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How To Build A Social Media Content Strategy For Talent Acquisition


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The presentation delivered by Andy Headworth from Sirona Consulting for the Social Media Talent Acquisition Conference on May 7th 2014.
How to build a social media content strategy for talent acquisition covers:
1. How to find the right content for your social media audience
2. Understand the best tools and technology for sharing your content easily
3. Which social media networks should form part of your strategy?
4. What does success look like, and how do you measure it?

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How To Build A Social Media Content Strategy For Talent Acquisition

  1. 1. Presented  by     Andy  Headworth   Sirona  Consul6ng     How  To  Build  A  Social  Media  Content   Strategy  For  Talent  Acquisi6on   Webinar  7th  May  2014! Social  Media  Talent  Acquisi6on  Conference  
  2. 2. 1. Learn  how  to  find  the  right  content  for  your  social   media  audience   2. Understand  the  best  tools  and  technology  for  sharing   your  content  easily   3. Which  social  media  networks  should  form  part  of   your  strategy?   4. What  does  success  look  like,  and  how  do  you   measure  it?   What  You  Will  Learn  Today  
  3. 3. YES!  An  InMail  from  a   recruiter  on  LinkedIn.     I  must  open  it  NOW!   When  did  you  ever  hear  a   candidate  say  this?  
  4. 4. This  IS  NOT  a  social   media  content   strategy  
  5. 5. What  is  YOUR  social  media  audience?    
  6. 6. Job  Titles  |  Skills  |  Keywords  |  Synonyms  |  Industries  |  Sectors  |  Geek  Words       Finding  YOUR  social  media  audience?    
  7. 7. Finding  YOUR  social  media  audience?     It  isn’t  what  you  think  you   are  looking  for……     …it  is  what  the  candidates   think  they  are   Remember   Job  Titles  |  Skills  |  Keywords  |  Synonyms  |  Industries  |  Sectors  |  Geek  Words      
  8. 8. Find  YOUR  social  media  audience?     LinkedIn  |  TwiWer  (Followerwonk)  |  Facebook  (Graphsearch)  |Google+  |  YouTube   Pinterest  |  Instagram  |  Xing  |Viadeo  |  StackOverflow  |  GitHub   Pictures  Text   Video       Email   Mobile   Pick  two  or  three  and  focus  on  them  ini`ally   Job  Titles  |  Skills  |  Keywords  |  Synonyms  |  Industries  |  Sectors  |  Geek  Words      
  9. 9. Why content marketing for recruiting?!    From  the  day  you  want  to  pick  up  the  phone  to  talk  to  that   awesome  candidate,  they  will:               • Know  who  you  are   • Know  you  are  an  expert  in  their  sector   • Know  you  already  by  reputa`on   • Know  that  your  call  will  be  worthwhile   Why  content  marke`ng  for  recruitment    
  10. 10. Recruitment  content  marke`ng                                                style    
  11. 11. hWp://­‐2/marke`ng-­‐content-­‐media-­‐guide/   What  content  do  you  share?     Interes`ng       Relevant       Unique       (in  your  sector)    
  12. 12. Don’t share the same boring crap with me that everyone else does.! Walter’s Rule! Created by @andyheadworth!
  13. 13. 1.  Be  clear  on  your  objec`ves  and  define  your  target  audience.   2.  Give  them  value  and  a  reason  to  stay  engaged.  Give  them  great  relevant   content.   (Don’t  break  the  “Walter”  rule.)   3.  Be  very  regular.   4.  Become  a  trusted  source  of     “unique  and  interes`ng”  informa`on.(Could  also  be  your  own.)               5.  Share  at  the  correct  `mes  across  mul`ple  channels.   6.  Always  reply.   7.  Aim  for  fric`onless  engagement  between  you  and  the  candidate.   8.  Don’t  use  it  as  a  job  board.   9.  Monitor  ac`vi`es  every  day.   (Hootsuite,  Men>on,  Alerts,  etc.)   10.  Measure  against  objec`ves.  
  14. 14. Aggregated     Combining  of  mul`ple  RSS   feeds  into  one  stream  of   content.  Filtered,  #  and   keywords  can  be  added  to   messages   Curated     Finding,  filtering  and   adding  insight  to   content  and  sharing   with  social  networks   Original   •  Blogs,  Ar`cles   •  Reports   •  Videos,  Photos   •  Podcasts   •  Interviews   •  Presenta`ons   Where  do  you  find  it?    
  15. 15. + Sharing  tools    
  16. 16. Find,  Follow,  Direct    
  17. 17. Sexy  content  is  in  the  eye  of  the  beholder    
  18. 18. Measurement   What  are  your  objec`ves  or  goals?  
  19. 19. 1.  Don’t  assume  all  candidates  are  on  LinkedIn.  They  are  not!     2.  Make  the  effort  to  find  the  right  networks/communi`es  first.  Then  resist   the  urge  to  “be  a  recruiter”  immediately.  Rela`onship  building  is  key.  Be   interes`ng.  (Walter’s  rule)     3.  Experience  trying  trumps  “industry  rhetoric.”       4.  Have  clear  objec`ves  and  develop  a  strategy.     5.  Be  consistent,  every  day,  every  week,  every  month.     6.  Fail,  fail,  fail,  win,  fail,  fail,  win.     7.  Social  media  is  an  addi`on  to  “tradi`on”  not  a  replacement.   8.  Remember  it  is  not  a  job  board!   Lessons Learned by Recruiters! Learn  from  recruiter’s  mistakes………    
  20. 20. 1.  Create  a  central  shared  library  for  your  team  for:   •  Industry  (and  sector)  job  `tles  and  all  the  synonyms  in  normal  use.   •  Industry  (and  sector)  keywords  and  “geek”  words  including  all   accepted  abbrevia`ons     2.  Create  a  Boolean  string  library  for  all  the  searches.       3.  Set  up  a  Feedly  account  and  find  30-­‐50  blogs,  industry  news  feeds  to   add.     •  Remember  Walter’s  rule     4.  Depending  on  how  you  are  going  to  share  content  (Buffer,  HootSuite,   etc.),  get  acquainted  with  the  plasorm.       5.  Use  colleague  and  candidate  knowledge  to  go  and  find  the  best  social   networks,  communi`es  to  get  started.       6.  Watch  and  learn.  Be  humble  and  par`cipate.   Your  next  steps  
  21. 21. Finally! Finally……….  
  22. 22. Contact Andy    +44 1903 206249 | +44 7788 726019 @andyheadworth