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A Strategy for Social Media Analytics


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Presented by Mr Cedric Dias, Digital Director & Head of Social Media, Havas Media and Head (APAC), Socialyse, at ISS-IBM Seminar: A Measure of Social Media Analytics on 31 Jul 2014.

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A Strategy for Social Media Analytics

  1. 1. Social Media Analytics By Cedric Dias Digital Director and Head of Social Media, Havas Media Head (APAC), Socialyse
  2. 2. What Are We Covering Today?  A Strategy for Analytics  Choose an Analytics Tool  Case Studies © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  3. 3. A Strategy for Analytics © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  4. 4. What does Social Media Analytics involve? It is a three stage process • Use of monitoring, listening and insights tools Capture Data • Sieve out the noise and get to metrics that are meaningful Understand Data • Use of charts and diagrams to turn data into insights Present Data © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  5. 5. What’s the ROI of Social Media? There is no single ROI for social media. Every social media metric should tie to a business metric, which should map to a business goal © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  6. 6. Building a proper framework is the key first step . Technology Identify tools based on strategy, metrics, and organisation Organisation Identify required resources Identify required training Identify barriers Metrics Define success Recommend actions Strategy Define business objectives Identify required insights © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  7. 7. Consider several factors that affect your brand as well Brand Health Marketing Optimisation Revenue Generation Attitudes, conversations & behaviors towards your brand Improving effectiveness of marketing programs Where & how your company generates revenue © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  8. 8. Consider several factors that affect your brand as well Operation Efficiency Customer Experience Innovation Where & how your company reduces expenses Your relationship with customers & their experience with your brand Collaborating with customers to drive future products & services © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  9. 9. Choose An Analytics Tool © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  10. 10. Assess first what are your priorities for analytics Data Quality Brand Situation Vendor Support Training Sessions Language Support Alerts Find out what features you’ll need from a tool © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  11. 11. Use multiple tools… The key is not the number of tools used, but whether they are, individually and collectively, the right ones for the job in terms of effectiveness, price performance, service, support, and results © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  12. 12. …but be wary of Frankenmetrics capture, analyze, and interpret this data Clearly define your goals and strategies focus on the metrics that support them find your data sources © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  13. 13. How Do You Measure & What Tools Do You Use? Facebook Insights Third-Party Tools Google Analytics Youtube Analytics Sysomos © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  14. 14. Case Studies © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  15. 15. Let’s Look At Post Types Pink Line = Likes, Comments, Shares Blue Line = Post Clicks Insight: Our posts have been a mixture of Links and Photos, and typical with most fanpages, the Photo posts do the best compared to Links. We should try out Video Posts to see if the fans react better to those or to Photos © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  16. 16. People Engaged Data: The people who are most engaged with the page are also within the same age group of 25 – 44. We’re hitting the right target audience with our content and paid media. © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  17. 17. Page Post Analysis Insight: Listed above are posts that minimum 10.5% engagements. These posts are generally under Eco Tech & Design and Fan Talk categories. There are also high engagement where there is mentioned of Faces & Places photo contest. © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  18. 18. © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  19. 19. Using Google Analytics to track © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  20. 20. Campaign Performance – Influencer use • We were able to analyze the bloggers with the most reads, clicks and conversions through implementing an image served by our double click servers. • Christine provided highest reach whilst Hubsch garnered highest conversions. • This helped the client in pointing out which bloggers they should return to for respective objectives of future campaigns. © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  21. 21. Listening For Insights Insights & Learnings Engagement Customer Support Decision Support Performance Management © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  22. 22. What Do You Listen For? © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  23. 23. © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  24. 24. New Product Creation 30
  25. 25. Case Studies: CISCO All screens are using either our own Cisco SocialMiner product or Radian6 for analytics Twitter-based global heat map: Real-time global tweets are displayed Social Media Influencers: What influencers are tweeting about Cisco Product Family Landscape: What conversations are happening around both Collaboration and the Data Center and Virtualization architectures Social Media Word Cloud: Highlighting current trending topics © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  26. 26. Case Studies: MasterCard Mastercard “conversation suite,” a dedicated team of four sits and listens to what stakeholders are saying about the brand. When this team is sleeping, its counterpart in Singapore, Dubai and Australia takes over. The main team (U.S.) of four collaborates internally with PR, marketing, product and customer service teams to better engage stakeholders. © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  27. 27. What Else Did They Learn? 1. Influencers are not just bloggers. • They identified journalists who issued stories about MasterCard and related stories • Plus, which media outlets are most prevalent 2. Conversations about your brand need not include your brand name • Their study revealed that there are 30 million conversations happening a month on social media platforms tallking about MasterCard. • The brand was part of less than 1 percent of these conversations. • Today, the company is looking for conversations that mention Mastercard or topics relevant to the brand, like a world beyond cash, emerging payments and financial inclusion © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  28. 28.  Social Analytics is here to stay  Start with your objectives  Use a mix of tools  Integrate Analytics from the beginning  Allocate right resources and efforts Summary © 2014 Havas Media / Socialyse
  29. 29. Thank you! Cedric Dias Digital Director and Head of Social Media, Havas Media Head (APAC), Socialyse D: +65 6645 4729 M: +65 9796 9646 T: +65 6645 4700