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10 Ways To Improve Your Linkedin Brand


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This is a copy of the slide deck of the presentation I delivered to senior HR Interims for the company Interimity, on 20th November 2012.

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10 Ways To Improve Your Linkedin Brand

  1. 10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn BrandPresented byAndy HeadworthSirona Consulting 20th November 2012 @ Interimity
  2.  MD of Sirona Consulting Recruitment { Strategy | Social | Process | Online } Corporates and Recruiters Published author of “Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies”
  3. Your personal brand is equal to your Google search resultsLinkedIn Profiles appear at the TOP of Google searches
  4. Why do you use LinkedIn? Online Find work Grow Stay in Build your Profile network contact brandResearch Thought Promote Be found Learning leader business (for work) Follow Industry Share Recruit Othercompanies news content people ?
  5. 1. What are YOUR LinkedIn objectives? New assignment New business Better branding Personal SEO (in absence of a website) Build network Meet other industry experts Get the latest industry news Follow potential client companies …………… you do have LinkedIn objectives, don’t you?
  6. 2. How do people find you on LinkedIn?  Business card  Email footer  Referral  LinkedIn Group  Status Update  Company Page  ‘Accident’ (viewers of this profile also viewed)  Search  Keywords  Company name  Job title
  7. Continued 2. Your keywords Remember: These are not what you think they are but are what people search for. 1. Do a search in LinkedIn first for your keywords to see if they are appearing in many searches. If not find alternatives 2. Find the synonyms (or alternatives) using Google Adwords Keywords Tool 3. Save your keywords in a file for future use (many times over) Note: These are not just for LinkedIn but can be used across all the social networks
  8. 3. Your ProfileReality v Perception
  9. Continued 3. New LinkedIn Profiles Tell people what you do, where you do it, how you do it and who you do it for. But do it quickly top down. You can influence search results by including the right content and keywords
  10. Continued 3. New LinkedIn Profiles  2000 word capacity  Keyword rich  Sell the Digital story  Position yourself publicly as a thought leader/industry expert  Be found in search – more people will connect with you LinkedIn’s clever GAME CHANGER - Peer to Peer Endorsements
  11. Continued 3. New LinkedIn Profiles  Publications  Projects  Connections now searchable  Recommendations  Companies you follow  Groups you follow
  12. 4. Attracting Companies to YOUR LinkedIn Profile  100 % Profile with the correctly selected keywords will appear in search results  The more connections you have in your industry will help you appear in ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’  Provide contact points with clear calls of action  Share good & relevant content every day – statusWhen people do look at your updates (personal &profile, reach and connect with Company)them  Participate – comment; share
  13. 5. Your Company Page (you do have a company page?)  Promote you  Marketing  Branding  Promotions  Video  Credibility  Depth of experience  Company Updates  SEO  Recommendations  Followers
  14. 6. GroupsJoin up to 50 – you can message members of the groups youare a member of for FREE!
  15. 7. Building a target list…. Start by not searching for companies on LinkedIn, try searching Remove these companies for skills, industry to see the next 10 keywords, geek- -company1 -company2 words, job titles and synonyms. 10 Companies that use the skills you place in your businessShow more
  16. Continued 7. Building a target list…. Message Introduction Who do you know that works there Name + Company = Phone No.
  17. 8. Grow Your networkThe biggernetwork youhave the better itwill be for youDon’t make anyassumptionsabout people’s2nd levelconnections
  18. Continued 8. Grow Your network
  19. Continued 8. Grow Your network Personalise your message every time, give the recipient a reason to connect to you. Be polite and treat this contact as the start of a potential employee relationship.
  20. Continued 8. Grow Your network ALWAYS acknowledge the the sender of an invite after you have connected with them
  21. 9. Free or Paid For
  22. 10. Don’t do this
  23. Thank You Any questions? +44 1903 206249 | +44 7788 726019