Silicon Valley and Its Siblings - Action Report - March 2011


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Silicon Valley and Its Siblings - Action Report - March 2011

  2. 2. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGS CONTENTS International Summit on Entrepreneurship and Innovation " ................................................ 3 Morning Session 1—Strategies for getting in the US Market!............................................. 4 Morning Session 2—Business development for startups and venture capital access for foreign startups!................................................................................................. 5 Afternoon Session—Next steps and action items for moving forward !.............................. 7 Reflections "......................................................................................................................... 9 Evening Session—Speakers and networking !.................................................................. 10 Event agenda "................................................................................................................... 11 Bridge Organizations "....................................................................................................... 12TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 2
  3. 3. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSInternational Summit onEntrepreneurship and Innovation The City of San José’s Office of technology hub, event organizers helping startup companies from theirEconomic Development and The sought to capture the dynamic inter- home countries.Mexican Technology Business play of attitudes, ideas and actions— While an agenda was created toAccelerator (TechBA) gathered the secret soup—that drives entrepre- provide structure and help focus thetogether more than twenty foreign neurship and innovation in this region. discussions, flexibility and creativitygovernment representatives, inter- were intentionally built into the Event Goalsnational business associations and process through dialogic The event organizers designed thebridge organizations in the Silicon communication facilitation methods Summit to enable bridge organizationValley to the first annual International that are designed to bridge diverse leaders to achieve four goals:Summit on Entrepreneurship and cultures, experiences and areas of • Share experiences and learn aboutInnovation: “Silicon Valley and Its expertise, and to help participants emerging trends and industry bestSiblings.” learn from those differences. practices; The purposes of the Summit were • Meet and network with diasporasto give bridge organization leaders an from around the world that haveopportunity to explore and share best established their operation base inpractices for starting, incubating and the Silicon Valley;accelerating startups, and to identify • Develop ways to bridge thethe resources available for entrepre- entrepreneurship and innovation ofneurs and others to create financially the San Jose-Silicon Valley regionsuccessful companies that produce to other countries; andsocial value. By locating of the Summit • Explore forming working groups toin Silicon Valley, the premier global build an association of business incubators and accelerators interested in networking and meeting on a regular basis. Event Format The participants engaged in a full- day event: The Summit brought together people Morning session (8:30-12:00) to from all over the world. share best practices and strategies for startups to land and grow in the Evening session (17:00-21:30) Silicon Valley ecosystem and to provided bridge organizations, their identify and utilize the diversity of affiliates, and their own diaspora a resources in this region. chance to network with people and Afternoon session (13:30-16:30) organizations around the world, hear to plan action steps to help bridge presentations from regional and organizations capture the spirit of national leaders as well as a panel of Silicon valley and be successful in expert speakers.City of San José RotundaTechBA Silicon Valley! Page 3
