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Ansoff matrix


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Ansoff Matrix on the example of Coca Cola

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Ansoff matrix

  1. 1. Ansoff Matrix Prof. N.I. Ivashkova
  2. 2. Ansoff Matrix • The Ansoff Matrix classifies and explains different growth strategies for a company. • This matrix is used by companies which have a growth target or a strategy of specialization. • GOLDEN RULES
  3. 3. The Coca-Cola Company: An Overview • founded in 1886 • non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups • operates in over 200 countries • 230 different brands • headquarters Atlanta, Georgia • 30,000 people around the world • 70% of the company volume and 80% of the company profit come from outside the USA
  4. 4. Ansoff Matrix applied to Coca Cola Market Penetration Strategy (single core product, US only) Market Development Strategy (foreign markets with new segments) Product Development Strategy (NPD in US) Diversification Strategy (new products on new markets)
  5. 5. Some examples of Coca Cola Products Diet Coke Powerade Coca Cola Share Size 1.5l Bottle Winnie the Pooh Roo Juice
  6. 6. CONCLUSION • Coca-Cola is using a number of strategies:  Market Penetration Strategy  Market Development Strategy  Product Development  Diversification Strategy • Coca-Cola has a comprehensive product portfolio in each market which is well managed and enables the best fit • Coca-Cola has strong competitive position of the firm in a highly attractive market • Coca-Cola should maintain its marketing not only in its strategic approach but also in its tactical day-to-day operations.