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Papaya Global - NOAH18 Berlin

Company Pitch by Eynat Guez, Papaya Global at the Axel Springer NOAH Conference 2018 in Berlin, Tempodrom 6-7 June 2018.

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Papaya Global - NOAH18 Berlin

  1. 1. Papaya Global @ NOAH 1 Eynat Guez CEO, CO-FOUNDER Established 2 previous companies in Israel and Asia (Relocation Source & Expert Source), applying over 15 years of experience in global workforce Passionate about creating solutions that drive business growth
  2. 2. Three Conferences, One Mission: Empower the European Digital Ecosystem To provide a physical marketplace that facilitates funding of digital European companies at all stages Mission MissionMission To promote Israel - European relationships and enable funding To bring together future-shaping executives and investors active across segments driven by digital revolution Connecting Capital with Entrepreneurs Connecting European Champions and Challengers Connecting Israel’s Startups with Large Corporates and Investors 30-31 October 2018 Old Billingsgate, London 13-14 June 2019 STATION Berlin 9-10 April 2019 Haoman 17, Tel Aviv
  3. 3. Papaya Global @ NOAH 2 THE FUTURE OF WORK IS HERE Is it really that simple?
  4. 4. Papaya Global @ NOAH 3 While global candidate sourcing becomes easier, Compliance and local labor laws become increasingly complex
  5. 5. Papaya Global @ NOAH 4 40% of companies’ workforce are located outside of their headquarters. 3X more attention is required on payroll management for each global worker.
  6. 6. Papaya Global @ NOAH 5 Random suppliers with various reportings Manual processes Different languages Lack of transparency Lack of employee satisfaction Compliance risks
  7. 7. Papaya Global @ NOAH 6 Managing global workforce today looks like the "pre Uber" days when we would waive down taxis on the street.
  8. 8. Papaya Global @ NOAH 7 OUR VISION Hire everywhere Become a true enabler for global growth and expansion Facilitate all global workforce needs while keeping you fully compliant
  9. 9. Papaya Global @ NOAH 8 There are MANY HRIS and payroll management system out there but are all confined to their region The only GLOBAL HRIS and payroll management
  10. 10. Papaya Global @ NOAH 9 Providing intuitive, fully automated employment, supporting payroll, PEO (EOR), benefits and immigration services in over 100 countries. All while leveraging the most current technologies (Blockchain, AI, SaaS...)
  11. 11. Papaya Global @ NOAH 10 Integrates with all data sources (HRIS, ERP, Expenses management, Time tracking) Provides REAL time reportings and data on your spent and workforce Ensures ZERO mistakes on Your payroll cycle
  12. 12. Papaya Global @ NOAH 11 SOME OF OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS OUR JOURNEY TO DATE Founded Raised seed round of $2.6M from great angels investors MID 2016 First year of sales Ending MRR of $85K net 2017 MRR - $150K APRIL 2018
  13. 13. Papaya Global @ NOAH 12 $4,000 Current CAC 1% Churn Rate $1,800 Average MRR per Customer 40% Customer Expansion Rate Within 12 Months ARR Growth Forecast 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 $5M $1M $30M $60M $15M
  14. 14. Papaya Global @ NOAH 13 OUR GREAT LEADERSHIP TEAM Adv. Inbal Aviad Chief Legal Officer Liran Daudi VP Finance Adam Rochman Director of Sales - US Dana Arazy Customer Success Manager BatEl Havusha Controller Tali Schulman Operations & Marketing Eynat Guez Co-Founder, CEO Ofer Herman Co-Founder, CTO Ruben Drong Co-Founder, CPO Sagy Bar CCO Efrat Kotler Barak CMO Nitsan Avni Director of R&D Maayan Karstaedt Customer Success Manager
  15. 15. Thank You
  16. 16. Selected Completed NOAH Transactions Focus on Leading European Internet companies Covering over 400 companies across 25 online verticals, a broad range of over 500 investors as well as 100+ online-focused corporates Deep understanding of industry dynamics Ability to add value beyond banking advice Facilitates overall process and minimizes management distraction NOAH Advisors is globally well connected and has direct access to virtually all key players in the industry Knowledge of and strong relationships with potential buyers’ key decision makers Proactively finds and unlocks attractive investment opportunities for leading investors Annual NOAH Conference in its 8th year Over 40 years of combined relevant M&A experience Routine execution of M&A and financing transactions with sizes of several billion euros 30 successfully completed NOAH Advisors transactions underline successful transfer of M&A competencies to the Internet sector Entrepreneurial mind-set, focused on growing the business and establishing a reputation for excellence Ability to deliver top results in short time frames Highly success-based compensation structures align interests of clients and NOAH Advisors, and demonstrate conviction to deliver top results Creative deal solutions December 2014 September 2014 October 2014 May 2014 Sale of 100% of for $800m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Fotolia and the Selling Shareholders Sale of 100% of for €80m to Exclusive Financial Advisor to Trovit and its Shareholders Sale of controlling stake in to Exclusive Financial Advisor to and its Shareholders sold 100% of for $228m to a joint venture between Exclusive Financial Advisor to Yad2 and its Shareholders Unique Industry Know-How Unmatched Network and Relationships Strong Investment Banking Competence Full Commitment - We Are Entrepreneurs! EUROPE’S LEADING INTERNET CORPORATE FINANCE BOUTIQUE September 2016October 2016 December 2016 Financial Advisor to Oakley Capital ® Marco Rodzynek Managing Director & Founder Jan Brandes Managing Director The NOAH Advisors Core Banking Team Acquisition of a Majority Stake in by from at a valuation of €300m Investment in Exclusive Financial Advisor to KäuferPortal and its Shareholders by 84% Ownership Financial Advisor to Silver Lake Investment in by August 2017 Financial Advisor to EMK Capital Acquisition of a Majority Stake in by at a valuation of $200m Aleksander Skwarczek Analyst Nikhil Parmar Director