  4. 4. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSMorning Session 1 Experiences, challenges, andStrategies for getting in the US Market:best practices TechBA CEO Jorge Zavala Groups’ diagrams were Home country FUNNEL!OF!NEW!PROJECTSopened the morning session by recorded on large sheets of paperwelcoming the participants to the and posted on the conferenceSummit and introduced the event room walls. Participants were INCUBATIONfacilitator Shawn Spano (Communi- encouraged to be creative incation Consultant and Professor at developing their ecosystem Product enters Silicon ValleySan José State University). diagrams by using icons, pictures, ACCELERATION Participants self-organized into and colors as well as written text. Malleable productfour groups. Their first task was to Best Strategies for Entering thediscuss and diagram the best Silicon Valley Business Ongoingstrategies for entering the Silicon Ecosystem ADAPTATIONValley business ecosystem with the Flexibility to change and to the ecosystem by immersion Lean Producthelp of following focus questions: adapt to markets was considered Research & Development • What are your experiences landing crucial for businesses entering in Silicon Valley, and helping Silicon Valley. Products or services Release early Improvement companies get into the US should be malleable enough to enter market? What strategies were the market, and once there, co- most successful? What strategies creation of the products together were not as successful? with market feedback should be • Discuss the strategies for the sustained as an ongoing process. Voice of Customer different entities on the Business The groups also thought that Development ecosystem: successful business leaders should Depiction of a successful process to enter the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Services, customers, distributor, adopt a perspective that captures the supplier, etc. (the “What”). richness, pace, and flavor of Silicon Related to learning, groups also • Discuss how the various entities in Valley’s cultural diversity. In addition to reported that willingness to share the system interact and function, getting acquainted with the local knowledge and experiences with others alone and in relation to each other cultures, these leaders should adopt a and finding the right mentors can help (the “How”). What are the global perspective because of Silicon companies survive in the dynamic successful interactions? Valley’s worldwide reach and ecosystem. Furthermore, connecting influence. From this standpoint, the with academia enables companies to business leaders need to develop an learn emerging new research trends effective sales pitch with a keen focus that can foster innovation. on their target markets. Networking with the right people Learning to listen and learn was and organizations emerged as one of mentioned as another crucial strategic the major themes from the four groups. skill for those businesses who wish to Among other things, the groups succeed in Silicon Valley. Particularly highlighted the importance of trust in important was the ability to learn how building relationships and networking to to fail. new partners, clients, and customers.TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 4
  5. 5. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSMorning Session 2 venture capital access forBusiness development for startups andforeign startups: Experiences, challenges, and best practices After the groups reported out from Partnerships. BuildingMorning Session 1, summit partici- partnerships with companies andpants next formed four groups with organizations in the local ecosystempeople they had not had a chance to as well as large internationalwork with yet. companies was a strategy that was Each group created a Business seen as helping new companies buildResources Ecosystem diagram on a strength in the local businesslarge sheet of paper that identified the ecosystem. Like in all relationships, ittypes of resources that contribute to is important that the companies bethe success of a company entering Mindmap for conceptualizing the smart and exercise caution inSilicon Valley, and the strategies that second discussion topic. selecting potential partners.were used to obtain and leverage the Knowledge and talent. Another alumni groups and expat networks inresources. Again, participants were valuable strategy to enter Silicon the process of adapting to a newencouraged to be creative in Valley markets was finding the right ecosystem.developing their diagrams. mentor. One interesting idea was that For successful networking, Two questions were used to help the best mentoring comes from people companies also have to know how tofocus the groups’ discussions: who do not have much time to spend pitch themselves effectively. • What are your experiences helping because this pushes both the mentor For all networking activities, trust companies pursue and obtain and the mentee to focus on the building was seen as critical for business resources (knowledge, essential elements for success. building successful and sustainable venture capital, other financial, relationships. government, etc.)