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About Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia

  2. 2. Historical OverviewweivrevO lacir iHweivrevO lacir iHweivrevO lacirotsiH H I S T O R I C A L O V E R V I E W Los Andes was the first non confessional private university in Colombia, independent from all political parties. The institution was founded as a center for studies, research and defense of the truth; its objective was to form a technical elite aimed at closing the gap that existed at the time between Colombia and the world in terms of knowledge and scientific progress. Several academics, some of Activities at Los Andes have whom were escaping from always been aimed at Universidad de los Andes the war in Europe, came to achieving excellence, and was founded in 1948, as the University and dedicated until now, it is the only a result of a project led by their lives to research and private university in the Mario Laserna Pinzón, who teaching. At the same time, country that has received the was 24 years old at the time, Los Andes also established Institutional Accreditation and studying Mathematics, agreements with from the Ministry of National Physics and Humanities at universities in the United Education for 9 years, granted Columbia University. States. in June 2005.
  3. 3. MissionnoissiMnoissiM issiM issiM M I S S I O N A private university with a public responsibility Universidad de los Andes, an autonomous and independent institution, fosters pluralism, diversity, dialogue, debate, criticism, tolerance and respect towards its members’ ideas, beliefs and values. The University aims at academic excellence and provides critical and ethical training in order to strengthen the students’ awareness of their civic and social responsibilities, as well as their commitment to analyzing and solving the country’s problems. In order to achieve its goal, the University has always and continues to develop and put into practice cutting edge methodologies for teaching and research, so that students are the main agents of their training and can solve the problems they face creatively and responsibly. It also fosters a flexible and interdisciplinary environment which is essential for integrating arts, sciences, technology and humanities, and for stimulating comprehensive education.
  4. 4. M I S S I O NThe University believes that its educational project requires a highly trained and committed teaching staff, which is a real generator and disseminator of knowledge, and a basic element of institutional strengthening. Therefore, teachers are encouraged to consider their teaching a life project, and in doing so, attain their professional and personal goals, whilst feeling that they are valued and supported by the students, faculty, staff and society in general. Universidad de los Andes hopes to form upright, responsible and imaginative professionals who, after reaching the highest levels in their disciplines, can contribute to the country’s cultural and economic advancement and the strengthening of social values regarding living together in a society and of peace, based on its quality teaching and research programs with international projection, in a free and diverse environment.
  5. 5. ProgramssmargorPsmargo FACULTIES Administration PROGRAMS Administration Finance Marketing UNDERGRADUATE* MASTERS 8 PhD Environmental Management Organizational Studies Architecture and Design Architecture 9 Universidad de los Andes has 9 faculties: Design 8 Administration, Architecture and Design, Arts Arts and Humanities Arts 8 Literature 8 and Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Music 8 / 10 Law, Economy, Engineering and Medicine, Sciences Biology 8 which offer undergraduate and postgraduate Microbiology 8 Physics 8 programs; and the Center for Research and Mathematics 8 Training in Education (Cife), and the Chemistry 8 Biological Sciences Interdisciplinary Center for Development Social Sciences Anthropology 8 Studies (Cider), for postgraduate programs. Political Science 8 Philosophy 8 In addition, the University includes the first History 8 private school for public affairs -the Alberto Geography Languages and Sociocultural Studies 8 Lleras Camargo Government School, which is Psychology 8 named after a former President of the Clinic and Health Psychology Republic and Rector of this University. Law Law 10 Economy Economy 8 Furthermore, Los Andes’ international Engineering Environmental Engineering 8 Summer School program offers its students Civil Engineering 8 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 8 and participants the opportunity to expand Industrial Engineering 8 their international perspective by taking Mechanical Engineering 8 Chemical Engineering 8 these advanced courses in specialized areas Systems and Computer Engineering 8 taught by teachers graduated from presti- Medicine Medicine 12 Cider - Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary Development gious universities around the world. Center for Development Studies Studies Regional Planning Cife - Center for Research Education and Training in Education School of Government Government * The numbers indicate the number of semesters in each program.
  6. 6. PhD and Research ProgramssmargorP hcraeseR dna DhPsmargorP hcraeseR dna DhPsmargorP hcraeseR DhP PHD AND RESEARCH PROGRAMS Doctoral programs are the best way to generate and multiply a university’s The faculties of Engineering, research capacity, and to Sciences and Social obtain results that show a Sciences—strongly linked positive impact on several with Doctoral aspects of national life. programs—publish more than Currently, Los Andes has 130 3 articles a year in Currently, basic investigation research groups registered international high-impact at Los Andes is being mainly by Colciencias, which are the scientific magazines, similar financed by external sources support for developing to what is produced by young (foundations, national and research in Doctoral research universities in international research centers programs. developed countries. and private donors).
