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Silicon Valley Start

Silicon Valley Start seminars present an overview covering the essentials you need to know to make your carreer in academia and start up your business successfully in Silicon Valley. Workshop speakers are experienced executives, venture capitalists and pioneering researchers.

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Silicon Valley Start

  1. 1. Silicon Valley Start Alar KolkVice Rector, Innovation & InternationalisationOpen Growth & Internationalisation!
  2. 2. Tallinn Tech =international + innovation
  3. 3. Europes hottest start-up capitals: Tallinn* *Titled by Wired Magazine, August 2011
  4. 4. International Tallinn Tech! Ca 700 international students from more then 65 countries study in TUT today.Ca 400 new student started their studies in Tallinn Tech Fall 2011.Tallinn Tech is the most international university as well the most international organisation in Estonia.
  5. 5. 13 Masters level study programmes in English • International Business Administration (MBA) • International Relations and European Studies • Law • Technology Governance • Cyber Security • Software Engineering • Computer and Systems Engineering • Communicative Electronics • Industrial Engineering and Management• Environmental Management and Cleaner Production • Materials and Processes of Sustainable Energetics • Health Care Technology • Design and Engineering
  6. 6. Tallinn Tech: Health Care Technology
  7. 7. Tallinn Tech: Technology Law
  8. 8. Tallinn Tech: Computer Systems & Engineering
  9. 9. Tech:Tallinn Tech: Design & Engineering
  10. 10. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SAY ESTONIA IS THE BEST COUNTRY FOR STAY!!!*Estonia ranked 1st in the ESN Survey 2010 regarding the average satisfaction level for stay in the hosting country institution. ** ESN Survey is one of the biggest international student surveys in Europe.
  11. 11. Tallinn Tech =international + innovation
  12. 12. Tallinn Tech key topics: How to recruit talented professors? How to recruit smart students?How to make money from innovation? If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein
  13. 13. Shifting to the21 st century Learning
  14. 14. vision connecting implementation
  15. 15. building bridges
  16. 16. Integration & Balance! ScienceTeaching Innovation
  17. 17. Tallinn Tech in Action internationalisation in the marketSilicon Valley Corps ShanghaiStanford, Berkeley Growth Universities Enterprise Estonia, Aalto cooperation
  18. 18. We believe that this universityshould commit itself to achievingthe goal, before this decade is out,of installing our technologies and science in the companies of theSilicon Valley and benefiting from the investments to the Estonia.
  19. 19. We choose to go to the Silicon Valley!
  20. 20. We choose to go to the Silicon Valley, not because this is easy, but because this is hard, because that goal will serve to organise and measure the best of our professors and skills, because that challenge isone that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win.
  21. 21. Tallinn Tech (TUT) in Silicon Valley Plug and Play TechCenter440 N.Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale California 94085, USA
  22. 22. Journey to Silicon Valley!
  23. 23. Why to Grow inSilicon Valley
  24. 24. Nerds
  25. 25. RichPeople
  26. 26. Do we really need Rich People?No, but they make things go much faster!
  27. 27. Super Agile Innovation!
  28. 28. Market Value $ 352,062,807,250
  29. 29. Its not only R&D, but alsoentreprenurship and market/ing
  30. 30. Downtown San Jose
  31. 31. Silicon Valley Professors in Tallinn Tech 2011• Open Lectures and Teaching (June – Dec): – Dr. Burton Lee, Stanford – Prof. Oussama Khatib, Stanford – Prof. Glenn Ballard, UC Berkeley – Dr. Keith Devlin, Stanford
  32. 32. Tallinn Tech Silicon Valley Office 2012• Tallinn Tech Students’ Internship in Silicon Valley – Nokia Silicon Valley Office, Guzik Instruments• Best Students will Get Training in Silicon Valley – April 2012 first students will get full week training in SV• Joint Operations with Stanford and Berkeley – Porfessors and Students mobility – US and Silicon Valley Week, March 2012• Long Term Research Cooperation with Companies – Nokia, Microsoft, Google, Cisco – Health Care companies – IBM, Intel
  33. 33. What do you need to start tonight? …vision? …money, time? …bravery?2nd Dec 06:45 Tallinn - San Francisco