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  • #HRP450 Q1 - As part of a job application, you are required to post a status update of why you are the ideal candidate for the job. What would your status look like? To Answer: Begin ‘comment’ with #HRP450, i.e. “#HRP450 my status”General comments are welcomed – no hashtag required.
  • (Farhad)As you all know the traditional human resource focuses on the organization's workforce. The function was initially dominated by transactional works such as payroll and benefits administrations. It then became more responsible for the employee selection, training and development, performance and career management and the corporate image.
  • (Farhad)As you guys know social media is playing an important role in our day to day lives. About 80% of Americans use social networks. 2/3 of the world's population uses social Media. As it becomes more and more important to us, it becomes important to businesses too. As a result HR professionals have a great opportunity to leverage this powerful medium in all business aspects.
  • (Farhad)How they do it?They do it by integrating social media with HR through marketing, self promotion, public relations, employee recruitment and customer service.
  • (Farhad)The benefits both HR professionals and employees receive from SM include the followings:SM creates internal collaborate network within an organization. It increase the efficiency of both HR experts and employees. HR professionals can use social networks to attract, select, and train employees. On the other hands employees can search social media to find a job they like or connect to the company they would like to work for. they can also use social media as a way to express their professions. Agile adaptation ability to trend shifts within the market place, meaning the corporation can alter its strategies based on customer feedbacks. Social Media also helps people to connect each other. People can connect other professionals, colleagues and business networks.
  • (Jenny)HR is the “people department” in charge of managing the current and future employees.Social Media bridges and enhances the communication between internal and external relations of the company.Most importantly it helps strengthen the brand image to allow companies to get exposure and build a reputation.
  • (Jenny)Discussion –Do you think companies can call on situations that happen not during work times and that were discovered through third party sources such as SM networks?
  • (Jenny)- Discussion -
  • (Jenny)Not all companies are convinced how Social Media can help them. Primarily it can split into two categories.Companies either embrace it and use SM to their advantage and allow employees to take part and invest into training programs for SM. However, the either end, many companies highly believe in the negative impact SM can bring, therefore full on ban the use of SM in workplaces.
  • (Jenny)There of course are valid reasons to believe that SM may cause problems to a company. Employees can unintentionally leak confidential information, or maybe even download a simple virus.Actions of employees outside of work can be a potential threat to the reputation of the company and of course content written by employees on SM networks can allow people to mistaken it as views of the company the employee works at.
  • Source:http://mashable.com/2011/06/16/weinergate-social-media-job-loss/#17003Chrysler-Social-Media-EmployeeWhen someone with access to the@ChryslerAutos Twitter account accidentally dropped the F-bomb back in March, Chrysler was not amused.After first claiming that its account had been compromised, Chrysler later admitted that the errant tweet was sent by an employee of the social media agency that handles the Chrysler account.It appears that the employee accidentally tweeted from the wrong account. When a similar situation happened to the Red Cross Twitter account in February, that organization responded with humor and forgiveness. Not so for the agency employee. The mis-directed tweet was enough to cost the employee his or her job.
  • Source: http://mashable.com/2011/06/16/weinergate-social-media-job-loss/#17037Connor-Riley-Wouldbe-Cisco-EmployeeIn March 2009, 22-year old Connor Riley was offered a job at Cisco. Her first instinct -- to tweet about her new opportunity -- is pretty common for most people of her generation.Unfortunately, Riley's tweet mentioned that taking a "fatty paycheck" would come at the expense of "hating the work." A Cisco employee responded to her tweet, offering to pass her sentiments along to the hiring manager. Riley lost the job before it was even started.The event, dubbed the "Cisco Fatty" incident, went viral and was a good cautionary tale for individuals of all ages.
  • Source: http://mashable.com/2011/06/16/weinergate-social-media-job-loss/#16997Ashley-Payne-TeacherAshley Payne, a teacher in Barrow County, Georgia, was asked to resign from her job at Apalachee High School in August 2009 because of photographs and status updates she posted to Facebook.The problem with Payne's updates? They showed her drinking alcohol and one update used an expletive. Payne was on vacation in Europe and some of her photographs included her visits to the Guinness Brewery and a local pub in Dublin.Payne's Facebook page was private, however she had friended some other teachers in her school. When the principal found out about the photos, she was told to render her resignation or face suspension.Payne sued the school district in November 2009 because she was "not made aware of her rights."