  7. 7. Teaching StaffffatS gnihcaeTffatS gnihcaeTffatS gnihcaeT T E A C H I N G S T A F F Following its tradition, Los Andes strives to hire In order to attain this quality, Universidad de los Andes has teachers with the highest academic standards. supported 250 teachers in undertaking their Master’s and Currently, it hires 510 full-time teachers, of PhD studies in different subject areas in renowned foreign which 38% have a Master’s degree and 51% universities. Out of these, 104 are still finishing their studies have a PhD (this number exceeds the and are planning to return within the next two years. national standard of 2% for the country, and up The following graph shows the distribution of teachers in to 30% for public universities). the different Faculties. 120% Doctorate Master´s Undergraduate 100% 100% 80% 79% 73% 73% 66% 67% 67% 67% 62% 60% 59% 57% 50% 52% 48% 40% 39% 36% 34% 33% 33% 31% 23% 23% 22% 20% 18% 19% 15% 14% 10% 8% 11% 2% 4% 4% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% n re Ar tion Un rn. g es s Sc s nit & sig ctu rin ne s y ce ie ve de nc om ma ts tra er ee ici ho ife w ien De hite Go Hu Ar ian cie Cid nis ed La on C gin of c lS M Ec mi En ol cia AdSo Sc70% of teaching on undergraduate courses and 90% of teaching on Doctoral coursesare undertaken by full-time teachers. 610 adjunct teachers take up the remainingacademic load.
  8. 8. FACULTIES PROGRAMS UNDERGRADUATE MASTER´S PhD. TOTAL Administration Administration 875 331 16 7Students Environmental Management 55 Finance 172 Marketing 151stnedutS Architecture and Design Architecture Design 617 672 13 Arts and Humanities Arts 308 8 Literature 138 21 Music 195 Sciences Biology 197 51 20 Microbiology 170 39 Physics 102 24 15 Mathematics 96 18 8 Biological Sciences 3 Chemistry 36 Social Sciences Anthropology 165 42 12 1 Political Science 502 61 5 Philosophy 70 20 Geography 16 History 75 35 14 Languages and Sociocultural Studies 151 27 Psychology 307 19 12 Clinic and Health Psychology 22 Law Law 816 31 7 161 Economy Economy 952 208 7 38 Engineering Environmental Economy 2 Environmental Engineering 327 59 377 Civil Engineering 569 251 Electrical Engineering 87 32 Electronic Engineering 572 72 General Engineering 64 Industrial Engineering 1.999 221 Mechanical Engineering 668 51 Chemical Engineering 657 12 Systems and Computer Engineering 391 158Some figures related to our students Biomedical Sciences 17 Regulation 1 Medicine Medicine 604• 55% are male and 45% are female. Liberal Arts General studies 32• 30% come from outside Bogota. General Exchange Studies 57 10 Cider - Interdisciplinary Interdisciplinary Development 38 103• 87% of the undergraduate students Center for Development Studies come from the 5% of the best high Studies Regional Planning 7 Cife - Center for Education Education 137 school students in the country. Research and Training School of Government Government 38 TOTAL 12.471 2.393 175 708
  9. 9. CampussupmaCsupmaCsup C A M P U S Internships Center Medicine Faculty Cr. 7 No. 116 -05
  10. 10. . C A M P U S ACCESS (regarding entrances)1. Portería edificio Pedro Navas2. Portería edificio Roberto Franco3. Portería parqueadero calle 184. Portería edificio Aulas5. Portería El Galpón (Bloque Z)6. Portería Plazoleta Richard.7. Portería Paseo Bolívar8. Portería La Gata Golosa The campus is largely made9. Portería edificio Mario Laserna up of a mixture of remodeled10. Portería edificio Julio Mario Santo Domingo11. Portería Centro de Prácticas Facultad de Medicina industrial and religious BUILDINGS buildings and newly constructed facilities. The- Bloque A.- Bloque Au. Facultad de Ciencias Facultad de Ciencias - Escuela de Gobierno Alberto Lleras Camargo infrastructure covers- Bloque C. Facultad de Economía 142,316 sq mts. and- Bloque Ch.- Bloque Cp. Hermes Centro de Prácticas Facultad de Medicina The University’s campus is includes approximately 116- Bloque D. Decanatura de Estudiantes located in Bogota’s historical classrooms, 219 laboratories,- Bloque E. Cede (Centro de Estudios sobre Desarrollo Económico)- Bloque G. Edificio Roberto Franco - Facultad de Ciencias Sociales center, an area that houses a central library and 5- Bloque J.- Bloque K1. Edificio William Mc. Carthy Facultad de Arquitectura y Diseño most of the city’s buildings of satellite libraries (specialized- Bloque LL. Edificio Alberto Lleras Camargo cultural interest, universities, by areas), where more than- Bloque Mj. Edificio Las Monjas- Bloque ML. Edificio Mario Laserna - Facultad de Ingeniería - Biblioteca General “Ramón de Zubiría” banks and large Colombian 409,700 books are available- Bloque N.- Bloque Ña. Cafetería Central companies, the main for students. It also has 26 Facultad de Artes y Humanidades - Cife (Centro de Investigaciones y Formación en Educación) offices of the national and computer rooms and 6- Bloque Ñg. Jardín Infantil- Bloque O. Edificio Henri Yerly local government, and a service units that hire out- Bloque Pu. El Pulguero - Cider (Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios sobre Desarrollo) variety of cultural meeting laptops, offering nearly 2000- Bloque Q. Facultad de Medicina- Bloque R. Edificio Richard places such as libraries, computers for student use,- Bloque Rga. Edificio Pedro Navas - Rectoría- Bloque Rgb. DTI (Dirección de Tecnologías de Información) museums, theaters, scientific which represents 16.5- Bloque Rgc. Facultad de Derecho and literary centers, and art computers for each 100- Bloque Sd. Edificio Julio Mario Santo Domingo - Facultad de Administración- Bloque V. El Campito de San José galleries, among others. students.- Bloque W. Facultad de Economía- Bloque Z. El Galpón
