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Reggie Bradford, Vitrue


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Reggie Bradford, Vitrue

  1. 1. Ac! 10Facebook Marketing Reggie Bradford CEO & Founder Vitrue Inc.
  2. 2. Getting Your Facebook Message into the End Zone What’s  Next  DC January  24,  2011 Reggie  Bradford CEO  &  Founder   Vitrue
  3. 3. Who We Are Vitrue  is  the  leading  provider  of  social  media  messaging   soIware  to  help  brands  harness  the  vast  markeMng   potenMal  of: ® 2
  4. 4. Today’s Presentation Objectives•  Overview  of  the  social  media  landscape  and  markeMng                         opportunity  Facebook  provides  •  The  role  technology  will  play  to  broaden  the  potenMal  for   marketers  to  manage  and  message  their  fans•  Share  thoughts  on  where  social  media  markeMng  is  heading   ® 3
  5. 5. Growing Importance of Social Media A  growing  audience  of  ac/ve  users   •Global  Mme  spent  on  social  media  increased   82%  from  2008  to  2009  (Nielsen,  January  2010) •  90%  of  respondents  trust  the   recommendaMons  from a  person  they  know  (Nielsen,  April  2009) •  Facebook  has  over  500MM  acMve  users,  with   each  having  130  friends  on  average  (Facebook   Sta7s7cs,  2010) Facebook  Stats,  Dec.  2010How  this  translates  to  a  shi6  in  marke/ng...•  52%  of  surveyed  brand  representaMves  worldwide  agree  that  social  media  provides  an  opportunity  to  reach  new  consumers,  expanding  their  business.  (eMarketer,  Aug  2010)•  A  study  of  1,000-­‐plus  marketers  shows  that  66%  of  those  marketers  will  increase  their  budgets  for  social  media  spending  (MediaPost,  Feb  2010)•More  than  one  million  websites  have  integrated  with  the  Facebook  Pla_orm  (Facebook  Press  Office,  Oct  2010) 4
  6. 6. Marketing Channels Outbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Television Social Media Blogs Print Ads vs. Search Engine Radio/Broadcast Optimization Word of Mouth Direct
  7. 7. Average Facebook Use •  Users  interact  with  over  900  million  objects •  Average  user  is  connected  to  80  community   pages,  groups  and  events   •  More  than  30  billion  pieces  of  content  (web   links,  news  stories,  blog  posts,  notes,  photo   albums,  etc.)  shared  each  month   ® (Facebook  Sta7s7cs,  2010) 6
  8. 8. Vitrue Scale • Over  400MM  Facebook  connecMons (aka  Fans)  served; • Spanning  over  47  countries; • Created  over  54,000  posts,  with  30MM   clicks,  400,000  shares  and  1.8MM  A/V  plays,   moderaMng  over  1.5MM  posts  and  over  22MM  comments  and  likes;       • Currently  managing  over  2,000  Pages  across  every  major  verMcal  from  CPG  to   consumer  electronics  to  auto  to  QSR  to  beverage  to  retail; • Powerful,  scaleable  pla_orm  built  for  the  largest  marketers  and  agencies  on  the   globe;  and • Industry-­‐leading  innovaMon  year-­‐over-­‐ 7
  9. 9. Messaging provides reach Content Added to a Tab Content Published to Wall On average, content that receives 1,000 page views on a Facebook Tab will receive 110,000 views when published to the Wall. That is a 110x (10,900%) increase in 8
  10. 10. Messaging spans multiple platforms Vitrue products leverage existing APIs and user bases to allow brands to communicate with consumers any time, any place. On Social Networks Brands have increasing presence on social networks. On Branded Websites Over 1 million websites have integrated social plugins. On Mobile Devices Consumers “check-in” and receive 9
  11. 11. Innovation: The Facebook News
  12. 12. Wall Apps• Wall  Apps  garner  110  /mes  greater  reach           Email  Capture (Vitrue  May  2010  research)  • Wall  Apps  are  published  inside  the   Facebook  Fan’s  news  feed • Engagement  happens  for  brands  without  fans  leaving  the   news  feed• Standard  Wall  Apps • Photos,  Videos,  Trivia,  Polls,  Quizzes,  Surveys,  Coupons,   Poll Sampling,  Sweepstakes,  Mailing  List,  Causes,  Email   AcquisiMon,  Polls,  Slide  Shows  and  more  coming• Custom  Wall  Apps • Available  to  meet  unique  funcMonality  or  design   requirements • Use  exisMng  games,  banners  and  widgets  (any  SWF  file) 11
  13. 13. Where We Are
  14. 14. Targeting OpMmize  delivery  of  content  by  targeMng  using  Facebook’s  Open   Graph  objects  and  Places Target  the  right  people  where  they   interact  with  your  brand   ® 13
  15. 15. Facebook Places Tap into your local market by messaging and targeting fan who are engaging with your brand at a local level ® 14
  16. 16. Facebook Deals Individual Deal One-time deals associated with a single check-in Friend Deal Deals for groups of people who check in together ® 15
  17. 17. Facebook Deals Loyalty Deal Deals for frequent customers, uses a punchcard to track the number of check ins Charity Deal Pledge to donate to a charity or organization with customer check-ins ® 16
  18. 18. Geotargeting • Target  Facebook  posts  based   on  locaMon  and/or  language • Reach  fans  who  are  likely  to  be   engaged  by  locaMon/language   specific  content • Create  targeted  posts  without   leaving  the  Publisher 17
  19. 19. Importance of Open Graph• We  have  opMmized  our  product  suite   around  the  core  concept  of  Social  Media   Hot  concert  in  your  town! Messaging.• “Open  Graph”  (Facebook)  and   “Places”  (Facebook,  foursquare,  and   Gowalla)  features  are  creaMng  a  massive   number  of  channels  to  which  marketers   can  message.• The  ability  to  segment  fans  and   followers  on  social  networks,  then   publish  targeted,  engaging,  Mmely   messages  to  those  fans  and  followers   will  rapidly  become  a  core  competency   for  every  consumer  brand. 18
  20. 20. Extending Messaging to Mobile Devices• Allowing  marketers  to  extend  their  social  interacMons  to  mobile   users  of  Facebook  Places,  Foursquare  and  Gowalla  via  the  Social   RelaMonship  Management  (SRM)  pla_orm  and  will  be  a  logical   product  upgrade  for  our  many  exisMng  clients.• The  pla_orm  will  allow  a  marketer  to  craI  a  simple,  intuiMve  call  to   acMon.    Specifics  can  vary,  but  at  its  core  the  message  will  be:     “Check  in,  get  stuff.”    That  message  will  be  surfaced  in  brick-­‐and-­‐ mortar  retail  locaMons,  via  exisMng  loyalty  programs,  etc.• Each  check-­‐in  will  generate  a  return  message  with  a  deal.    That   message  also: -­‐ Allows  the  user  to  share  the  deal  with  their  friends -­‐ Provides  the  marketer  with  a  word  of  mouth  endorsement,   since  check-­‐ins  are  reported  to  the  user’s  news  feed   (Facebook  users  have  an  average  of  130  friends  each) 19
  21. 21. Managing Connections Across the Open 20
  22. 22. Defining Target Audiences Once  you  acquire  fans,  learn  what  they  like  and  where  they   are,  you  can  further  target  your  audience  online. ® 21
  23. 23. for the latest trends, insights + product innovations... for more from Reggie @vitrue @ReggieBradford ® 22