  • (Ben)As Jenny had previously mentioned, companies takes on either 1 of 2 approaches when it comes to handling SM or HR. Companies who fears SM will try to limit their exposure to SM by condemning their employees to strict and exhaustive policies and guidelines. On the other hand, companies who embrace the combination of SM and HR are creating interesting strategies to enhance their HR processesCompanies are rapidly adapting Externally: Increase effort in searching potential candidates Use of SM to screen job candidates Outward facing Customer Relations Internally: Community building with current employees Increase high potential employees retention
  • (Ben)The following 2 infographics are taken from the book Job Searching with Social media for Dummies If the Dummies series are writing about this issue that mean it is REALLY important. These graphs highlights the level of engagement companies are involving SM with HR 65% of the companies surveyed used SM to hire new employees
  • (Ben)A huge increase in HR professionals using SM to source potential candidates 54% increase from 2008 In 2010, 92 % of hiring managers have used or plan to use SM to recruit people (86% LinkedIn , 60% Facebook, 50% Twitter)
  • (Ben)Job Screening Statistics were gathered by Reppler, a SM monitoring service, surveying over 300 hiring professionals HR are using SM to screen candidates just as much as HR used to discover potential candidates Over 91 % companies use SM to screen During the screening process, companies place the candidates through microscope using Facebook While less emphasis are places towards LinkedIn.Likely due to LinkedIn are already used for potential searching while Facebook is better used for screening purposesMany applicants are met with the chopping block from the initial screening after an application is received To HR, SM is an effective tool to weed out unwanted candidates. Not mainly used as background checks for candidates that are close to being hired
  • (Ben)Reject Candidates from SMInappropriate comments and photos are obvious choices The reasons for rejection are fairly even but the top reason for rejection is HR finding out candidates have been lying about qualifications. I found this a little tough to prove. Maybe through inconsistent info posted online versus written in the resume.Or people not updating their profiles If you got it flaunt it mentality
  • (Ben)HR are looking for personality, creativity , social able
  • (Ben)- Discussion -
  • (Tanvir)Intel they have the best policies when it comes to realizing that traditional media adn social media are now intertwined and they have jumped on the bandwagon, so to speak. They want employees to take part in what sm can offer but also understand that a brand ambassador for intel. 3 rules of engagement  (disclose, protect, use common sense). People are bound to made mistakes, be transparent and honest and protect the company and yourself over all.  
  • (Tanvir)
  • (Tanvir)CNN highly constrained, overall they have not done well in terms of understanding the integration of traditional media and social media, Many employees fired because they never recognized the importance of sm so they never had any set guidelines as to how people should act and then when they started having problems, fired people they began to create a guideline booklet.
  • (Tanvir)
  • (Tanvir)bbc - intermediate, it isnt the best like intel , but its not the worst either like cnn. it has a middle ground where it recognized and encourages the use of sm but it feels the need to conduct itself and bbc brand in a controlled way
  • (Tanvir)always google yourself and keep your offline as well as online self the same. Try making contacts and dont look for jobs while at work etc
  • Bus450 Social Media Human Resource Management

    1. 1. HR PRACTICES SOCIAL MEDIA #HRP450Ta n v i r G i l l / / J e n n y L a m / / B e n L a u / / F a r h a d M e h r a b i
    2. 2. JOB, SM, and YOUAs part of a job application, you are requiredto post a status update of why you are theideal candidate for the job. What would your status look like?
    3. 3. AGENDA• Traditional HR Practices• Introducing SM into HR• Integration of SM with HR• Companies’ Reluctance• Companies’ Adaptations• Future of HR with SM• Tips and Facts• Activity
    4. 4. Employee Selection Training andCorporate Image Development TRADITONAL HR PRACTICES Payroll Performance Administration Management Career Management
    5. 5. SM in HR―As social media becomes more defined in thebusiness world, human resources professionals willhave a significant opportunity to leverage this powerfulmedium in many aspects of the business‖ Source: The Future of Social Media and Human Resources (http://mashable.com/2010/11/08/human-resources-social-media)
    6. 6. INTEGRATING SM with HR• Marketing• Self-Promotion• Public Relations• Employee Recruitment• Customer Service
    7. 7. BENEFITS of SM• Internal Collaboration• Team/Global Environment• Increase Efficiency• Agile adaptation ability to trend shifts within the marketplace• Connectivity
    8. 8. ROLE OF HR• Source/Recruit • Hiring and Talent• Managing Marketing SOCIAL Channels Corporate Culture MEDIA• Internal Corporate Support • Internal and • Brand Exposure External• Organizational • Create Buzz Communications Evaluation and Practices • External Corporate • Strengthen Brand Support Image • Creating Relationships
    9. 9. DISCUSSION ?Female Canucks fan flashes Ben Eager in Penalty Box – May 18, 2011 She was allegedly fired from her job after this incident went viral
    10. 10. YOUR THOUGHTS ? • Conflict between private and professional life? • Legal issues?
