Using Google Plus For Recruiting


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This is the presentation delivered by Andy Headworth from to the APSCo Marketing Forum in London on 25th April 2013. It is about how and why recruiters should be using Google+ for recruitment. I look at the power of Google+ for search engine optimisation (SEO), building talent pools and talent communities using Google+ and the power of content within Google + with Authorship.

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Using Google Plus For Recruiting

  1. Presented byAndy HeadworthSirona ConsultingUsing Google+For Recruiting
  2. v     MD  of  Sirona  Consul/ng        v   Helps  companies  integrate  social  media  into              their  recruitment  strategy  /  processes    v     Recruitment  Companies  &  Corporates    v     Consultancy  |  Interim  |  Projects    v     Official  LinkedIn®  EMEA  Talent  Solu/ons  Partner  If  you  are  twee/ng  today    >>  @andyheadworth  <<  
  3.                          Google+ is a no-brainer for recruitersG+ users are 57% active in the stream(based on the user base of 650M)Image by
  4.                                          Before  we  get  started  ……..  earlier  this  year        The Candidate ExperienceAwards 2012Job seekers: What socialmedia tools do you use in yourjob search?1.  LinkedIn – 65%2.  Facebook – 38.5%3.  Google+ - 26.9%1.  LinkedIn – 74%2.  Facebook – 41%3.  Google+ - 24%
  5.                          Who is fearing Google Plus the most?
  6.                                              What’s the deal with Google+ ?Think Candidates343Millionactive users lastmonth650M user baseSEO&SearchBuildTalent Pipelines &Talent CommunitiesWithCircles andCommunitiesContentDistribution, SharingVideoHangoutsGoogle +Recruiters
  7.                                              What  does  Google+  look  like?? ?
  8. A personalGoogle+Profile1.  BIG cover photo2.  Full content profile3.  Hyperlinks4.  Social Profiles5.  Keywords (SEO)
  9. A Google+CompanyPageProfile1.  BIG cover photo –branding + message2.  Full content profile3.  Hyperlinks, anchor text,web page links etc.4.  All Social Profiles5.  Keywords – short andlong tail (SEO)
  10.            The future of search and the challenge of SEO
  11. Google+ search influenceAnalogy courtesy of Lee Odden[When logged into Google with a G+ profile]Your network and what theyhave liked from a G+ perspectivecan influence your search resultsIf you or your friends likehorsesIf not more likely ……..
  12.   SEO & AuthorshipGoogle  ‘owns’  search.  Search  is  integral  part  of  Google+.  Google+  is  HUGE  for  SEO          Build up your authorityas an authorWho doesn’t producetheir own regularcontent for theirwebsite/blog?
  13.                                              Google+  Circles,  Communi/es          Circlesaka Find PeopleCommunitiesSimilar  to  following    People  In  your  circles  =  Following  In  others  Circles  =  Followers  Similar  to    the  original  LinkedIn  Groups  
  14. G+ search: People, Pages, Content, Communities
  15. People and PagesRemember only you see the name of the yourCircles. People just get notified that they havebeen added to one of your Circles.Detail rich profiles
  16. Has the penny dropped yet?Talent Communities | Talent Pipelines | Talent ClustersTalent Puddles | Industries | Sectors | Job Titles
  17. Sharing  ContentKeep contentfocused onCircle ANDDON’T SPAM!!
  18. Google+  Communi/esSimple to set up – public or private, invite only oranyone joinAdd community posting categories – completelyyour choice e.g. Discussion, Tools, Advice, Jobs etc.Great opportunity to get your industry keywords/skills / job titles in YOUR community name andstrapline.SocialLandGrab!!
  19. Finding  people  for  your  (Talent)  Circles  &  Communi/es  (1)Look at the membernumbers and activity
  20. Finding  people  for  your  (Talent)  Circles  &  Communi/es  (2)§  View profiles- About has the details and social contact options§  Add to your circles (creating new ones if needed)§  See who are in their circles – likely similar types of people§  If they are in a similar community (to yours) - likely to join yours§  Post content, message and invite (to your communities)away
  21. Google+  Hangoutsh]p://­‐gU09bWifFo  
  22. Google+  HangoutsVideo conferencing, video interview, groupmeetings, collaboration (including sharing andediting Google Docs), video share, screenshare, presentations, training, live webinars,Hangouts on air, live YouTube broadcast,candidate briefing, pre-IV assessments, clientmeetings and anything else you can imagine!Free 1-10 peopleincluding youGo toHangouts(click on Moreat bottom ofleft menu)ClickStart aHangout
  23.                                                Sharing content on Google +1.  Posting content via website (slide 13)2.  Via mobile or tablet – excellent mobile experience3.  Browser extension (Chrome, Firefox, Safari)4.  Any website that has a +15.  Hootsuite & (allows you to schedule posts to Google+)6.  Get people to come to you first(
  24. PagesExploreProfileEventsFind PeopleCommunities                               Why Google + is great for recruitmentHangoutsCandidate SearchingSEOPersonal BrandingTalent PipelinesSharing JobsInterviewingPre-Interview AssessmentClient MeetingsAuthor RankTargeted ContentSharing ContentCandidate SegmentationCandidate EngagementDelivering PresentationsTeam CollaborationDelivering WebinarsLive Broadcasting To YouTubeCompany BrandingEvent Calendar IntegrationUnrestricted People FollowingTalent CommunitiesVideo Conferencing
  25. Thank  You  Any  ques/ons?    +44  1903  206249  |  +44  7788  726019  (or  just  search  my  name!)