amit gangwal artificial intelligence machine learning artificial intelligence in drug discovery amit ka ppt dr. amit gangwal dr amit gangwal take revenge with failure herbal drug technology nutraceuticals nba dr amit ratn gangwal jain deep learning personality development python ai in drug discovery copo mapping nba criterion 3 pci syllabus pci national board of accreditation internet of things extraction leadership english grammar tensorflow matconvent torche gpu nvidia generative adversarial network (gan) nvidia dgx-1 deep learning techniques graphics processing units gan gpu (graphics processing unit)- patent diabetes obesity nexavar who job success radio tracer technique unit i metabolic pathways phytochemistry pharmacognosy identification isolation pharmacognosy and phytochemist pci syllabus semester vi unit v semester vi unit iv unit iii b. pharm. vi semester herb-food interaction herbal formulations herbal excipients: herbal cosmetics herbal-drug interaction indian systems of medicine biodynamic agriculture herbs as raw materials vocabulary radiotracer techniques s indena phytosome siliphos mass nmr ir hptlc tlc pharmacognosy and phytochemistry ii basics of phytochemistry ultrasonication assisted extraction counter current extraction microwave assisted extraction phytonics decaffeination of coffee beans carbon dioxide supercritical fluid extraction paclitaxel taxol rc juneja mankind industry 4.0 disruptive technologies disruptive innovations volatile oil catechu ashoka arjuna identification test for tannins amla myrobalan astringent goldbeaters skin test tanninc acid condensed tannins non hydrolysable tannins hydrolysable tannins tannins notes cells tissues 3d printing of organs 3 d bio printing 3 d organ printing drug repurposing hub zinc15 mit researchers antibiotic neural network halicin herbal products and ayurvedic formulations standardization and evaluation of herbal material churna and other ayurvedic dosage forms arsithas asavas pharmacognosy notes: bhasmas tlc thin later chromatography plant tissue culture: sterilization avaleha amit ka ppt. prebiotics probiotics functional foods marine drugs watsoninternet of things ug pharmacy target level setting target level snehal evaluating target easy direct assessment tool criterion 3 chakorkar framing of question paper aicte exam reforms dr. a nba accreditation for b. pharm. b. pharm. sar nba sar b. pharm. nba sar exam reforms cos co course outcomrs ml al how to calculate impact factor impact factor and h index student faculty ratio nba in pharmacy innovator leadership artificial intelligence and diabetes algorithm waymo and uber imc commissionar indore municipal corporation commissioner manish singh indore the cleanest city of india cleanest city of india cleanest city imc ias manish singh ratnprabha how to stay motivated. pharmacy curriculum and pedagogy need to be change mast cell membrane stabilization and anti-histamin solanum xanthocarpum (yellow berried night shade): evaluation of antiasthmatic activity of a polyherb amit gangwa isolation of saponins immunomodulatory activity of saponin mixture isola estimation and thin layer chromatography of alkalo tannins estimation and thin layer chromatography of tannin phytochemical screening incretins: antiobesity and antidiabetic blockbuste anti obesity drugs obesity and its pharmacotherapy: an update dengue the breakbone fever: pathophysiological and triterpenoids neuropharmacological effects of triterpenoids flavonoids and sterols from lagenaria siceraria fr triterpenoid pharmaceutical patent management and leadership why organizations fail are leaders born why does organizational change fail lessons from failure learn from failure organizations fail corporate governance failures corporate failure what leaders do leaders tense amrendra bahubali prabhas s. s. rajamouli amarendra bahubali bahubali movie review mahendra bahubali mahismati life lessons corporate lessons from bahubali bahubali 2 the conclusion life lessons 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quotes on success best motivational quotes future of education fittest will survive survival of fittest research entrepreneurship notes of amit gangwal lorcaserin under the trade name belviq acomplia: cannabinoid-1 receptors blocker lipitor next lipitor will also be from metabolic therapy phentermine and topiramate qsymia reductil major leg pullers/constraints in obesity managemen amitratn gangwal fast food junk food bmi poorly soluble drug ionized drug unionized drug solubility of drugs ph of a drug and pka of a drug bioavalibility absorption of drugs 100 years man friday actress indian actors box office movies bollywood celebrities hindi cinema branded wipo ptc glivec gleevec oranage books novartis 180 days exclusivity pharmaceutical patents fda generic natco patent evergreening bayer cipla marks students india exam
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