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2010.07 Mark Cowan - Building Your Brand Through Facebook


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2010.07.09 Warsztaty Facebook NOW - branża FMCG
Mark Cowan

Building Your Brand Through Facebook

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2010.07 Mark Cowan - Building Your Brand Through Facebook

  1. 1. Building Your Brand Through Facebook Mark Cowan – Head of Emerging Markets, EMEA July 2010
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Introduction 2 Routes to market 3 Which strategy are we ready for? 4 Success stories 5 Summary
  3. 3. To win in today’s world requires A different mindset different approaches different ways of working
  5. 5. Over 400 million active users per month With over 50% logging on every single day Spending over 500 billion minutes per month Sharing more than 25 billion pieces of content More than 1 million developers from 180 countri
  6. 6. Real people, real identities
  7. 7. Facebook ‘Home’ Newsfeed
  8. 8. Social Media is Connections
  9. 9. Real connections in 4 key segments Friends Family Brands Work Colleagues
  10. 10. Give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected
  11. 11. FMCGs being open and connected
  12. 12. Routes to Market From Targeted Reach to Driving Connections
  13. 13. Brands can focus in 3 key areas Facebook Ads Platform Pages & Events 1 2 3 Standard Ads Hub for brands Applications Engagement Ads Drive Social Actions Facebook Connect Reach Blocks Promote using Ads Social Plug ins
  14. 14. Targeted Reach Driving the User away from Facebook
  15. 15. The Opportunity: Homepage and ASU Ads: Standard and Engagement Homepage ASU Ads
  16. 16. Standard Homepage Ad
  17. 17. Video Homepage Ad
  18. 18. Driving Engagement Facebook advertising is about Engagement and Connections
  19. 19. Ads: Brands engage consumers … Like Poll Virtual gift Translate your product into a virtual gift and let consumers spread it throughout the social Build lasting connections Encourage consumers to share graph with consumers their opinions and compare with friends Event Video with Sampling commenting Deliver your product to Engage consumers and their consumers and let their Get consumers to join you friends in conversation friends know and their friends in real around your visual assets (or virtual) events
  20. 20. ... who engage each other … 1.7x Ad Recall 2x Message Awareness 4x Purchase Intent *Nielsen White Paper SocialMedia Study Jun 2010
  21. 21. Brand new Post Engagement Fan Ads Interact with Poll or Event then Become a Fan in Polling Ad Ad Standard same Polling with Fan Ad Event with Fan Ad Standard Event Ad
  22. 22. Social branding: distribution Engagement Ad impression your brand engagement organic impression connection
  23. 23. Reach Block: Multiply the effect ▪ Reach 100% of all targeted users in one day ▪ An efficient way to serve impressions to as many users (in your target) as possible ▪ Logged-in users will see your ad up to five times (frequency cap) ▪ Poland: 1.5million daily users, x million impressions guaranteed Reach block on the home page
  24. 24. Long term strategy Facebook Pages
  25. 25. Pages give brands a voice
  26. 26. 3 core benefits 1. Two-way dialogue 2. Custom experiences 3. Insights
  27. 27. Real connections in 4 key segments Friends Family Brands Work Colleagues
  28. 28. The Basics: Wall & publisher Pringles Wall Post Post appears in Newsfeeds of Fans
  29. 29. Custom Tabs deliver Rich media experience HTML, Flash & Applications can be embedded into Tabs Use Rich Media Tabs to deliver rich content for users to interact with & share with friends
  30. 30. Deeper insights Fans over time Fan demographics Wall Posts Likes Comments Per-post interactions Upstream traffic data
  31. 31. Develop ‘Conversational Calendar’ October November December January February March April May June July August September Initiative Themes, key messages, major events/sponsorships Branding Building awareness and engagement Connections Building consumer relationships Publishing & CRM Engaging consumers in conversation
  32. 32. Platform Leverage external sites
  33. 33. Platform: Social Plug-Ins “Social Media” as Technology Like Button Recommendations Login with Faces Comments Activity Feed Like Box Facepile Live Stream The Like buttonFacesplug-into like The Live Streamshows share Facepile plugin plugin lets Activity Feed pluginplugin Comments lets users shows Login with pluginusersprofile Recommendationslets users box enables shows picturesusers ofpiece your pictures Page friends its users from personalized to who comment on any site back content profilewhat their friendsofviewtheir givesFacebook user'sandare and pagesusers theshare activity doing your of your the user's have already signed on your stream site.through likes and on yourdirectly already website. friends who for from up forclick. suggestions havewithyour signed Facebook profilepages one your site site comments in real-time as they site. comments. up for your site they might like. in addition to a interact during a live event. login button.
  34. 34. Social in Newsfeeds
  35. 35. Ads with social context increase the value of media. On average we see a 68% increase in brand lift and 25% lift in action rate
  36. 36. 4.5x Action rate for organics vs. paid impressions
  37. 37. 6.9x action rate on publishing vs ads
  38. 38. Which Strategy is right? Questions to ask of yourself, your company and your brand
