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Microsoft Teams for Educators @ CEWA


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A quick demo to introduce schools, consultants and administrators to Microsoft's Teams as the digital meeting room you carry In your pocket

Published in: Education
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Microsoft Teams for Educators @ CEWA

  1. 1. An introduction for educators Microsoft Teams Digital Transformation Team: Catholic Education Western Australia
  2. 2. LEARNING INTENTION To provide an overview of Microsoft Teams and explore its use case for education.
  3. 3. SUCCESS CRITERIA A clear, enthused and practical understanding of TEAMS and its use in education
  4. 4. Teams is a chat-centred workspace in Office 365. It brings people, conversations, files, and tools into one place, so everyone has instant access to everything they need. ” “ Dudes @ Microsoft
  5. 5. Purpose Use Case Function Collaboration Communication To create a single space where teams collaborate easily with immediate access to all their resources Application curation A comprehensive digital meeting room Scenarios Teacher Student Consultant
  6. 6. 1 Scenario Howdy folks. Ms. G here. I teach Year 5 at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary school and I use Teams with my kids. We have a class team and many different Channels that cover topics and work groups. We use to lose a lot of time logging students on to different programs. Now, with Teams, we have all our programs and resources in one place. Many of my lessons sit in the Teams’ browser as PowerPoint presentations or OneNotes. My students can open those on any device. This works well in our BYOD environment as we all get the same experience irrespective of device.
  7. 7. ‘Sup guys. I’m Jamie. I’m in Year 5 at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. Our teacher uses Teams with us. We have heaps of projects that we work on in Channels. I reckon it’s good because I never lose anything anymore. All my stuff is in one place. I can just call up a OneNote or PowerPoint to work with friends. I like making team meetings most. It’s just one click away. Sometimes we Skype our Grade 4 teacher. Mr J, because he’s really good at Maths and he tells the worst Dad Jokes. Teams is just easier Than looking for everything 2
  8. 8. 3 Howdy folks. I’m Ali. I work at the CEO Office in the Directorate of School Improvement. I use Teams to organize my notes about the schools I work with. I share those notes through OneNote which is now embedded in Teams. I upload mages and videos of exemplary practice in the files Tab. Our team co-edits school improvement presentations in the Team’s browser and we use chat and skype to communicate because we work in different locations. Teams is the digital meeting room I carry in my backpack and pocket.
  9. 9. 4 Good Evening. I’m Peta the principal. It’s late and I shouldn’t be up but the buck stops with me so yes I’m flicking through my Team Channels. I use Teams a lot because I am offsite often and I must be involved in all key decision making. I must have visibility over what my staff are thinking and sharing. For example, I am included in all Key Learning Area Team and also their major curriculum channels. Teams provides the easiest way for me to have input into the school that I’m charge of. In the past, I could not see the conversations that were happening behind closed doors and influence those so that they are aligned with our school values and direction. But with teams, I can.
  10. 10. Let’s explore TEAMS
  11. 11. 1. Download the Teams client software for your PC at: 2. Open and run the software 4. You can now login either through: a) You client software on your desktop (or) b) your web login in: Downloading the client software 3. Pin the Teams application to your taskbar or dock
  12. 12. Log into Teams here. LOGGING IN Login 1. Log on to: 2. Your username for this service is your Password: cathednet password
  13. 13. Your identity syncs with 0365 (AD) This is your Channel A work based chat
  14. 14. This is your Channel Instant video call to group These tabs connect to 0365 services: OneNote, Sharepoint Your TEAM
  15. 15. These files come from your OneDrive and OneNotes.
  16. 16. The user has clicked on the TEAMS’ menu to (1) access the Team he belong to called (2) LEADing Learning. He then explores the (3) Channel Playbooks where he finds the (4) files uploaded by another team member. They are working on a publication together. 2 3 1 4
  17. 17. Favourited channels listed first. Additional channels listed here.
  18. 18. These meetings will be drawn from your normal outlook calendar
  19. 19. Mr T-Bot is your best FAQ. He/she is the future of computing interfaces by text, voice and AI. Mr T- Bot is very boring now but give him a chance, he/she/it learns and is also very accurate. TEAMs even comes with its own video user guides making people like the person who made this slide deck scarily redundant. The singularity is near!
  20. 20. Teams is the digital meeting room I carry in my pocket ” “ Dr Ali Ava-tar, Directorate of School Improvement
  21. 21. REVIEW What’s the purpose of Teams? How would you use it?
  22. 22. SUCCESS CRITERIA A clear, enthused and practical understanding of TEAMS and its use in education
  23. 23. WANT MORE RESOURCES..? • Teams video overview ; video overview • Teams quick guide • Satya Nadella introduces rationale for Teams • Teams as the future of productivity • Teams Product Review