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Post on blogger legal and ethical


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Post on blogger legal and ethical

  1. 1. Legal and Ethical Issues to consider LEGAL Copyright of music and videos/archive footage Location release/Recees Talent release/Personal release Privacy ETHICAL (what are the ethical codes for journalists?) Handling sensitive information Balance and Bias Representation of subject
  2. 2. Health and safety areas to consider Filming and working with strangers Carrying heavy equipment Exposed wires Operating equipment Weather conditions and filming Protecting the camera
  3. 3. Health and safety for productionHazard Risk to who Level of risk How to manageCarrying heavy equipments Director and producer. Medium risk Share it with my buddy who will always accompany me during any interviews. This risk will be that if I carry too much heavy equipments with me I can hurt myself with them, drop them, break them, cause back pain or fracture bones. Always bring with me bags for the equipments to be carried safely.Filming and cooperating with Director, producer and High I will always bring my buddy with mestrangers during interviews. camera woman. during all interviews to keep safe and secure as strangers are never trusted, particularly when meetings are made through the internet. For example, a man who pretends to be a banker.Exposed wires To people who I am High To manage or prevent the risk to interviewing, director, everyone present during an producer, camera woman interview I can tap the wires on the and the best boy or dolly floor and organize/ put them in one grip. area behind the camera and where nobody walks over the wires or trips over the long wires.Weather conditions and To the equipments that I High To manage this risk, it is better tofilming will be using such as the avoid filming during bad weather camera, tripods and conditions, film indoors, carry equip microphone, to director, equipments to help against bad producer, best boy and weather such as an umbrella, rain dolly boy. jacket and boots.
  4. 4. Legal issuesLegal issue to consider How this may effect my work What I can do about this? In the real world I would really have to ask This does not really affect me as a student but as aCopyright of music and videos/archive permission for other companies to allow me real professional documentary marker I would callfootage to use their secondary video footage on the organization up requesting for their Internet such as YouTube. But, as a student I permission to use their video footage for my may have to just ask documentary as a secondary source. Yet also, if I have used archive footage from someone else or somewhere else I will include beneath the information/data the source to display where I got the information data from. This will affect my work as they may not I will make consent letters for the locations that I allow me to use their premises for filming. will use for the owners or managers to sign it.Location release/Recees So I will be left without being able to interview somewhere. I will not be allowed to film them for my For the talent and personal release I have alsoTalent release/Personal release documentary, which will affect my work as I made a straight forward letter for their permission will have to film someone else instead of the to film them and use the video footage to person that I need to film as their work or broadcast it on YouTube. personality is relevant to my documentarys theme.Privacy This will affect my work by not being able to By not talking about someone’s private life or know enough about the background allowing them to maintain their privacy if they information of the person that I am wish to have some during an interview or filming. interviewing or if I film in public I cannot film everyone without asking their privacy. This Yet also, if someone does not want to be filmed will cause many complaints and aggression than I have to consider someone else instead of as not everybody want to be filmed by that person that I require. Yet also, I will produce someone. important letter requesting for their permission to film and broadcasted.
  5. 5. Ethical Issuesethical issue to consider How this may effect my work What I can do about this?Handling sensitive I cannot use explicit languages that may As I am interviewing a interviewee, knowninformation offend or discriminate other. I am not as Keira, I have to be aware of what I am permitted to swear, use colloquialism or asking her in my questionnaire. For leak out sensitive information that my instance, I cannot ask her why are you interviewee may have provided me to the dressed like a boy or don’t you feel public. embarrassed by the way you are dressed? As it is too inappropriate and unprofessional. I have to remain sensitive with what I am saying and be objective. I will be cautious about the type of questions that I will ask and the type of videos I will use from the internet to convey my point to my target audience.Balance and Bias This will affect my work by…..ASK MS. I will produce a documentary that contains KHAN QUICKLY 2MORROW. polarized opinions where different views of different people is accepted. No biased opinions are introduced. This will effect my work as I am not I will be careful with how I want myRepresentation of subject allowed to represent my interviewees interviewees to dress and look so that the inappropriately or what may be seen as representation of my subject does not offend inappropriate. For instance, showing too or discriminate anyone. (e.g. The use of much sexually explicit scenes in my stereotypical dress codes) documentary.
  6. 6. Tasks to complete Grid for Health and Safety Issues Recees and location release forms for all filming/ locations Legal and ethical Powerpoint