? • What business resources and Inflow of good ideas what strategies for obtaining those resources have you found to be Law most successful? What resources Networking Consultants $ VC demo and strategies are not as Universities Incubation Start early Platforms SERVICE successful? Finance ACCESS PR PROVIDERS Market VC R&D assessment PartnershipsBest Strategies for Obtaining HARD! WORK Government Access to policyResources in Silicon Valley makers (regulators) SV mindset Finance Networking. The most prominent Filterstrategy for new companies in Filterobtaining vital resources in Silicon FilterValley was networking. The groupssaid that this strategy was importantfor support, finding potentialpartnerships, and obtaining multipleperspectives and advice. One group This diagram illustrates the relative importance of obtaining different resources atpointed out the usefulness of various various stages of starting a business in Silicon Valley.TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 5
  6. 6. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSMorning Session 2Shawn Spano, Jean-Louis Racine,Kyoung Moo Kwon, and Ana Greiflistening to a group report. Adolfo Tavera, Nicolai Wadstrom, Omar Jacobo Monroy Soltero, and Jasmine Leng diagramming the best strategies to obtain resources. Furthermore, groups said that Cultural adaptation. Another with securing financial resources.companies can gain a strategic strategy was cultural adaptation, or Some of the best sources for fundingadvantage when they obtain talent the ability to bridge cultural differ- were believed to be angel investors,from local people, educational ences, adopt a Silicon Valley mindset, venture capitalists, government grantsinstitutions and consultants, keep up and immerse oneself in the new and programs, and local city support.with the latest research, and welcome culture in order to learn that culture. Groups also compared thea diversity of ideas. Groups thought that service advantages and disadvantages of Market assessment. A successful providers, such as lawyers, smart money. One one hand, smartstrategy to obtain resources is to accountants, and PR firms, as well as money would provide necessaryadopt an asking culture while doing a office space and other infrastructure knowledge in the company, on thethorough market assessment that needs, grew in importance later in the other hand, investors might acquirebegins early in the development of the process of entering Silicon Valley. too much power.product or service. It is vital that the Likewise, financing was not In addition to these views, groupscompanies have a deep understanding always seen as the first thing that agreed that it is equally important forof their customer markets, both in companies need to consider; the successful companies to give back toSilicon Valley and their home countries. groups thought that other steps their communities as a way of should need to be taken in parallel demonstrating social value.TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 6
  7. 7. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSAfternoon Session forward: How to create andNext steps and action items for movingprovide resources that will build on successful experiences, leveragebest practices and address issues and challenges? The afternoon session began by • What is the objective of this action The virtual platform wouldbrainstorming ideas to answer the step? What will success look like? initially be promoted through Twitterfollowing question: • Who should be involved in and LinkedIn, and later a more • How can we create and provide developing and implementing the complex solution, such as Ovalpath, ongoing resources that will build action step? could be utilized for user-generated on successful experiences, • What resources will be needed? materials. Examples about possible leverage best practices and How will they be obtained? content are: address issues and challenges? • What is the timeline? • information on relevant events, Participants’ ideas were recorded • What is the first thing that needs • resources of interest, like links toon flip