  11. 11. C A M P U SAlso on campusare the following:• Central cafeteria and 9 other food stations located inside and outside the campus, offering a variety of foods.• Gym and sports facilities.• Health Services.• Rest and study areas.• ATMs.In addition to the main campus, the Universityalso has an Internships Center for the MedicineFaculty, located in the Fundación Santa Fe Hospital,in the north of the city. Uniandes and FundaciónSanta Fe—one of the most renowned medicalinstitutions in the country—engage in a jointacademic venture.
  12. 12. Academic StructureerutcurtS cime cAerutcurtS cime cAerutcurtS cimetcA A C A D E M I C S T R U C T U R E The academic programs are designed ACADEMIC STRUCTURE and planned for promoting an interdisciplinary and flexible agenda BASIC PROFESSIONAL SOCIO-HUMANISTIC established in the University’s mission. LIBERAL ARTS CYCLE (CBP) TRAINING (CSH) SCHOOL The interdisciplinary aspect allows the PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL COMPLEMENTARY CYCLE student to take classes from all More scope, CYCLE (CP) (CPC) less focus academic programs offered at Los Andes. This freedom of choice allows the PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL FOCALIZE student to design their own curricular program, with the assistance of study More focus, less scope counselors in the Students’ Office. The following scheme shows the academic structure at Uniandes, which includes four cycles: a Basic Professio- nal Cycle (CBP in Spanish), which refers to the basic subjects belonging to each program; a Cycle of Elective Courses in Socio-humanistic issues (CSH in Spanish), common to all programs and that offers about 180 courses; a Professional Cycle (CP in Spanish), which includes the main professional subject for each program; and a Professional Complementary Cycle (CPC), which includes subjects from the specific program and subjects from other programs.
  13. 13. Organizational StructureerutcurtS lanoitazinagrOerutcurtS lanoitazinagrO ag ag ag O R G A N I Z A T I O N A L S T R U C T U R E The University has a Board of Directors, an Executive committee, a Rector and three Vice Rectors, for academic and administrative management. It also has a General Secretary, an Academic Council, Department deans and coordinators, Faculty Councils, additional academic andadministrative staff and departments for the smooth operation of the Institution. Departments BOARD OF DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORS DEPARTMENT EXECUTIVE LEGAL DEPARTMENT COMMITTEE PLANNING AND EVALUATION DEPARTMENT RECTORATE GENERAL SECRETARIAT ADMISSIONS AND INTERNAL AUDITING REGISTRATION SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT STUDENTS’ DEANSHIP Vicerectorates LIBRARIES SYSTEM STUDENT AND ACADEMIC COUNCIL ACADEMIC AFFAIRS ADMINISTRATIVE AFFAIRS CONTINUING EDUCATION RESEARCH CIFE Departments Faculties ADMINISTRATIVE ADMINISTRATIVE LAW FINANCIAL ARCHITECTURE ECONOMY AND DESIGN FACILITIES ARTS AND HUMANITIES ENGINEERING HUMAN AND MEDICINE ORGANIZATIONAL SCIENCES MANAGEMENT CIDER SOCIAL SCIENCES INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
  14. 14. AccreditationnoitatiderccAnoitatiderccA erccA erccA A C C R E D I T A T I O N Los Andes has received international accreditation, This has allowed the such as the one granted to University to be the only the Faculty of Engineering private university in the Uniandes, according to its in 1992 by the Accreditation country that has received principles of quality and Board of Engineering and the Institutional Accreditation for innovation, has followed its Triple Accreditation granted 9 years, granted in June 2005 Comprehensive Development to the Faculty of by the Ministry of Plan (PDI in Spanish), with Administration by the Education. Furthermore, clear objectives, goals and European Foundation for although all indicators that have allowed Management Development undergraduate programs for adequately orienting its (EQUIIS), the Association of are accredited; postgraduate efforts towards obtaining the MBAs (AMBA) and the programs are not accredited best results in its quest to be Association to Advance since the National an excellent research Collegiate Schools of Government does not yet University. Business (AACSB). grant this accreditation.
