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SXSW 2016: The Need To Knows


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SXSW Interactive is amazing this year! I’m talking VR, AR, IoT, enter next acronym here, and even the P.O.T.U.S. made an appearance.

SXSW plays an increasingly important role in revolutionizing interactive media. While often known as a hotbed for tech startups, it’s the discussions around practical applications of such media, the opportunities they present, and the surrounding implications that have attracted the attention of a growing number of brands, platforms, and creators each year.

In this webinar we share key takeaways from SXSW 2016 and discuss what each means for the year ahead.

Published in: Marketing, Technology
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SXSW 2016: The Need To Knows

  1. Highlights This Year
  2. •  Obama on technology! •  Branded experiences, not just content! •  Artificial intelligence! •  New influence! •  Revitalized medium: audio! •  Healthy tech!
  3. Obama on technology!
  4. How can we use data, analytics and tech more effectively?! “It is much easier to order pizza or a trip than it is for you to exercise the single most important task in democracy, and that is to select who’s going to represent you in government.!
  5. What does it mean?!
  6. Branded experiences,! Not just content!
  7. Is 2016 (finally) the year of VR and AR?! “A new computing platform always emerges every 10 or 15 years… [and] VR is currently the most promising candidate.”! Mark Zuckerberg!
  8. Exponential growth expected!
  9. What does this mean for brands?! •  Brands will need to create immersive experiences, not just photos or gifs! •  This is an opportunity for sophisticated storytelling and deeper consumer engagement!
  10. Lessons from Pro’s! 1.  The Medium Is The Message: continuous push and pull between content, narrative, and technology.! 2.  The Fidelity Contract: The creator must set their priorities so as not to overwhelm the audience. ! 3.  Establish The North: Introduce a focal point; people need to know where to look and how to follow the story.! 4.  Solve The Role Of The Camera: is the camera a character or invisible presence? ! 5.  Test, Test, and Test: Make sure the story truly engages the audience.! Ricardo Laganaro, film director at O2 Films (and Director of Facebook’s most- viewed 360 video) and Gabo Arora, Filmmaker and UN Senior Advisor. ! Read more: !
  11. A baby step! •  Play with the technology via Google Cardboard (~$10)! •  Experiment with Haptics: “Touch is the most powerful human sense we experience in our everyday lives” Immersion! •  Try haptics out: !
  12. Artificial Intelligence!
  13. Will AI replace humans?!
  14. Friendly AI: Meet Pepper!
  15. What does this mean for brands?! •  It’s not the future, AI has arrived! •  Extremely advanced data processing to reveal insights, patterns and relationships! •  Enables advanced marketing personalization! •  Could you partner to create new services and products? !
  16. New Influence!
  17. Social media was the great democratizer! “In the world of social everyone can be a celebrity or a critic... It's the great democratiser”! Kerry Washington, actress!
  18. Some influence is positive: eSports!
  19. Other influence is not!
  20. What does this mean?! •  Brands must navigate the influencer 2.0 territory carefully! •  Tech brands have a role in preventing online harassment. Read more: role-in-curbing-online-harassment/ ! •  Content creators have defined the ‘rules of engagement’ in this new world. Find out what they are:! •  Prepare for the good, the bad and the ugly with a thorough crisis plan !
  21. Revitalized Medium: Audio!
  22. Live Audio Apps!
  23. What does this mean?! •  Audio content is not dead! •  Especially useful for B2B brands !
  24. Healthy Tech!
  25. Healthy living enablement!
  26. Healthy living enablement!
  27. Do Good Tech: 3D printing for children without limbs!
  28. What does this mean?! •  The health tech movement is not dying: it’s becoming more practical ! •  Could you partner with one of these innovative technologies or devices? Think Lulu Lemon and Muse. ! •  How can your product and brand promote healthy living or wellness? ! •  For pharma and health brands, could your R&D team share results or conduct research live? ! •  Should a pharma have an event activation at SXSW 2017?!
  29. Our Top Picks!
  30. Questions? Hannah Law" Vice President, Regional" Social@Ogilvy @HannahLaw Peter Fasano Global Consulting Principal, Digital Strategy, OgilvyRED @PFasano Hugh Forrest Director, SXSW Interactive Festival @Hugh_W_Forrest Lisa Hammitt Cognitive Computing and Data Science Executive, IBM @LisaHammitt