charts and then grouped into to happen? The second? Third? publications,three main categories: Networking, Etc. • bridge organization directory, andContinuing Conversation, and • discussion groups to explore Networking Action Planning GroupMentoring. Results specific topics of interest. Participants then self-selected into Participants from the Networking The virtual platform could also beone of the three groups based on the used to identify the types of activities group suggested that interactioncategory they found the most among representatives from different or themes developed in the events.interesting to work on. These action bridge organizations would take place Events. The two targetplanning groups were guided by the on two platforms: a virtual platform audiences, managers of bridgefollowing questions: and face-to-face events. organizations and participating companies, have different interests, and those interests should be taken into consideration when designing meetings. Some events could also integrate representatives of other organizations based in Silicon Valley as a way to promote interaction among the actors involved. A key goal of the events would be to make them interesting and fun to attend. Moreover, meetings could have different formats: • Traditional networking event with a “superstar” speaker • Expert panel discussions • “Hot product” introductions • Region-specific events for showcasing workNetworking group from the left: Sohaimi Sharif, Eilif Trondsen, Emilio Martinez deVelasco Aguirre, and Peter Maranan.TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 7
  8. 8. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSAfternoon SessionContinuing Conversation Action Spontaneous gatherings wouldPlanning Group Results serve the purpose of networking and This group’s report echoed the relationship-building among bridgeNetworking group’s ideas: online organizations and their affiliates.platform for the bridge organizations Anyone in the network could simplyto network, share experiences and invite others to conferences, otherresources, and organize gatherings. events, lunch meetings, and also to TechBA offered to establish an exhibitions, wine tours, beach parties,online presence for the bridge and so on.organizations. From that basis, two Mentoring Action Planning Groupkinds of events would stem: yearly Resultsevents and spontaneous gatherings. This group defined mentoring as a Yearly events would be organized process of helping entrepreneurs to Continuing Conversation group fromby four bridge organizations at a time. the left: Lene Sjorslev Schulze, Minna execute.This turn would rotate yearly. The Holopainen, Lenka Kucerova, Jose Group participants noted that it ispurpose of the event would be to Pablo Mercado Uriarte, and Anselm a great challenge to build a network of Bossacoma.share best practices, new research, trusted, validated and motivatedand introduce guest speakers. In the The participants hoped that bridge people to mentor entrepreneurs and toevents, the most accomplished bridge organizations would develop a means help them find the right balance oforganizations would be awarded. of sharing best mentors’ knowledge. personal satisfaction, level of success, and recognition for their achievements.Mentoring group from the left: Jasmine Leng, Manabu Saito, Jean-Louis Racine, Kyoung Moo Kwon, Jorge Zavala, Jan Fried,Omar Jacobo Monroy Soltero, H. Kyu Lim, Richard Caro, Viki Forrest, and Nicolai Wadstrom.TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 8
  9. 9. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSReflections • Great ideas. How to move forward? • Perfect. Fruitful. Valuable. Inspiring. • Genuine desire to work together where/when objectives align • Good start!! Sharing info with similar but different organizations • If you run alone, you can run fast. If we run together, we can go far. The final segment of the day-long • Collaboration • Cozy. Fireside chat. That is, pavingportion of the Summit provided an • Enriching the way for greater sharingopportunity for participants to reflect • Enlightening :) between organizationson the session by writing down a word • Good • It is very helpful to understandor phrase that summarized their day’s • Learning what other bridge organizationsexperience. • Productive day are doing and how they are Here is what participants wrote on • Network executing work notes, which were displayed for • Co-creation • There’s tremendous value for BO’severyone to review: • Great + educational event. to come together. A structure is • Ideas + education = success required to get organized and • Thank god u people showed up! foster this value.TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 9
