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Tallinn Tech Strategy


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Published in: Education, Travel, Technology
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Tallinn Tech Strategy

  1. 1. Innovation 1918 - 2018Entrepreneural University For Science Alar Kolk Vice Rector, Innovation & Internationalisation
  2. 2. Tallinn Tech key topics: How to recruit talented professors? How to recruit smart students?How to be accelerated by innovation? If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein
  3. 3. Engineering the mind of the future
  4. 4. Technology & Entrepreneurship The New Way ForwardsObservations: Criteria US Europe Comparison Comment• EU 2020 declaration highly Economies in same focussed (#1 issue) on GDP (2010) 14.66 T$ 14.82 T$ Ballpark innovation and Europe invents entrepreneurship. Domestic Patents +65% more (actually 82000 135000• Invention (ideas,patents ) (2009) much more because no SW patents in Europe, is good, but CII) Europe only ~ 1/5th commercialization is not. the VC• Very low VC activity in EU VC activity (H1’2010) 12.4 B$ 2.6 B$ (1/5th US), huge equity GAP % of population that US is 50% higher• Attitude of consider 67% 45% entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship failure not being an option % of Population that US is 289% higher 13% 4.5% a big hindering factor. become entrepreneurs• Need to catch-up on some US 40% higher % of population that 20+ years of accept possible 75% 54% entrepreneurship education failure in a startup• Need to broaden where and Trying to catch up 20- Entrepreneurship how entrepreneurship is 25years of Education 1980’s Early 2000’s and attitude Education since taught• Need to get EU success Programs in HE and now starting in K12 rates (20%) close to US Breadth (# types) 8 1-2 (30%).
  5. 5. InnovationIdeasBusiness ModelsEntrepreneurship
  6. 6. Shifting to the21 st century Learning Researching
  7. 7. building bridges
  8. 8. Tallinn Tech =international + innovation
  9. 9. Tallinn Techinternational + innovation = international student recruitment + companies  international R&D + companies  internship + companies  study program + compnies Companies are essential part of the Value Creation in Tallinn Tech!!!
  10. 10. internship revolution
  11. 11. International Tallinn Tech!!! Ca 700 international students from more then 65 countries study in TUT today.Ca 400 new international students started their studies in Tallinn Tech Fall 2011. Tallinn Tech is the most international university as well the most international organisation in Estonia.
  12. 12. Tallinn Tech cooperating in International MarketsFocus on master and PHD students!International activities in selected markets:• Finland• China• Turkey• India (2013), Brazil (2014), Korea (2015)
  13. 13. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SAY ESTONIA IS THE BEST COUNTRY FOR STAY!!!*Estonia ranked 1st in the ESN Survey 2010 regarding the average satisfaction level for stay in the hosting country institution. ** ESN Survey is one of the biggest international student surveys in Europe.
  14. 14. Vision 2015: Tallinn Tech’s top qualityresearch is tied with globally recognized enterprises.
  15. 15. Tallinn Tech key partners:• Leading research universities: – Nordic countires: (KTH, Aalto), – China (Jao Tong, Fudan) – USA (Stanford, Berkeley)• High tech start-ups (spinn-offs) • International Corporations
  16. 16. 15 Masters level study programmes in English • International Business Administration (MBA) • International Relations and European Studies • Law and Technology Law • Finance and Economic Analysis • Technology Governance • Cyber Security • Software Engineering • Computer Systems & Engineering • Communicative Electronics • Industrial Engineering and Management• Environmental Management and Cleaner Production • Materials and Processes of Sustainable Energetics • Health Care Technology • Design and Engineering
  17. 17. Tallinn Tech: Health Care Technology
  18. 18. Tallinn Tech:• Computer Systems & Engineering • Cyber Security
  19. 19. Tallinn Tech: Design & Engineering
  20. 20. Tallinn Tech: Technology Law
  21. 21. Tallinn Tech in Action internationalisation in the marketSilicon Valley Corps ShanghaiStanford, Berkeley 211 RD Universities Enterprise Estonia, Aalto cooperation
  22. 22. Tallinn Tech (TUT) in Silicon Valley Plug and Play TechCenter440 N.Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale California 94085, USA
  23. 23. Researchers exchange from 2012Students, researchers, staff exchange from 2009
  24. 24. Tallinn Tech studentsintensive training inSilicon Valley (2012):• Stanford• Berkeley• Venture Capitalists• Accelerators• Tech corporations
  25. 25. Silicon Valley Professors in Tallinn Tech• Recent Visits and Teaching in Tallinn Tech: – Dr. Burton Lee, Stanford – Prof. Oussama Khatib, Stanford – Prof. Glenn Ballard, UC Berkeley – Dr. Keith Devlin, Stanford – Dr. Lisa Harper, UC Berkeley
  26. 26. Super Agile Innovation!
  27. 27. Integration & Balance! ScienceTeaching Innovation
  28. 28. MeKTory! Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Organisation for You!  Interdisciplinary platform  Attracting international students  Integration of study and practiceBusiness Model Engineering * Mobile & Media Services * Design & Engineering
  29. 29. Inter-diciplinarity between international students Start upEntrepreneurs Corp Business MeKTory! • Applied research Quality • Business models Master or • Prototype PHD Thesis • Growth Scientific Career! Professors
  30. 30. Europes hottest start-up capitals: Tallinn* SKYPE IT Academy *Titled by Wired Magazine, August 2011
  31. 31. Tallinn Tech ecosystem... Ideas DevelopTechnology MeKTory Test TechServ Growth NorTic ProtoFund Tehnopolis Tallinn Tech International Mobile Media …creates value for professors, students and companies – enhances our ecosystem!