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Future startup education


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Future startup education

  2. 2. Innovation 1918 - 2018Entrepreneural University For Science Alar Kolk President, European Innovation Academy Vice Rector, Innovation & Internationalisation
  3. 3. Welcome to Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn Tech!
  4. 4. Vision 2015: Tallinn Tech’s top qualityresearch is tied with globally recognized enterprises.
  5. 5. 8 Faculties and 4 colleges ca 14 500 students: BA, MA, PHD1. Chemistry and Materials Technology2. Civil Engineering3. Social Sciences4. Information Technology5. Mechanical Engineering6. Power Engineering7. School of Economics and Business Administration8. Faculty of ScienceColleges and research centres: – 4 colleges in different cities – 9 faculty research centres
  6. 6. Tallinn Tech key topics: How to recruit talented professors? How to teach smart students?How to be accelerated by innovation? If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein
  7. 7. Tallinn Tech =international + innovation
  8. 8. building bridges
  9. 9. Mr. Godswill Nkwusistarted studies at Tallinn Tech in 2011 but 2013 Winter he will be student of UC Berkeley
  10. 10. Tallinn Tech =international + innovation
  11. 11. Tallinn Techinternational + innovation =  international student recruitment + companies  international R&D + companies  internship + companies  study program + companies Companies are essential part of the Value Creation in Tallinn Tech!!!
  12. 12. Tallinn Tech cooperating in International MarketsFocus on master and PHD students!International activities in selected markets:• Finland• China• Turkey• India (2013), Brazil (2014), Korea (2015)
  13. 13. International Tallinn Tech!!! 30% from Finland, 20% from AsiaCa 800 international students from more then 65 countries study in Tallinn Tech today... ...students and researchers from leading Asian’ countries.
  14. 14. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SAY ESTONIA IS THE BEST COUNTRY FOR STAY!!!*Estonia ranked 1st in the ESN Survey 2010 regarding the average satisfaction level for stay in the hosting country institution. ** ESN Survey is one of the biggest international student surveys in Europe.
  15. 15. 18 Masters level study programmes in English • Cyber Security • eGovernment Technologies • IT Forensic (2014) • Software Engineering • Computer Systems & Engineering • Communicative Electronics • Industrial Engineering & Management• Environmental Management & Cleaner Production • Materials & Processes of Sustainable Energetics • Health Care Technology • Design and Engineering
  16. 16. 18 Masters level study programmes in English • International Relations and European-Asian Studies • International Business Administration (MBA) • Work and Organizational Psychology • Law and Technology Law • Finance and Economic Analysis• Technology Governance – Innovation Policy and Economics
  17. 17. Tallinn Tech: Health Care Technology
  18. 18. Tallinn Tech:• Computer Systems & Engineering • Cyber Security • IT Forensics • eGovernment Technologies 1000 Gov. eServices in Estonia
  19. 19. Tallinn Tech: Design & Engineering
  20. 20. Tallinn Tech: Technology Law
  22. 22. Co-educate for joint future#1
  23. 23. The End of Teaching as we Know it! • iTunes U – all major courses available online for free from topp universities • Stanford launched online course for Computer Science class – 10 mil students• Youtube is the major source of learning of any subject
  24. 24. Shifting to the 21 st century Learning Researching • Mentoring • Carrier building • Linking to Industry • Focus identification • International reach• Interdiciplinarity experience
  25. 25. building bridges
  26. 26. Technology EntrepreneurshipCriteria US Europe Compar isonGDP (2010) 14.66 T$ 14.82 T$Domestic Patents (2009) 82000 135000VC activity (H1’2010) 12.4 B$ 2.6 B$% of population that consider 67% 45%entrepreneurship% of population that become 13% 4.5%entrepreneurs% of population that accept possible 75% 54%failure in a startupEntrepreneurship Education since 1980’s Early 2000’sBreadth (# types) 8 1-2