  10. 10. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSEvening SessionSpeakers and networking The City of San Jose sponsored James Robbins moderated athe evening session for bridge lively panel discussion that followedorganizations, their affiliate companies, on a topic How new startups areand their own diaspora. So in addition created at the speed of Silicon the bridge organization leaders who Panelists represented diverseparticipated in the day-long session, a backgrounds and perspectives in thelarger group of partners and other Silicon Valley business ecosystem:interested parties attended the • Eilif Trondsen, Ph.D. Programevening session, approximately 120 and Research Director, Strategicpeople in all. Business Insights San José City Council member • David Weekly Silicon ValleyRose Herrera welcomed the guests to entrepreneurSan José at the City Hall Rotunda. Her • Doug Davenport Lawrencecomments emphasized the Berkeley National Laboratory,importance of innovative startup Jean-Louis Racine from the World Bank Strategy and Development talked about Silicon Valley’s role in thecompanies to San José and the Environmental Energy Technology global economy and and resources that the Citycan provide to help ensure success. Economic Development gave a pres- After the guests had moved into entation about how the interactionsthe City Council Chambers, Kim and collisions of the globallyWalesh, the Director of City’s Office of connected talent fuel innovation in Silicon Valley. She emphasized companies’ need for tolerance for creative destruction and risk-taking. Next, Jean-Louis Racine from the World Bank discussed the World Bank’s perspective on innovation and the global economy. Mr. Racine mapped out the distribution of venture capital in the U.S., pointing out Silicon Valley’s unique role as the largest Panel discussion elicited numerous questions and responses from the venture capital cluster in the U.S. He audience. went on to demonstrate how the infusion of capital fueled Silicon To wrap up, facilitator Shawn Valley’s vigorous research and Spano summarized the day’s work, innovation in science and technology emphasizing key points from the sum- while contributing to the region’s mary above, and thanked the partici- robust private and financial sector pants for their enthusiasm, commit-Networking at City Hall Rotunda development. ment, and willingness to participate.TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 10
  11. 11. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSAgenda on Entrepreneurship and Innovation:International SummitSilicon Valley and Its SiblingsMarch 30, 2011, San José, California, United StatesParticipants will engage in a series of round tables and large group discussions designed to give all participating BridgeOrganization representatives the opportunity to share their experiences, learn best practices, and collaborate together onnext steps. Each organization will be able to share their experiences and best practices. A final list of issues, ideas andrecommendations will be recorded and analyzed by participants in the afternoon large group discussion.8:30 – 10:15 am! Round table: Strategies for getting in the US Market: Experiences, challenges, and best practices. Large group discussion." Location: TechBA offices10:45 am – 12:00 pm! Round table: Business development for Startups and Venture Capital Access for foreign startups: Experiences, challenges, and best practices. Large group Discussion." Location: TechBA offices12:00 – 1:30 pm! No-host lunch.1:30 – 4:30 pm! Next steps and action items for moving forward: How to create and provide resources that will build on successful experiences, leverage best practices and address issues and challenges?" Location: Martin Luther King Library, Room 225/229The City of San Jose is sponsoring a panel of experts and a networking event in the City Council Chamber and City HallRotunda. This event is open to Bridge Organizations, their affiliate companies, and their own diaspora.5:00 – 6:00 pm! Networking at City Hall Rotunda. Appetizers served.6:00 – 6:10 pm! Welcome from San Jose City Council member, Rose Herrera6:10 – 6:20 pm! The San Jose Silicon Valley Global Innovation Environment, Kim Walesh, Director, Office of Economic Development6:20 – 6:45 pm! World Bank Perspective on Innovation and Our Global Economy, Jean-Louis Racine Science, Technology and Innovation Specialist, Private and Financial Sector Development, Europe and Central Asia Region, The World BankTechBA Silicon Valley! Page 11