    11. 11. TWO APPROACHES USE BAN• Build Brand • Limited or no Awareness use• SM Training • Strict for Guidelines Employees and Policies
    12. 12. CORPORATIONS’ FEAR• Leaking Confidential Information• Network Security• Actions of Employees• Content Ownership
    13. 13. SM GONE WRONG ?
    14. 14. SM GONE WRONG ?
    15. 15. SM GONE WRONG ?
    16. 16. COMPANIES’ ADAPTATION• HR is actively engaging with SM• Increase in head hunting activities in SM• Utilizing SM to screen job candidates• Using SM for Customer Relations outlet
    20. 20. DISCUSSION ?Employers asking for job applicants’ SM login Ethical Problem? Would you do it?
    21. 21. SM POLICIES • Embrace employees’ use of SM • Detailed and Welcoming SM policy
    22. 22. SM POLICIES EXAMPLES • Stick to your area of expertise and provide unique, individual perspectives on whats going on at Intel and in the world. • When disagreeing with others opinions, keep it appropriate and polite. • Post meaningful, respectful comments—in other words, no spam and no remarks that are off-topic or offensive.
    23. 23. SM POLICIES • Highly constrained SM policy • Corporate Image Protection • Employee personal life are linked to professional life
    24. 24. SM POLICIES EXAMPLES • Unless given permission by CNN Management, CNN employees are to avoid taking public positions on the issues and people and organizations on which we report. • Employees can have their own website or blog but employees should notify their supervisor about it, to have it cleared as a non-conflict for your work. • Employees should not comment on news or current affairs unless given permission to comment publicly on the issues or people we report on as a CNN analyst or commentator.
    25. 25. SM POLICIES • Strong Emphasis on employee SM conduct • Ten page guideline for professional use of social networking, microblogging, and other third party websites. • Other SM policies such as guideline for personal use and use of pictures from SM sites
    26. 26. FUTURE OF HR with SMLEARNING• Resources at your fingertipsPLANNING• Balancing Productivity and ValueIMPLEMENTATION• Supporting InnovationEVALUATIONRe-evaluating Corporate Values
    27. 27. Tips for Job Seekers• Build your online presence• Online profiles should be consistent with resume• Routinely google your name• Network before you need it• Dont forget your Facebook privacy settings• Be careful of who you connect with• Dont search for job while you work
    28. 28. Activity: HIRING GAMEGOAL:Get the attention of HR by answering 4questionsCandidate proving the best answers willacquire the job offer.
    29. 29. Activity: HIRING GAMERULES:4 Questions will be asked via FACEBOOKGROUPCandidates’ answer that gets the mostLIKES gets the job
    30. 30. REFERENCESImage Sources• http://www.jeffbullas.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Job-Searching-with-Social-Media- Infographic11.jpg• http://www.unfinishedman.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/Canucks-Game.jpg• http://static5.mindflash.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/110908-MF-TWEET.png• http://www.twitterblogpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/socialmediajob.jpg• http://mashable.com/2011/10/23/how-recruiters-use-social-networks-to-screen-candidates-infographic/Article Sources• http://mashable.com/2011/06/16/weinergate-social-media-job-loss/#17031Anthony-Weiner- Congressman• http://www.compukol.com/blog/the-marriage-of-hr-and-social-media/• http://www.forbes.com/sites/sap/2011/12/22/2012-job-market-5-tips-for-using-social-media-to-find-a-new- job/• http://mashable.com/2010/11/08/human-resources-social-media/• http://mediafunnel.com/department/social-media-dashboard-human-resources/• http://www.ragan.com/Main/Articles/The_20_most_interesting_social_media_stats_and_ins_44424.aspx• http://www.fastcompany.com/1668368/social-media-policies-the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly• http://www.bbc.co.uk/editorialguidelines/page/guidance-blogs-bbc-full• http://www.pcworld.com/article/252521/facebook_password_requests_from_employers_raise_ire_of_law makers.html