  27. 27. From Creative Start-up to Master of Business Management Cash Flow Business The company Creation BusinessInvention Administration t The Business Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship Management Skills Skills (MBA) Derived: Prof. Jerry Engel UC Berkeley /Enhanced: Prof. Dr. Mark Harris
  28. 28. From Creative Start-up to Master of Business Management Cash Flow Business The company Creation BusinessInvention Administration Visioning the Future into the Present t The Business Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship Management Skills Skills (MBA) Derived: Prof. Jerry Engel UC Berkeley /Enhanced: Prof. Dr. Mark Harris
  29. 29. From Creative Start-up to Master of Business Management Cash Flow Business The company Creation BusinessInvention Zone of Collaboration Administration t The Business Zone of Competition Innovation Technology Entrepreneurship Management Skills Skills (MBA) Derived: Prof. Jerry Engel UC Berkeley /Enhanced: Prof. Dr. Mark Harris
  30. 30. Engineering the mind of the future
  31. 31. July 2013: Tallinn – Helsinki – Stockholm – St Petersburg
  32. 32. European Innovation Academy Sessions: • Innovators’ Speed Date • Team Marriage • Entrepreneurs’ Failure Pitching • James Bond Innovation Challenge • Star Trek Technology Lab • Pitching for Venture Capitalists • Hands on Innovation LabKey topics in the course: • Lego Lab Prototyping• Innovation Management • Entrepreneur Live Kitchen and Process• Corporate and Technology Strategy• New Product-Service Development• Creativity and Innovation Culture• Entrepreneurship Spirit and Skills• High Tech Products Marketing• Management of IPR• Business Model Design• Competitive Forces• Competing with Business Models
  33. 33. Why 90% of new products and services fail… …and You need to practice Innovators’ Failure Pitching!!!Challenge Yourself @ European Innovation Academy!
  34. 34. Fail fast.Fail cheap.Fail early.Go out to fail. Follow The Innovation F-word!
  35. 35. James Bond Innovation Challenge • Rapid prototyping • Bullet speed problem solving • Master of high tech • Rival your competitors • Smooth operator & networkerChallenge Yourself @ European Innovation Academy Sessions!
  36. 36. European Innovation Academy Classroom:23 online screens, computers andcameras, sensors to teach innovation andentrepreneurship
  37. 37. Co-create for social impact#2
  38. 38. E-Mobility : Over 40 Million Electric 2 Wheelers and 4 Wheelers will be Sold Annually Around the Globe in 2020 Total 30 million – Total 10 Million – 2 Wheelers (2020) 4 Wheelers (2020) Sanyo Enacle XM 3000 Electric Moped The GEM Peapod The Smith Newton
  39. 39. Europe’s biggest network of fast-chargestations for electric cars will be built in Estonia
  40. 40. Estonian Government, Tallinn Tech andCorporate Partners DevelopingeMobilty
  41. 41. Tallinn Tech Electric Cars inSpecial Parking Lot in front of the University
  42. 42. Teach in every decipline:• Innovation• Ideas, Trends• Business Models• Entrepreneurship
  44. 44. Change has changed... Gary Hamel
  45. 45. Technology change…
  46. 46. internship revolution
  47. 47. Challenge Yourself @ European Innovation Academy ! Star Trek Tech Lab Future Tech Roadmaps Mega & Micro Trends Technological Singularity
  48. 48. Teach to „go out“ and discover the future customers!#3
  49. 49. Traditional Value Chain vs. Modern Value Chain
  50. 50. ARE YOUSOLVING THE RIGHTPROBLEM?Most firms are not and that underminestheir innovation efforts…Indeed, when developing new products, processes, or evenbusinesses, most companies aren’t sufficiently rigorous in defining theproblems they’re attempting to solve and articulating why those issues areimportant. Without that rigor, organizations miss opportunities, wasteresources, and end up pursuing innovation initiatives that aren’t alignedwith their strategies.“If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,”Albert Einstein said.