  15. 15. AcknowledgementsstnemegdelwonkcAstnemegdelwonkcAstnemegdelwonkcA onkcA A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T S Universidad de los Andes was included Los Andes is the only Colombian university included in among the 500 best in the world, in a scale the scale and is included in a group of 15 Latin American developed by Times Higher Education -QS universities, together with 4 from Argentina, 4 from from London, which included more than Brazil, 2 from Chile, 2 from Mexico, 1 from Peru and 1 25,000 universities and was carried out for from Uruguay. the fifth year in a row. LOCATION COUNTRY UNIVERSITY 175 Brazil Sao Paulo 177 Brazil Campinas 192 Mexico Nacional Autónoma In the 2008 ranking 239 Chile Católica de Chile undertaken by 364 Argentina Buenos Aires 312 Chile de Chile AmericaEconomía (a 338 Brasil Federal Rio de Janeiro regional magazine), Argentina 400 a 500* Belgrano the MBA offered Argentina Austral at Los Andes was Argentina Torcuato Di Tella ranked fifth best in Brazil Pontificia Católica de Rio Latin America, and Colombia UNIVERSIDAD DE LOS ANDES listed as having the Mexico Ins. Tec. Estudios Superiores best teaching staff Peru Pontificia Católica de Perú in the region. Uruguay ORT- Oriente *In alphabetical order
  16. 16. CalendarradnelaCradnelaC ne ne C A L E N D A R Los Andes has three yearly academic periods: First Semester: a 16 week semester that starts in January and ends in May. Second Semester: a 16 week semester that starts in August and ends in December. Summer School: an eight-week session that starts in June and ends in July.
  17. 17. International StudentsstnedutS lanoitan nIstnedutS lanoitan nIstnedutS lanoitanretnIstnedutS lanoitanretnI I N T E R N A T I O N A L S T U D E N T S International students are welcome at Uniandes. They COUNTRY INSTITUTION can attend the University as: Argentina Universidad de Buenos Aires - Universidad de San Andrés Australia Australian National University - University of Technology Sydney Belgium Université Catholique de Louvain • Visitor students: they can take at least three courses Brazil Escola da Cidade - Fundaçao Getulio Vargas, Universidad de Sao Paulo a semester. Canada Université du Québec a Montreal - University of Regina • Exchange students: they can take between two an Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile six courses per semester. China Nankai University - University of Macau Costa Rica Universidad de Costa Rica Denmark University of Copenhagen Los Andes has academic exchange programs with France École Nationale Superieure des Mines de Saint Etienne - Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon - Université Toulouse I more than 119 universities in 34 countries throughout Université Paris XII - Val de Mame - Université Sorbonne - Nouvelle, the five continents. The following are examples of Paris III Germany Brandenburg University of Technology - Bucerius Law School - some of the programs: Universität Sttutgart Italy Politécnico di Milano - Universitá Comerciale Luigi Bocconi Mexico Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Netherlands Universiteit de Maastricht Norway Oslo University College Perú Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Portugal Instituto Superior Técnico - Universidad Técnica de Lisboa Spain Universidad de Barcelona - Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Universitat Pompeu Fabra Sweden Lund University Switzerland University St. Gallen - Université of Applied Sciences - Northewesterm Switzerland United Kingdom The University of Essex Uruguay Universidad ORT Uruguay USA Illinois Institute of Technology - Tulane University - University of Arizona - University of Oklahoma Venezuela Universidad Simón Bolívar
  18. 18. U N I V E R S I D A D D E L O S A N D E S
  19. 19. UNIVERSIDAD DE LOS ANDES Carrera 1 No. 18A - 70 Pedro Navas Building Phone: (571) 3324288 Bogotá, Colombia http://www.uniandes.edu.coEmail: infofcom@uniandes.edu.co