  12. 12. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSBridge OrganizationsAmericas " " C100" Argentina" Global TechBridge " " Atlee Clark" " 10 South Third St, 3rd Floor " " Program Director" " San Jose, CA 95113 " "" " Adolfo Nemirovsky " "" " " " Ron Pioveson " " Board Member" " Ministry of Economic Development " "" " Government of Buenos Aires" " PO Box C1293 ABA 1041Algarrobo St " Chile" ChileGlobal" " City of Buenos Aires, Argentina " " Monjitas 392, Piso 15" " Marcos Amadeo " " Santiago, Chile" " +54-11-4126-2950 ext. 3065 " " Molly Pollack" " " " Directora ChileGlobal " " +56-2-638-9810" Brazil" BayBrazil " "" " 508 Weybridge Drive" " San Jose CA 95123 " Colombia" Global Techbridge" " Margarise Correa " " 10 South Third St, 3rd Floor" " " " San Jose, CA 95113 " " Constanza Nieto" Canada" Consulate General of Canada, Silicon " " CEO Valley " " 408-694-3683" " 245 Lytton Avenue, 3rd Floor " "" " Palo Alto, CA 94301" " Thierry Weissenburger " Mexico" Mexico Innovation and Knowledge" " Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner (MINK) at our Consulate General in San " " Blvd. Agua Caliente 10611 Ste. 807 Francisco " " Col. Aviacion" " 650-543-8800 " " Tijuana B.C. C.P 22420, Mexico" " " " Omar Jacobo Monroy Soltero" " Tab Borden " " Intellectual Property" " Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner " " 619-962-3717 at our Consulate General in San " " Francisco " " Jose Pablo Mercado Uriarte" " 650-543-8811 " " +55-664-335-2940" " " "" "TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 12
  13. 13. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSBridge Organizations" Mexico" TechBA Silicon Valley " " Alfredo Coppola" " 1737 N. First St. #110 " " Director, Business Development" " San Jose, CA 95112 " " 408-351-3300" " Jorge Zavala " "" " CEO Europe" " " Belgium" Flanders Investment and Trade" " Adolfo Tavera " " Consulate General of Belgium" " Director " " 155 Montgomery Street, Suite 204" " " " San Francisco, CA 94104" " Jose Mendez-Director " " Annik Bouquet" " Call Center Program " " Director of Technology" " " " 415-546-5255 (T), 415-546-3144 (M)" " 408-821-6297 " "" USA" Citrix Systems " Catalonia" Government of Catalonia, Ministry of" " Citrix Start Up Accelerator Innovation" " 4555 Great America Parkway " " Universities and Entrepreneurial Affairs" " Santa Clara, CA 95054 " " 10 South Third St, 3rd Floor" " John McIntyre " " San Jose, CA 94113" " Senior Director " " Anselm Bossacoma" " 408-790-8227 (T), 408-391-0404 (M) " " Executive Director" " " " 408-627-7226 " "" " National Business Incubator Association" " 7027 E. Kenyon Dr. " Czech" CzechInvest - East Coast" " Tucson, AZ 95054 " Republic" 321 East 73rd St" " Ana Grief " " New York, NY 10021" " International Programs Officer " " Jan Fried" " 520-869-1775 " " Head of East Coast Operations" " " " 347-216 93 55 " "" " US Market Access Center" " 10 South Third St, 3rd Fl " " CzechInvest - West Coast! ! San José, CA 95113 " " 440 N Wolfe Rd." " Omar Mencin " " Sunnyvale, CA, 94085" " CEO " " Lenka Kucerova" " 408-351-3300 " " Head of West Coast Operations" " " " 408 524 1690 (T), 415 794 0665 (M) " " "TechBA Silicon Valley! Page 13
  14. 14. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSBridge Organizations" Denmark" Innovation Center Denmark " Finland" FinPro" " 200 Page Mill Road " " 3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 110" " Palo Alto, CA 94306 " " Santa Clara, CA 95054" " " "" " Camilla Rygaard-Hjalsted ! ! Pekka Pärnänen" " Executive Director " " Head of Finpro Silicon Valley" " " " 408-748-7400 (T), 408-799-6655 (M)" " 650 543 3181 " "" " Lene Sjorslev Schulze " " Mika Eriksson" " Account Manager " " Director, Client Relations" " 650-543-3182 (T), 415 812 6646 (M) " "" "" " Marianna Lubanski " " Tekes" " Director of Innovation Center Denmark, " " 3945 Freedom Circle, Suite 110 Silicon Valley " " Santa Clara, CA 95054 " "" " 650-543-3180 " " Kaarlela Mirja " " Head of Tekes Silicon Valley" " Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark " " 408-748-7400 (T), 408-893-8237 (M)" " 2, Asiatisk Plads " "" " DK-1448 Copenhagen K" " Denmark " Germany" German American Business Association" " Anita Nielsen (GABA)" " Investment Manager, Clean Tech " " 1715 Villa St, Ste G" " 650-543-3186 " " Mountain View, CA 94041" " " " Thomas Neubert " " 650-386-5015" Estonia" Enterprise Estonia " "" " 440 N. Wolfe Rd." " Sunnyvale, CA 94085 " " PolyTechnos Venture-Partners" " Andrus Viirg " " Promenadeplatz 12" " Director of Enterprise Estonia, Silicon " " D-80333 Munich, Germany Valley " " Dirk Kanngeiser" " 415-335-3843 " " +49-0-89-2422-620" " " "" " www.eas.eeTechBA Silicon Valley! Page 14
