How to Web 2011 Event Presentation


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How to Web 2011 Event Presentation

  1. 1. Eastern European Conference onWeb Entrepreneurship andTechnology3rd Edition
  2. 2. Confe re nc e ove rvie wMost Important Web Entrepreneurial Eventin Eastern Europe Information based presentations, no sales pitches allowed. Hands-on workshops on web & mobile technologies Regional networking event, global exposure Connecting Eastern Europe to the global web Searching for the Eastern European success model in web tech
  3. 3. Aft e r H ow t o We b 2 0 1 0 2 days event, 23 international speakers, 24 talks & panels, 4 workshops, 2 great parties National and international media exposure, social media champ Top class experience, 90% of participants evaluated the event as very good or exceptional Awarded Best IT&C event of the year by IDG Romania at RoCS 2010
  4. 4. H ow T o We b Confe re nc e 2 0 1 19-10 November 2011, Bucharest, Romania 750+ participants, 35+ international speakers The Talks: 24 presentations and panels on entrepreneurship, business development and web trends The Works: 12 tech workshops on web technology, software and mobile development The Expo: 30 tech startups & companies
  5. 5. T he T a lk s 30 minutes talks (including Q&A) 15 presentations 6 panels Focusing on the future of web, Eastern Europes entrepreneurs, How Tos, business development, financing, social and mobile trends
  6. 6. K e y-not e rs Mark Randall Chief Strategist, Digital Media at Adobe, 20+ years of entrepreneurship, top-class speaker Carlos Espinal Partner at Seedcamp, the most popular web entrepreneurship support program
  7. 7. Ac c e le ra t or re pre se nt a t ive s Reshma Sohoni Jon Bradford Partner at Seedcamp, the most Managing director at Springboard popular web entrepreneurship & Iginte 100, ex-VC manager, ex- support program founder of The Difference Engine Roxanne Varza Chris Kowalczyk Communications & Events Partner at GammaRebels, Partner Manager at Startupbootcamp, at HardGamma Ventures / UBIK Editor at TechCrunch France Business Consulting Mikko Järvenpää Chief Marketing Geek at HackFwd, innovative geek support program
  8. 8. BAs & V C re pre se nt a t ive s Radu Georgescu Sitar Teli President at GECAD Group, Investment Principal at Doughty experienced tech Hanson Technology Ventures, entrepreneur experienced startup consultant Alex Hoye Dan Lupu Business angel & tech advisor, Investment director at Intel Capital, Ex CEO, CTO, CFO or CMO one of the most important VC funds in Eastern Europe Michael Jackson Chris Grew Partner at Mangrove Capital Partner at Orrick, Partner, previously VP at Skype advisor for tech companies on investments, business angel
  9. 9. T op c la ss Europe a n st a rt ups Alastair Mitchell Eric Wahlforss Founder and CEO of Huddle, Founder of Soundcloud, best best B2B European entreprise European music sharing service service awarded at Startup100 awarded at Startup100 Some of the best European Startups, according to The Telegraph Tech Start-up 100 competition, most important European start-up competition of the year
  10. 10. Ea st e rn Europe a n e nt re pre ne urs Miki Devici Branco Milutinovic Founder of HTTPool, one of Founder and CEO of Nordeus, the biggest advertising producer of Top Eleven, the network in CEE most played online sport game in the world Adam Somlai Fischer Vladimir Oane Co-founder and CEO of Founder of, UberVU, winner of Seedcamp Innovative storytelling tool 2008, all-around great geek Mihai Seceleanu Alexandru Costin Co-founder and CEO of EiR at Adobe, developing the InternetCorp & Kuponiada, BusinessCatalyst SaaS, ex- one of the biggest daily deals founder of InterAKT website
  11. 11. M obile & soc ia l e x pe rt s Thai Tran Founder of Lightbox, Max Niederhofer Ex-product manager of Google Founder and CEO of Qwerly, Maps, ex-product manager of social identity analytics tool, ex. YouTube associate at Atlas Venture Philipp Kandal Michael Co-founder and GM of Skobbler, Breidenbucker winner of the most innovative Founder of RjDj, innovative European LBS startup at Navteq music freak LBS Challenge 2009 Felix Petersen Co-founder of Amen & Plazes, ”one of the pioneering start-ups Konstantin Hristov in the context and location based Co-founder and CEO of Favit, services area” ac. to TechCrunch the ultimate social streamer
  12. 12. Pa ne l m ode ra t ors Martin Bryant European editor at, Europes no. 1 tech blog Ivan Brezak Brkan Founder and Chief editor of Netokracija, most important tech blog in South-Eastern Europe
  13. 13. T he Work s 45 minutes workshops 12 workshops single threaded Focusing on web technologies, the social web, HTML 5, mobile development, entrepreneurship
  14. 14. Busine ss spe a k e rs Peter Csikos Daniela Neumann CEO of Gravity RD, previous business advisor, BDM at Playmob, ex. Product technology transfer expert, manager at XING, business development director etc. Marius Ghenea Marcin Grodzicki Serial entrepreneur, business BDA at AdTally, co-founder of angel, promoter of, ex-winner of entrepreneurship and innovation Seedcamp 2008 with Codility
  15. 15. T e c h spe a k e rs Mihai Corlan Bogdan Sandulescu Developer Evangelist at Adobe, Product manager of UberVU, web geek passioned by web and the guy in charge of managing 10 mobile interfaces Terrabytes of data Philipp Kandal Co-founder and GM of Skobbler, winner of the most innovative European LBS startup at Navteq LBS Challenge 2009
  16. 16. Com m unit y le a de rs ba c k e d e ve ntOana Calugar Alin Mechenici Lucian Todea Vukašin StojkoviQuest, Cluj JCI, Craiova ITNT, Sibiu ICT SEE, BelgradeRadu Ticiu Ivan Brezak Brkan Carmen Ciulacu Vladimir TrkuljaIST, Timisoara Netocratia, Zagreb IDG, Bucharest ICT SEE, Belgrade
  17. 17. An a w e som e ve nue The very new Crystall Palace Ballrooms can accommodate up to 2500 guests, in a vast and modern space just 10 minutes away by car from Unirii Squre (center of Bucharest).
  18. 18. H T W T e c h Buse s Free buses coming from Budapest, Cluj, Timisoara, Belgrad, Sofia, Iasi, dedicated to the participants at How to Web 2011 Other cities, like Kiev, Zagreb or Sibiu, may be added to the list 4* or 5* buses, great traveling conditions Wi-Fi available HTW Tech Bus experience: TechTalks, speed networking, mini- hacks contests, themed movies (“Social Network”, “Pirates of Silicon Valley” etc.)
  19. 19. M ini-e ve nt s going on How to Web Startup ChallengeHTWs own start-up competition dedicated to Eastern European start-ups, offering free expo space, networking opportunities and prizes Speed networking dedicated spaceSpeed networking program for putting in contact the participants and the speakers at How to Web. Book & product launches, contests etc.
  20. 20. Work ing w it h t he be st
  21. 21. T ic k e t pric e 100* EUR to 250* EUR Limited series of discounted tickets for students*VAT included
  22. 22. T ha nk youfor your int e re st !