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Eirikur Hrafnsson - GreenQloud - Iceland - Stanford Engineering - Feb 27 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Eirikur Hrafnsson - GreenQloud - Iceland - Stanford Engineering - Feb 27 2012

  1. 1. European Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ME421) Eiríkur S. HrafnssonStanford Engineering SchoolFebruary 27 2012 CEO & Co-founder greenqloud
  2. 2. About me... greenqloud• 34 years old - married and 3 kids• 2nd software company 4th overall (2 incorporated)• Developer since I was 15• Singer - classical and jazz• Engineering drop-out...• Hardware hacker wannabe• Twitter: @EirikurH Why am I always cast as a bad guy?
  3. 3. The Cloud Computing “Stack” greenqloud Value Adding IaaS Services Public Cloud Computing Scalr, Rightscale, Enstratus... SaaS = Software as a ServiceDropBox, SalesForce, ZenDesk, Google Apps PaaS = Platform as a Service Cloud Foundry , Google AppEngine, Azure, IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service GreenQloud, Amazon AWS, Rackspace
  4. 4. What’s an IaaS cloud? greenqloud• A metered self-service buffet of: Public Cloud • Computing power e.g.VM’s Sharing of IT • Storage resources and • best practices Bandwidth • Additional services based on Cloud Types shared resources in data centers Hybrid• Pay for what you use Private• Scalable and controllable via API’s• Data centers ≠ Cloud Public• Virtualization ≠ Cloud
  5. 5. 2008 Iceland’s economy first to crash greenqloud
  6. 6. OMX Iceland greenqloud
  7. 7. 2009 We protested greenqloud
  8. 8. We got a new government and then this happened greenqloud...that no one remembers...right? So 2010...
  9. 9. Fun fact... greenqloud All active volcanoes emit only 0,6% of human made CO2 emissionsGreenQloud’s DCs
  10. 10. Climate Change greenqloudWorst ever carbon emissions leave climate on the brink (Guardian May 2011)
  11. 11. What’s IT got to do with it? greenqloud• IT is responsible for at least 2% of global CO2 emissions (Gartner 2007) CO2 CO2 CO2• Clouds drive future need for data centers CO2 CO2 • Public Clouds are growing 5X faster than any other sector of IT (IDC) • World storage 2010 ~1 Zettabyte 35x more in 2020 (IDC)• The rapid growth could double IT emissions by 2020 (McKinsey)
  12. 12. “Fun fact” greenqloud• Every video watched on YouTube causes aprox. 0.2g CO2 to be released• More than 2 billion videos are played each day on YouTube, average 10 seconds long• That’s at least 4.000 tons of CO2 a day (just for Rebecca Black videos;)
  13. 13. greenqloudBut public compute clouds are green, right?
  14. 14. Compute clouds are green, right? greenqloud• Wrong...• Only reduce energy use for existing infrastructure migrations and shift the problem to the cloud• Virtually all data processing and storage heading for clouds• Explosive growth - Users increase the energy need despite better efficiency : Jevon’s Paradox.
  15. 15. Compute clouds are green, right? greenqloud• The average use of renewable energy in clouds and data centers is less then 15%• Eureka! We need to run public compute clouds on renewable energy...but where to get it?
  16. 16. Who needs coalgreenqloudwhen you have fire?
  17. 17. greenqloud
  18. 18. Who needs coal greenqloudIf we only had a place that’s a network hub to save money...
  19. 19. GreenQloud’s timeline greenqloud• Prototype in late 2008 and public demo mid 2009• Angel investment and incorporation in Feb 2010• 3rd place in MIT’s global pitch competition in 2010• Top 10 hottest startups in cloud computing ’10 - GigaOm• Seed round with Icelandic VC’s in July 2011• Paid Beta opens July 2011• Awarded “Cool Vendor” in GreenIT - Gartner 2011• Second data center location announced in Feb 2012
  20. 20. Greenqloud is truly green® greenqloud• Carbon Neutral - 100% powered by renewable GeoThermal and Hydro power energy 7913 tKG• Amazon cloud APIs compatible CO2 Emission avoided• Priced to compete - No Green Price Premium No Tax to Pay• Built like a super computer for High Performance Computing (HPC) but with the Cloud Stack automation of a cloud SaaS• Super easy to use! PaaS 2012• Automatic energy statistics and carbon footprint calculated for each client for carbon accounting IaaS• Big IT cost savings by performance, location and Greenqloud technology and potentially best data protection
  21. 21. greenqloud
  22. 22. greenqloud
  23. 23. greenqloudCarbon savings
  24. 24. GreenQloud’s beta customers greenqloud• Customers from 27 countries - most from the US• Startups!• SaaS video streaming platforms• HPC and Big data startups• University networks• SMB’s• Gaming communities• EU government research agencies
  25. 25. greenqloudBack to Iceland’s story...Remember we got a new government?
  26. 26. then we rebuilt 2.0 style greenqloud
  27. 27. First out of the recession! greenqloud• Being a progressive nation with clean resources helped• We let the banks default• 100% renewable energy grid• Sustainable fishing• Healthy exports• 99% literacy and 7 universities• 93%+ have high speed internet to the home• Fun fact 1 : First female president• Fun fact 2 : First lesbian prime minister ...and we just found oil fields. Let’s leave’m there for change?
  28. 28. Creative industries are the future of Iceland greenqloud• 20%+ of Iceland’s exports today and growing• Post crash there was finally a real startup community: • Innovit (@andriheidar is doing his MBA at Stanford) • Klak (entrepreneur studies at Reykjavik University) • The Innovation house - RU and the University of Arts RU’s dean is Ari K. Jónsson Stanford Alumni • The Federation of Industries startups division
  29. 29. greenqloudIceland is now a “startup”We have the stuff...
  30. 30. greenqloudIceland is now a “startup”We have the stuff...But we need investors ...and more people. I’m working on that
  31. 31. Startup Iceland, 28-30th of May greenqloud Building Sustainable Startup EcosystemsInternational 3 day conference in awesome Reykjavik• Hackathon competition• Lectures• Workshops on Lean startups and business model designConfirmed speakers include:• Brad Feld of Foundry Group, Tech Stars• Fred Wilson of, Union Square Ventures• Dr. Ted Zoller, Senior Fellow from the Kauffman Foundation• Rebeca Hwang, CEO of YouNoodle• And yours truly!
  32. 32. greenqloudPerhaps cloud computing and thenew data center industry willbecome Iceland’s biggest export?
  33. 33. greenqloudThe Truly Green Compute Cloud twitter: @GreenQloud Eiríkur S. Hrafnsson CEO & Co-founder