  39. 39. 1) Who will manage my page the client, the advertising agency, the PR agency, the social media agency
  40. 40. 2) When do we update the page Iterate, assess your results
  41. 41. 3) How do we engage? Play around, don’t be afraid to fail, trust your audience, learn
  42. 42. 4) What content do we use? Who builds the content, what content exists already
  43. 43. 5) What partnerships can we leverage Use existing content partnerships to drive content
  44. 44. 6) How do we align all media Use the conversational calendar, Utilise touch points
  45. 45. 7) How will we measure success? Fans, engagement, ROI, brand lift
  46. 46. Success Stories
  47. 47. Mars (UK) ▪ Context: ▪ Mars wanted to position themselves around timely and relevant content for their audience ▪ Strategy: ▪ Leverage England’s presence in the world cup and become the content provider for updates around the team ▪ Success: ▪ Over 130,000 Likes of the Page driven
  48. 48. Tampax Mother Nature (UK) ▪ Context: ▪ First P&G brand in the UK to invest in engagement activity ▪ Leveraged quirky Mother Nature by allowing her to communicate with Fans from her own Facebook Page ▪ Strategy: ▪ UK Reach Block running Polls and Video Commenting Ads ▪ Success: ▪ Over 100,000 Likes of the Page driven ▪ Over 20,000 entrants into the Gift’o’Matic competition
  49. 49. Clinique Become A Fan Engagement Ad Virtual Gift application drives viral distribution of the brand
  50. 50. Pringles (UK) ▪ Context: ▪ Pringles UK wanted to run UK-centric campaign to grow Fans in this territory to support offline media ▪ Action: ▪ Series of 2 Reach Blocks plus supporting media using Like Ads to drive Fans ▪ TV creative used in Facebook Video Ads ▪ Targeted Wall Posting used to target UK Fans only ▪ Results: ▪ 150,000 new UK Fans driven to the Page ▪ 98,000 monthly users of Pringoaaals App
  51. 51. Braun – Serial Girls (France) ▪ Context: ▪ Braun used Facebook to cover a maximum of men and had lots of video views ▪ Action: ▪ Male-targeted. ▪ They use 2 vidéo comment targeted on men only… ▪ Results: ▪ 25,000 videos in 2 weeks and a engagement rate of 0.3 %
  52. 52. Max the Tampax (France) ▪ Context: ▪ First P&G brand in France to invest in engagement activity on Facebook. ▪ Make young women talk easily and build conversations with funny videos about Max the Tampax ▪ Strategy: ▪ Video commenting ads ▪ Success: ▪ 126% of delivery with more than 1 million impression ▪ Engagement rate of 2.55% ▪ More than 200 000 vidéos vues
  53. 53. Escada – Scada Party (Spain) ▪ Context: ▪ “Scada Party in Ibiza”. ▪ Action: ▪ Summer is arriving, and so, Scada planned a contest where you could win a weekend in Ibiza and participate in the “ESCADA Marine Groove”. Just sending a picture. ▪ Results: ▪ Increase in more than 5, 000 fans ▪ Thousands of Comments & Likes
  54. 54. Pepsico (Arabia) ▪ Context: ▪ Looking to rival Coca Cola coverage of the World Cup and gain SOV ▪ Action: ▪ Produce player content and applications to drive engagement with the brand through leverage of World Cup ▪ Results: ▪ 88,000 likes on the page
  55. 55. Fairy – (Spain) ▪ Context: ▪ Taking advantage of the famous Fairy slogan in Spain between two little villages in Spain. ▪ Action: ▪ Contest between Villarriba and Villabajo, to find out which one is most “cost efficient saving”. Every Spanish village is invited to participate. ▪ Results: ▪ With a really small budget, they have achieved new fans in their page, and lots of awareness and engagement in FB users.
  56. 56. Pringles (Italy) ▪ Context: ▪ Pringles used Facebook to build the Italian community and push a contest “Conga” ▪ Action: ▪ Target: 18-24 years old with interests ▪ They used both homepage ads and ASU ▪ Results: ▪ Engagement rate of 0.17 % ▪ 7000 fan in 2 weeks ▪ 28,000 clicks to contest website
  57. 57. Gillette (USA) ▪ Context: ▪ Driving engagement with Gillette’s male shaving products ▪ Strategy: ▪ 2 Reach Blocks to launch Mac 3 ▪ Conversational Calendar to drive Connections ▪ Success: ▪ 250,000 new connections with Page ▪ 2 significant spikes in a activity on Page
  58. 58. Summary
  59. 59. Benefits of Utilizing Social Media ▪ 1) each “share” of your product is a de-facto recommendation (word of mouth advertising), ▪ 2) your customers identify new, like-minded customers for you (targeting), ▪ 3) promotions can be launched and revised quickly and easily (flexibility), ▪ 4) there are no printing, advertising, or postage costs (cost-savings), ▪ 5) virtual relationships are turned into actual store visits and purchases (ROI), ▪ 6) new customer contact information is acquired for a continued relationship (future sales), and ▪ 7) research shows that providing special deals for customers in social networks markedly increases purchases and the propensity to share your brand with others (loyalty).
  60. 60. Things to stay away from 1 It’s not social media... it’s marketing Avoid thinking in campaigns or flights — 2 be strategic 3 Using old metrics to define success
  61. 61. What to focus on 1 Leverage the social graph 2 Build your brand and shape it 3 Go, GO Real, Go Big 4 Map the Strategy
  62. 62. Guiding principles for brands 1. Make it social. “That’s what I do on Facebook.” 2. Keep it simple. “If I understand something, I’m more likely to try it.” 3. Optimize for speed. “If it’s fast, I’ll do more of it.” 4. Integrate. “Keep it within my Facebook experience.”
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