  Focus on the long term!

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  • (notes for brent) I will actually use Reddit when I am looking for Titles around content!
  • (notes for brent) I will actually use Reddit when I am looking for Titles around content!
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