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Andrus Viirg - Enterprise Estonia - Stanford - Jan 23 2012


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Andrus Viirg - Enterprise Estonia - Stanford - Jan 23 2012

  1. 1. #estonianmafiaAndrus ViirgEnterprise Estonia Silicon Valleyandrus.viirg@eas.eewww.estonia.euwww.investinestonia.comJanuary 23, 2012 @ Stanford EngineeringEuropean Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  2. 2. ENTERPRISE ESTONIAState foundation for Business Support & Development: implementing agency of the EU structural funds in Estonia  budget 1.3 billion USD (2007-2013) ca 300 employees financing and other support schemes for enterprises, R&D and non-profit institutionsInvestment, Trade & Innovation Promotion– assisting international companies to estonianize– assisting Estonian companies to internationalize– facilitating tech & knowledge transfer– Foreign Representative Offices: Helsinki , Hamburg, London, Stockholm Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Shanghai, Tokyo and Silicon Valley
  3. 3. Estonia Republic of Estonia (1918-1940) & 1991 ..... Member of EU, NATO (2004) Population: 1.36 million Territory: 17 464 sq mile Currency board arrangement (1992-2010)GDP: 19 billion USDGDP per capita: 14 000 USD Joined the EURO(2010) currency Jan.1, 2011Exports 76% of GDPtransit trade comprising over80% of the general transportof goods.
  4. 4. TALLINN – one of the oldest capital cities in Northern Europe• first mentioned in 1154 (as Kolyvan) by an Arab geographer Muhammad al-Idrisi (map:Tabula Rogeriana)• combines new and old: Medievial Old Town (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and modern City Center
  5. 5. Estonia produces a disproportionatenumber of startups per capita slide shared by Robin Wauters during Seedcamp Week in London (sept.2011), where out of 20 companies 4 Estonian startups presented and two 2 became finalists. GrabCAD, is a mechanical engineering community and a marketplace Sportlyzer is an online training advisor.
  6. 6. Wired European Startups The Wired Magazine By Tom Cheshire 16 August 2011Tallinn has some heavyweight tech credentials, but new companiesare emerging. Garage48, a monthly two-day hackathon, has spawnedseveral startups
  7. 7. Estoniabehind the scenesintegrating into Scandinaviabirthplace of Kazaa & SkypeNATO Cyber Defence CentreEU IT Agencye-Estonia
  8. 8. Universities & Tech Parks– Tallinn University of Technology - 14,000 students - Tallinn Technology Park:– Tartu University (est. 1632) - 17,000 students - Tartu Biotechnology Park: - Tartu Science Park
  9. 9. Not only e-Estonia• Cleantech & energy efficiency• Oil shale mining, chemistry, oil extraction – www.enefit.comEnefit acquired 100% of OSEC (Oil Shale Exploration Company) shares and became the owner of the largesttracts of privately owned oil shale properties in Utah. Enefit is planning to construct an oil shale plant with acapacity of 57,000 barrels of shale oil per day at full production.• Metal constructions and antennas of ground stations for sattellite communication• Rare metals used in high-tech industries – acquired by Molycorp, US April 4 2011 3 000 metric ton of rare earth products annually: 2% of global production (China 97%)
  10. 10. 把瑠都 凱斗 Baruto KaitoWinner of Sumo Hatsu Basho Jan.22 2012, Tokyo Japan(top divison championship)
  11. 11. Estonia – Silicon Valley/California•••••••••••••