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Maryam Latifi's Target Audience Profile 1


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Maryam Latifi's Target Audience Profile 1

  1. 1. Maryam LatifiMedia Production Level 3 Mr. Davies Year 13
  2. 2. The age of my primary target audience is 16-18 year olds. The reason why I choose this particular age group is because there is a gap in the market that documentaries are actually targeting young people and there aren’t any documentaries produced by a young person. This course gave me the opportunity to make a documentary that appeals and deals with young people’s issues.Likewise, this target audience is relevant to the type of documentary that I am making, which is about government censorships on sexy music videos. My target audience can relate to my subject matter and my documentary as they watch music videos too that are often sexy and contains soft porn. The documentary is set to appeal to teenagers.
  3. 3. My primary target audience comes from working class to middle class backgrounds. The reason why I have decided to choose this broad class is because music videos are being watch by everyone despite what background they come from. But, I needed to design the class of my target audience so that the my documentary doesn’t stereotype or consists of locations that are highly deprived which may convey the wrong message to the target audience, as my viewers.Most importantly, my target audience depending from their class may have different opinions or thoughts about the subject matter of my documentary during the Vox Pops or overall.
  4. 4. The ethnicity of my target audience is from a mixed ethnic background.My target audience would come from a Black African or Afro- Caribbean, Asian, British White origins or other mixed backgrounds.The reason why I choose my target audience to be multicultural is because I don’t want to base my documentary on just one specific ethnicity as there may be other ethnicity who may watch my documentary and lose interests because they may think it is not appeal
  5. 5. My target audience who I have specifically categorized in my other slides may be in full time education, training or employed. In contrast, they may also be unemployed or not in education, training or employment (NEET). The main reason why I have decided to choose these young people as my target audience is because my documentary will be mainly about whether it is right or wrong for the government to censor sexy music videos. It won’t really be important what my target audience does as individuals.
  6. 6. Above all, the nationality of my target audience is mainly British because my documentary is about current issues and it mainly focuses on the UK government not other governments from across the world.Again, the nationality of my target audience may not make any difference to the production of my documentary as I will be mainly focusing on the subject matter not specifically where my target audience comes from. But, it does make me aware of what I am dealing with and what I have to make in order to make my documentary as appealing and my target audience and meet my proposed idea for my documentary.
  7. 7. Religion isn’t of a high importance for my documentary as it won’t have any influence on its production.But, my target audience as a group of different individuals may be Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists or Atheists where they don’t belief in anything at all.
  8. 8. The hobbies and interests of my target audience are as followed:- Listening to R&B, Hip Hop or Techno music.- Playing sports activities such as football, jogging, running, dancing, swimming or playing tennis.- Reading non fictional or fictional books such as love books, books about life, educational books or other general books of a young person’s interests.- Other hobbies or interests may include cooking, collecting, crafting and many more.- My primary target audience which are girls who like to do some shopping, looking after their appearance such as following strict beauty regimes or they may be busy taking up other activities in their spare times such as Yoga, horse riding, swimming, driving, volunteering or travelling to countries abroad.- Unlike my secondary target audience who are boys may be interests in soccer, games, guitars, working on their PC or computers , producing professional music as a hobby or street dancing.- Young people as my target audience often relax, hang out, eat out, go clubbing, watch TV or sleep as their hobbies.
  9. 9. Where my target audience possiblylive?The majority of my target audience lives in London as it the documentary is going to be based in London for young people in London.My target audience before having done any audience research could live in council or any state.
  10. 10. The gender of my target audience is unisex. It doesn’t cause any complications in regards to the production of my documentary if I choose specifically boys or girls. Therefore, it was much better to target boys and girls.But, I have decided to choose my primary target audience being females because I belief that my documentary would most effect them due to the majority of female being obsessed about their looks and body, at the same time, the mass media demonstrates soft porn or the objectification of women on multiple music videos particularly R&B or Hip Hop.My secondary target audience would also be boys you are 16-18 years old and most of them may be at their stages of puberty or hormonal imbalance where they are also affected by sexy music videos being scattered on Internet in every single website you will be able to find a sexy music video showing soft porn or objectifying women as the main sex symbols such as Rihanna or Lady Gaga.
  11. 11. The primary target audience for my documentary fits into the socioeconomic category of D and E.- D suggests Semi- skilled and unskilled manual workers- E is pensioners, lower grade workers and the unemployed.Students and teenagers are going to fit in the above social demographic as they .The reason why my target audience are so low in the socio-economic hierarchy or the social demographic is because they are inexperienced in many ways such as employment, life or ideas due to their age. Yet also, as they are young they haven’t fulfilled all their dreams or educational achievements to be employed and create a higher reputation or status.Even though, the social status classification is a major concern for adults who are highly educated, there are ways or alternatives that young people are helped to get where they want to be, so that in future their social status classification goes up high in the hierarchy,
  12. 12. Significantly, my target audience is either single or they have got a relationship as a boyfriend and girlfriend but they are not married or divorced. The reason why my target audience is not married is because they are too young for their age range and focused with other important things not marriage.Even tough, this part about the marital status does not have a major impact on the production of my documentary, it is important to categorize my target audience in a specific group so that they are easily identified as my target audience for my documentary.
  13. 13. The style of my primary target audience is …The style of my secondary target audience is……
  14. 14. My target audience would be young and free who are interested in partying, studying, they are often self conscious due to ideologies created by the mass media, they like to drink alcohol when clubbing and they like to try out new adventures,My target audience are in love or looking for love. They like to explore the world around them, they want to express their feelings, thoughts, ideas and needs in different ways. Teenagers or young people are often opportunistic, they copy actions, attitudes, behaviours and from the what they see from the world around them through the mass media or people around them socialize them into what they are expected to be.Young boys and girls as part of my target audience loves to seek attention and favouritism from their opposite sex or same sex.