How To Make Your Recruitment Day More Effective Using Social Media Technologies


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The Presentation delivered by Andy Headworth from at The UK Recruiter Conference on November 13th, 2013 >> How To Make Your Recruitment Day More Effective Using Social Media Technologies.
It covers a great range of social media tools, websites and technologies that will help improve your recruitment effectiveness

How To Make Your Recruitment Day More Effective Using Social Media Technologies

  1. How To Make Your Recruitment Day More Effective Using Social MediaTechnologies! Presented by Andy Headworth! Sirona Consulting UK Recruiter Conference, November 2013
  2. #recnet C" S" O" T" S" N" R" O" S" A" R" E" C" R" U" I" T" M E" N" T" I" L" E" A" T" G" L" I" Y" N" G"
  3. Technology might be useful but you still have to drive the car
  4. ! Today
  5. Common challenge
  6. Stop waiting for the future………. it is here now! CRM NOT ATS! Automated! Social! Mobile Image -
  7. CV’s, Placements, Interviews, Feedback, Emails………..
  8. First thing - coffee and emails! = 1. Track all email opens as well as links clicked in emails.! 2. Get an alert each time someone opens an email or clicks a link.! Use Boomerang to take messages out of your inbox until you actually need them
  9. Automation recipe is the new sexy…..
  10. Some recipes….
  11. What are people saying……..? What are people saying about you……..? You! Company! Brand! People!
  12. Monitor any keyword [ You, Company, Brand, People ] in real-time and receive filtered, organised and prioritised information
  13. Cover your Twitter bases @andyheadworth (“andy headworth” OR “sirona consulting” OR sironaconsulting OR “sirona says” OR sironasays) And for Google Alert (RIP) lovers
  14. Need some keyword help for writing your adverts or some sourcing? [ ] Pull down corner of the spreadsheet cell while holding down CTRL button (Windows) or ‘option button (Mac) Thanks @JimStroud
  15. Save time - put all those email alerts in one place
  16. And share the best bits with your social audiences……
  17. Easily aggregate, read and share…….
  18. Remind you of anything in your business?
  19. Try some Social CPR Your CV Database
  20. 80 : 20
  21. How are you sourcing the 20%? SocialBro& Tagboard&& StackOverflow& Followerwonk& Github& TwiQer& X=RAY& Search& Niche& Social& &&&&Facebook& &&&&Facebook& &Graph&Search& &&&&Sourcing& &&&&&&Chrome& &&&Extensions& Google& &&&&&& && Google+& &Plus& &&&&&&&People& &&&Aggregators& LinkedIn& &&&RapporEve& &&&&&&&(Gmail)& & &TalentBin& &Dice& OpenWeb& &Entelo& &Zeepex&
  22. Where are you building your communities? CRM?
  23. Twitter - clever visual sourcing tool
  24. What is your #hashtag strategy? Image credit:
  25. Oops!!! #susanalbumparty #FAIL
  26. The top 6 influencers for #socialrecruiting
  27. TweetBinder
  28. TweetBinder Top Influencers for #socialrecruiting
  29. Tagboard
  30. Facebook Engineers who work at company name! Engineers who live in location! Engineers who are from location! Engineers who used to work at company! Engineers who ever worked at company! Engineers who used to work at company and live in location! English graduates who live in location and speak language! People who graduated from university name after date! People who graduated from University of Southampton after 2009 and like Rock Music and live in London, United Kingdom and speak French ! image:
  31. Facebook - clever visual tool
  32. Analyse your Facebook Page with LikeAlyzer
  33. Ending with a LinkedIn Tip iPad H/T @Mr_LinkedIn Hyperlinks ‘live’ on LinkedIn iPad App
  34. Thank You - Any Questions?    +44  1903  206249  |  +44  7788  726019   !   !   !   !