  15. 15. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSBridge Organizations" Ireland" Enterprise Ireland " " Ase Petterson Bailey" " 800 West El Camino Real, Suite 420 " " 415-986-0765" " Mountain View, CA 94040 " "" "" " David Smith " " Royal Norwegian Counsel General" " 650-294-4082 " " 20 California St., 6th Floor" " " " San Francisco, CA 94111" " Simone Boswell " " Sten Arne Rosnes" " SVP Digital Media, Internet, " " Counsel General Entertainment " " 415-986-0766 (T)" " " "" " Irish Innovation Center News " " Strategic Business Insights" " 189 W. Santa Clara Street " " 333 Ravenswood Avenue" " San Jose, CA 95113 " " Menlo Park, CA 94025" " John Stanton " "" " President " " Eilif Trondsen, Ph.D." " 408-380-7200 " " Program and Research Director" " " " 650-859-2665 " "" Italy" Business Association Italy America " " (BAIA)" " 333 Market Street, 25th Floor " Scotland" Scottish Development International" " San Francisco, CA 94105 " " Calum Lancastle" " " " Senior Vice President, U.S. Western" " Marco Marinucci Region" " 650-253-7804 " "" " " Spain" Spain Nexus" " Fabrizio Capobianco " " 145 Vallejo Street" " " " San Francisco, USA" " " " Jose Mateos Mentors-3825878 " " 415-963-1180 " "" Norway" Innovation Norway " "" " 20 California St., 6th Floor" " San Francisco, CA 94111" " Anne Hovi Worsoe" " Director" " 415-986-0765" " anne.worsoe@innovationnorway.noTechBA Silicon Valley! Page 15
  16. 16. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSBridge Organizations" Spain" StepOne Ventures Silicon Valley " Switzerland" Swissnex"" " 350 Townsend St., Suite 307 " " 730 Montgomery Street" " San Francisco, CA 94107 " " San Francisco, CA 94111" " Beto Juarez " " Birgit Coleman" " 210-573-1112 (M) " " Innovation and Partnerships" " " " 415-912-5901 ext. 105" " " "" " " " " " Gioia Deucher" " StepOne Madrid " " 415-912-5901! ! Cécile Baux " "" " +34-653-229-589" " " UK" Tanner Highlen" " " "" " The Spain-U.S. Chamber of Commerce " " World Bank" " 145 Vallejo St, Suite 3 " " 1818 H St NW" " San Francisco, CA 94111 " " Washington DC, 20433" " Isabel Arcones " " Jean-Louis Racine" " " " 202-473-1719" " " " " "" " 22@Barcelona Asia! ! Àvila 138, 3a planta " Australia" ANZA Technology Network" " 08018 Barcelona, Spain " " 226 Broderick St" " Andreu Vea " " San Francisco, CA 94117" " " " Viki Forrest " " CEO" Sweden" Bootstrap Labs " " 415-309-7068" " 540 University Ave, Third Fl, Ste 300 " "" " Palo Alto, CA 94301 " "" " Nicolai Wadstrom" " CEO " " TangibleFuture, Inc." " 415-935-1469 " " 1801 Bush St, Suite 114" " " " San Francisco, CA 94109 " " Richard Caro " " " " www.tangiblefuture.comTechBA Silicon Valley! Page 16
  17. 17. SILICON VALLEY AND ITS SIBLINGSBridge Organizations" India" The Indus Entrepreneurs - TIE " Malaysia" Malaysia Industrial Development" " Authority! ! Vish Mishra " " 226 Airport Parkway, Ste 480" " CEO " " San Jose, CA 95110" " ! ! Sohaimi Sharif! ! Kiran Kini Malhotra " " Director, MIDA" " Executive Director, TiE Silicon Valley " " 408-392-0617 (T)" " 408-567-0700 ext. 233 " "" " " Singapore" IDA Singapore" Japan" Jetro " " 3 Twin Dolphin Dr, Ste. 150" " 201 Third St " " Redwood City, CA 94065" " San Francisco, CA 94103 ! ! Joachim Ng! ! Manabu Saito " " 650-593-1716 (T)" " Director Business Development " "" " 415-392-2523 (T) ! ! Jasmine Leng" " " " 650-593-1716! ! Jane Chung " "" " Director, Public Relations" " 415-392-2523 (T) " Taiwan" ITRI" " " " 2880 Zanker Road, Suite 109 " " San Jose, CA 95134" Korea" NIPA 3003 ! ! Sean Wang" " N. First St. STE 342 " " 408-428-9988 x 12" " San Jose, CA95134 " "! ! H. Kyu Lim Facilitators" " Head NIPA Silicon Valley " " Shawn Spano" " 408-232-5467 (T), 408-455-8266 (M) " "" " " " Minna Holopainen" " Kotra-Korea Trade Investment Promotion " " Agency" " 3003 N. 1st St " " Peter Maranan" " San Jose, CA 95134 " "! ! Kyoung Moo Kwon" " Director of IT Service Center" " 408-432-5002 (T)" " kyoungmoo@kotra.or.krTechBA Silicon Valley! Page 17