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Target audience profile


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Target audience profile

  1. 1. MY REFOREMEDTARGET AUDIENCE PROFILEIbrahim HashimzayMedia ProductionUnit 4 Year 13
  2. 2. It is important to mention, that after I did myquestionnaire I realized that my targetaudience had to be reformed or rearranged tomeet their preferences in accordance to mydocumentary. However, they may well besimilar to my previous target audience.This specific target audience are young maleteenagers who are well educated,hardworking, mature and sensible. They areeither in school, college and employment.
  3. 3. AGEThrough conducting the questionnaire I have discovered that the agerange I have previously provided for my target audience was the rightchoice as it was mature. Therefore, for my documentary the targetaudience looks serious as it is light hearted documentary. It is morecritical and serious than optimistic or celebratory.The age of my primary audience is still the same 15-19 years old. Thereason why I choose this particular age group is because there is a gapin the market that documentaries are actually targeting young people andthere aren’t any documentaries produced by a young person. This coursegave the opportunity to make a documentary that appeals and deals withyoung people’s issues.Likewise, this target audience is relevant to the type of documentary that Iam making, which is about segregation in cricket at school level. Mytarget audience can relate to my subject matter and my documentary asthey may be playing cricket or be a fan of it. The documentary is set toappeal to teenagers.Most importantly my target audience may have a view that segregation incricket at school level is either right or wrong. It will contain polarizedopinions. My documentary will be more like debate show than an ordinaryshow.
  4. 4. SOCIAL CLASSMy Primary target audience comes from working class to middles class backgrounds.The reason why I have decided to choose middles class is because playing cricket isnot only about cricket itself but more important in an academic perspective, thetheories behind these are far more interesting and valuable. Therefore, often middleclass young people do study these topics either at home or in an academic institute.Also, cricket is been played by everyone despite what background they come from.But, I needed to design the class of my target audience so that my documentarydoesn’t typecast or consist of locations that are highly deprived which may convey thewrong message to the target audience, as my viewers.My target audience depending from their class may have opinions or thoughts aboutthe subject matter of my documentary during voxpops or overall. What I really needfrom my middles class target audience is that they will obtain me with explained andvaluable information that will enable everyone who watches my documentary tounderstand properly what the documentary is actually about.Middles class means money; money means better qualifications and knowledge abouteverything. Again class is not very crucial for my documentary. I can have a workingclass student who is highly sensible and wise. Who know exactly what he is talkingabout.
  5. 5. ETHNICITYThe ethnicity of my target audience is from a mixed ethnic background.My target audience would come from an Asian, British White Origins,Black African or Afro-Caribbean or other mixed backgrounds.The reason why I choose my target audience to be multicultural isbecause I don’t want to base my documentary on just one specificethnicity as there may be other ethnicity who may watch mydocumentary and lose interests because they may think it is not appealto them.
  6. 6. WHAT DO MY TARGET AUDIENCE DO FORLIVING?My target audience who I have specifically categorised in myother slides may be in full education, training or employed. Incontrast, they may also be unemployed or not in education,training or employment. The main reason why I have decided tochoose this type of primary and secondary is because the moremy target audience knows about segregation in cricket at schoollevel the better the documentary will be. As their opinions are themost important elements that my target audience want to see orhear. I can then link the opinions of my target audience that I willinterview with the secondary facts or figure.Again, by conducting the audience research I have found outthat my target audience prefer a documentary to mainly containrealistic opinions and facts rather than fiction and biasedopinions.
  7. 7. NATIONALITYAbove all, the nationality of my target audience is mainly Britishbecause my documentary is about current issue and it mainly focuseson the segregation in cricket at UK schools level no other countriesacross the world.Again, the nationality of my target audience may not make anydifference to the production of my documentary as I will be mainlyfocusing on the subject matter not specifically where my targetaudience comes from. But, it does make me aware of what I amdealing with and what and what I have to make in order to make mydocumentary as appealing and engaging for my target audience andmeet my proposed idea for my documentary.
  8. 8. RELIGIONReligion isn’t of a high importance for mydocumentary as it won’t have any influence on itsproduction.But my target audience as a group of differentindividuals may be Muslims, Christians, Hindus,Sikhs, Buddhists, Jewish or Atheists where theydon’t belief in anything at all.
  9. 9. HOBBIES AND INTERESTSThe hobbies and interests of my target audience are as followed: Playing for cricket school team or any other cricket team. Playing other sport activities such as football, boxing running orswimming Listening to R&B, Hip Hop and Rap music My primary target audience which are boys may be interested inplaying PS3, XBOX 360, playing cricket and football. Unlike my secondary audience who are also male but older age 35-50 may be interested in reading non fictional or fictional books suchas about life, educational and sport books Young people as my target audience often hang out, eat outside, goclubbing and watch TV.
  10. 10. WHERE MY TARGET AUDIENCE MAYPOSSIBLY LIVE DIET AND EXERCISE?The majority of my target audience lives in London as thedocumentary is going to be based in London for Youngpeople in London. My target audience lives in areas wherethere is unpolluted and peaceful environment.They may live more in either wealthy homes, council flatsor rented homes, where their parents make a decent livingfrom working in well-paid jobs. They will be more likely tohave a family car for transportation, yet also their diet aywell consist of nutritional balanced diet as they may playcricket for school team or a professional team. Exercisingmay be their top activity.
  11. 11. GENDERThe gender of my target audience is only male because it will causecomplications in regards to the production of my documentary if Ichoose specifically boys and girls. Therefore, it was much better totarget male audience as they are the ones who regularly play cricket.I have chosen boys as my primary age 15-19 because they are mainpeople who may be affected by the segregation in cricket at schoollevel and may what to resolve this issue in order to play together tomake the game more enjoyable and friendly.My Secondary audience who are also male but older age 35-50 35-50may be cricket fans because it’s like a good old times in British EmpireVictorias times only played by gentlemen’s and the excitement to it.
  12. 12. PERSONALITYMy target audience would be young and free who are interested in cricket and anyother sport field. My target audience express their feelings, thoughts, idea in differentways.Teenagers or young people are often opportunistic as they copy actions, attitudes,behaviours from what they see from the world around them though the mass media orpeople around them those entertain them into what they are expected to be. Youngboys as part of my target audience love to seek attention and preference from otherpeople.The mass media may play a big part in my target audience’s lives such as how theydress, what they belief in and say are all mostly obtained from the mass media. As mytarget audience have a full future ahead of them they like to see how the world aroundthem is set up. Therefore, they often have taken part in the best opportunities given tothem such as school cricket team captain or any other leadership in the school.Finally, the personality of my target audience is that they are light hearted, serious,good sense of humour, polite, respectful, and hardworking and feel responsible. Mostimportantly they portray a positive roles model for every young teenager around them.
  13. 13. MARITAL STATUSSignificantly, my target audience is either single or theyhave got a relationship as a boyfriend and girlfriend butthey are not married or divorced. The reason why mytarget audience is not married is because they too youngfor their age range focus on other important things not onmarriage.Even tough, this part about the marital status does nothave a major impact on the production of mydocumentary but still it is important to categorise mytarget audience in a specific group so that they are easilyidentified as my target audience for my documentary.