  51. 51. Customer Discovery
  52. 52. Customer Discovery:"Get Out of the Building" to Test theProblem: "Do Customers Care?"Get your team "out of the building" to test theproblem and to answer three key questions:• Do we really understand the customers problem?• Do enough people really care enough about the problem for this to become a huge business?• And will they care enough to tell their friends?
  53. 53. Customer Discovery: "Get out of theBuilding" and Test theProduct/Service Solution
  54. 54. Put innovation into every day operation!#4
  55. 55. Integration & Balance! ScienceTeaching Innovation
  56. 56. Inter-diciplinarity and industry cooperation Start upEntrepreneurs Corp Business MeKTory! • Applied research Quality • Business models Master or • Prototype PHD Thesis • Growth Scientific Career! Professors
  57. 57. Open innovation in Universities Other firm´s market Licence, spin Our new out, divest market Internal technology base Internal/external Our current venture handling market External technology insourcingExternal technology base Henry Chesbrough, 2004
  58. 58. Tallinn Tech ecosystem... …creates value for professors, students & companies! Ideas DevelopTechnology MeKTory Test T-Tech.Serv Growth NorTic ProtoFund Tehnopolis Demo: Tech Demo Centre, Edu-labs, Asia-Tech Promote: Tallinn Tech International Mobile Media Finance: Tallinn Tech iProject Centre Tallinn * Silicon Valley * Shanghai
  59. 59. Europes hottest start-up capitals: Tallinn* SKYPE IT Academy *Titled by Wired Magazine, August 2011
  60. 60. Growth Agenda is Global Reach#5
  61. 61. Tallinn Tech in Action internationalisation in the marketSilicon Valley Shanghai ICT corp 211 RD Universities Mektory: Tallinn Tech eService Innovation Centre
  62. 62. Tallinn Tech eService Mektory Shanghai & Silicon ValleyExperimental Future Innovative Educational eServices Start-up Labs Demonstration Accelerator eGovernance Applications: eHealth, Cyber Security, eLogistics, eUrban, EV & Smart Cities
  63. 63. Tallinn Tech is Leading R&D Performer in Asia Japan: The University of Electro-Communications Tokyo Denki University Korea: • Sun Moon University of Korea • Korea Polytechnic University • Kyungpook National University • Hallym University Singapore: National University of Singapore Taiwan: Southern Taiwan University
  64. 64. Tallinn Tech in ChinaTallinn Tech Innovation & Technology Trainings in Shanghai, Beijing, Macau – March 2012
  65. 65. Tallinn Tech China Workshops and Training in China:• Data Mining and Information Systems • Material Technologies • Innovation Management • Management • Software Development
  66. 66. Tallinn Tech (TUT) in Silicon Valley Plug and Play TechCenter440 N.Wolfe Rd. Sunnyvale California 94085, USA
  67. 67. Silicon Valley Start! Tallinn Tech students’ intensive training in Silicon Valley (2013): • Stanford • Berkeley • Venture Cap • Accelerators • Tech corporations: • Google, Microsoft, FaceNext trainings in Silicon Valley: book etc.5 March 2013 & 21 Sept 2013 Contact:
  68. 68. Tallinn Tech: Silicon Valley Start ProgramTallinn Tech Students & Professors in UC Berkeley, Sept 2012
  69. 69. Tallinn Tech: Silicon Valley Start Program Tallinn Tech Students in Google Headquartes, Sept 2012
  70. 70. Tallinn Tech: Silicon Valley Start Program Tallinn Tech Students Training @ Stanford, Sept 2012
  71. 71. Super Agile Innovation!
  72. 72. Silicon Valley Professors in Tallinn Tech• Recent Visits and Teaching in Tallinn Tech: – Dr. Burton Lee, Stanford – Prof. Oussama Khatib, Stanford – Prof. Glenn Ballard, UC Berkeley – Dr. Keith Devlin, Stanford – Dr. Lisa Harper, UC Berkeley
  73. 73. 3D Print of your unborn baby: ultrasound image based