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Zarko Maletin - Plug n Play Tech Center - Stanford Engineering - Mar 12 2012


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Zarko Maletin - Plug n Play Tech Center - Stanford Engineering - Mar 12 2012

  1. 1. Pan-European Deal Flowin Silicon Valle and San Francisco Valley March 2012
  2. 2. We Manage Plug and Play Tech CenterPlug and Play Tech Center is an International Business Accelerator situated in the heart of Silicon Valley,focused on high-tech companies. Since launch in 2006 we have supported 500+ startups in the heart ofSilicon Valley, creating over $2 billion in value through IPO and M&A.Since it’s inception in 2006, Plug and Play startups have raised over $1bn. In 2011 the Plug and PlayStartup Community raised more than $350m.In 2011 the Plug and Play Startup community had over $500 million worth of acquisitions.Plug and Play community is currently located at three locations in Northern California and counts 380 start-ups today. Sunnyvale Redwood City Palo Alto Sunnyval e
  3. 3. Plug & Play Eco-system & Silicon Valley AdvantagePlug & Play is a direct interface betweenSilicon Valley and Office OffiStart-ups from it’s community: Executives Space- Largest cluster of technology in Events companies worldwide Residence- 400,000+ high-tech workers- Highest concentration of venture Service capital funding (~60 % of US) Recruiting Partners- World-class World class academic / R&D resources through Stanford, UCB, UCSF, UCSC, UCD, Lawrence Plug and Play Livermore Labs, NASA Ames International Entrepreneurs M&A/ Funding Technology Data Partners Center Startup y University Camp Program
  4. 4. Ecosystem of Continuous Interaction DAILY WEEKLY MONTHLY QUARTERLY •Plug and Play •Executive in •CEO Talks •EXPO Series Ventures is hosting Residence •Plug and Play •EXPO from 1 to 5 VCs Brainstorming Angels (PAPA) •University EXPO large high-tech •New T N Tenant t •Community •International corporations and Orientation Meeting Meeting EXPO connecting to in •Daily Deal flow •Plug and Play •Startup Camp average Sessions Mobile Meetupp 20 start-ups a d t t day Over 400 sessions a Year with VC Firms, Corporate Partners, Angel Groups, 4 major Investment Forums a year, over 50 conferences annually. 4
  5. 5. Plug & Play Ventures Advisory arm of Plug and Play - Plug & Play Ventures built extensive relationships with bothinstitutional investors, global corporations and angel investors in Northern California. Clients of the PnPVentures include: over 180 venture capital firms, 150 leading large high-tech corporations, over 400 angelinvestors, and finally over 400 early, middle-market start-ups and emerging growth companies. Plug & Play Ventures built a rapidly growing practice, cultivating strong relationships with keydecision makers in venture capital community. Plug & Play Ventures is serving the unique transactional communityneeds and advisory to the high-tech start-ups and companies in connection with:1) Capital Raise and Financing (from seed rounds over angel rounds to venture rounds) )2) Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) g q ( )3) Strategic Business Development. Over 180 400 50 Corporate Venture Capital Partnerships Angels g Venture Arms
  6. 6. International RelationshipsInternational Department of the PnP is supporting startups with the initial logistics, orientation and advicethrough structured training programs.PnP has is serving start-ups through institutional cooperation with the following governments around the start upsworld: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Malaysia,New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, UK, Ireland, Finland, Spain, Norway, Netherlands,Denmark. Belgium UK Germany Czech Republic Spain/Barcelona Estonia Ireland Finland Denmark Norway Slovakia Austria Holland Portugal Bulgaria 6
  7. 7. Unique Transatlantic AdvantagePWC Accelerator Luxembourg gPlug and Play Tech Center is a landing p g y g platform for more than 100 international start-ups – the majority p j yof which are from Europe. We have partnered with 16 foreign governments (10 European) and have builta rich infrastructure to handle the needs, objectives and results of their respective companies.PwC Accelerator powered by Plug and Play is a joined project of PWC in Luxembourg and Plug andPlay in California enjoying operational and technical support from the PNP Tech Center and it’s ecosystem.PwC Accelerator is reaching out to the most successful European startups through European PWCnetwork, universities, incubators and investment firmssourcing the best European deals forthe expansion to Silicon Valley p yand Global markets. PwC Accelerator,  P C A l   powered by PnPEuropean Government Incubator at PnP in Silicon ValleySili  V llEuropean PnPGovernment  Partners